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Marriage - is it allowed between Zoroastrians and Hindus

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Subject: Marriage - is it allowed between Zoroastrians and Hindus
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Baname Khuda!

Dear Mr. xxxxxx,

the Zoroastrian religion does not permit "conversions" either way -
converting Zoroastrians into other religions, or admitting people of
other faiths into Zoroastrianism.

Hence it is strictly not admissible for a Zoroastrian to marry a
person of another faith. That this happens at times is a breach of
religious laws.

Though Zoroastrians and Hindus both have respect for fires, it does
not mean that it is sufficient grounds for mixing the 2 otherwise
distinct faiths by an act of "conversion" or intermarriage.

Both religions are distinct and that distinctness must be respect and
maintained. We also respect the caste system of Hindus and the belief
that inter-caste marriages are not allowed in Hinduism as well.

But of course, both Zoroastrians and Hindus can treat each other as
brothers and sisters and thus keep peace, goodwill, communal harmony
and their identity. The late Dr Martin Luther King had remarked that
he wanted the white men to be his brother, not his brother-in-law"

Your Sikh religion too is something to be admired, and the roles which
Sikh play in Hindu society as protectors of Hindus is commendable.
Just imagine what would happen if Sikhs marry Hindus or people of
other faith. The Sikh identity will be diluted beyond recognition as
it has sadly happened on the Mexican-US border.

Wishing you the very best in giving staunch guidance to your son.

TZML Admins.

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Subject: Marriage


Please could you answer one query I have upon something a friend of a
friend was telling me.

Is it possible for a follower of the Zoroastrian faith to marry
someone of the Hindu faith? I understand that it is not the ideal
situation as with all faiths, it's nice to maintain our faiths and
beliefs with someone of common background. Also, are they able to
partake in a Hindu ceremony, walking around the fire as I understand
that followers of the Zoroastrian faith worship fire.

I'm born a sikh, but I love learning about other religions and have
done so since a young age and am fortunate enough to have a four year
old son who also shares my interest. I want him to be well educated in
his own faith as well as having a deeper understanding of other faiths
and cultures around him.

I hope you are able to help.

Kind regards,


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