Thursday, May 24, 2007

Zarathosht no Diso - on Khorshed roj (Sat 27th May) The Day our Great Prophet passed away to Other Realms

From: TZML Eductn & Information Committee <>
Date: May 24, 2007 3:44 AM
Subject: Zarathosht no Diso - on Khorshed roj (Sat 27th May) The Day
our Great Prophet passed away to Other Realms

Dear fellow Zarathushtis,

On Khorshed roz, Dae Mah YZ 1376 (Sun , 27 May 2007) is Zarathosht-no-Diso.

It is traditionally believed that our great Prophet Zarathushtra left
earth for His Heavenly Abode on this day.

This is the day when our Paigambar Saheb, Vakshure Vakshuran (meaning
Prophet of Prophets) Asho Zarathushtra left the material earth for His
Heavenly Abode . (In common parlance, it means the day when Asho
Zarathushtra Saheb passed away).

There are many interpretations about the actual meaning of the
so-called "death" of Zarathushtra Saheb. Why do we question the death
phenomenon as applied to the Prophet. Firstly, because he was a
Yazata, a Divine Being, and Yazatas do not undergo death like we
mortals do.

Perhaps some readers may throw more light on this Divine phenomenon.

The site
mentions that: "Special prayer sessions are organized and prayers are
recited with religious discourses focusing on the life and works of
the Prophet. Zoroastrians visit the Fire Temple to pray. Marked as a
solemn occasion, elaborate celebrations and public functions are
largely absent. Even religious ceremonies and services are confined to
the temple or homes. In India, Zarthost No Deeso is particularly
observed in Mumbai, Gujarat and other areas with a Parsi population."

We remember Him today with a small part of a very famous devotional
song, "Saras Sau Thi Kharo Rahebar Asho Zarathosht Paigambar"

Since the original cassette with us was a bit old, the recording is
not the best.

Still it is enough to capture the devotion expressed to Zarathushtra
Paigambar, who is regarded as Vakshure-Vakshuran. Meaning Prophet of
the Prophets.

Please excuse the sound quality, but turn your PC volume full.

Your feedback is welcome.

With best wishes

from the TZML Education & Information Committee

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