Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bahman mah - Bahman roj - on Sun, 17 June 2007

From: Tehemton B. Adenwalla <>
Date: Jul 17, 2007 9:32 AM
Subject: Bahman mah - Bahman roj - on Sun, 17 June 2007

Baname Khuda!

Dear fellow Zarathushtis,

today on Sunday 17th June 2007 is Bahman mah, Bahman roz.

It is also called "Bahman nu parabh"

Bahman Ahmeshaspand presides over the animal kingdom.

The Yazads which help Bahman Ahmeshashpand are:
* Mohor
* Gosh
* Raam

Many Zarathushtis follow an "unrojo" in respect of Bahman
Ahmeshahspand and refrain from eating meat for the whole month. Some
of them do not even eat eggs.

Some Zarathushtis follow the "unrojo" during all the hamkar/parabh
days of Bahman Ahmeshahspand, i.e. on rojs Bahman, Mohor, Gosh, Raam

Traditional Zoroastrianism does not frown on meat eating but if we eat
meat, we are enjoined to eat meat of the goat/lambs and chicken and
fish only, beef (cow's meat) and port (pig's meat) are traditionally

Respect and good treatment for the cow, the most sacred animal to our
Hindu brethren in Hindustan, too is important.

Whatever be our dietary habits, we must look after our animal friends.
If we have dogs in our houses, we must see that these faithful
creatures are well fed, exercised and looked after. Those of us who
use domestic animals like bull and horses in our farms, must ensure
that these majestic animals too are cared for and not overworked and
well fed.

Otherwise, "janavaro ni hai lage"

Some Zarathushtis donate money to associations like "Society of
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals" in the month of Bahman. Some years
ago, there were victorias in Mumbai, which were pulled by retired
racecourse horses. These poor animals were made to work and not rest
even when their mouths use to bring out foam and no water breaks were
given. Hope the victoria-wallas look after their horses well. Stray
dogs too are a big sight in Indian cities and some of these dogs are
in so deplorable a state (some are injured on one leg and go around
with just 3 legs; some have rabies, etc); that one's heart goes out to

In school, I had some friends from Gujarat and because they had a
farm, they had many animals. These friends of mine always included
their animals as part of their families and really looked after them!
Such incidents were really inspiring.

By the way, the modern science of genetic manipulation where they
implant animal genes in the vegetable products (and vice-versa) is
really deplorable. We are not here on Planet Earth to tinker with
Mother Nature's creations, She has created animals under Bahman
Ameshaspand and plants under Amardad Ameshaspand - these creations are
not to be mixed and inter-produced.

Tehemton B. Adenwalla

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