Friday, December 7, 2007

Message to a friend

My friend,

Dont say that. Everyone has a right to life, including the poorest
Indian boy or girl.

Life is from God as per our religion Zoroastrianism. When Ahura Mazda
first created the
earth, there was no death, no hunger, no suffering. All these things
are due to the fact
that evil attacked the earth. This is in the Bundahishn, the
Zoroastrian Pahlavi creation
scripture. Today, the world is suffering since good is mixed with evil.

But Prophets of Ahura Mazda are promised in our religion, Hoshedar,
and finally the Saoshyant, who will slowly remove this evil and make
the world a perfect
good place once again, free from hunger, suffering, illness, old age
and even death will
be removed. This is the positive promise of our religion. Our religion
is very optimistic
for living on earth.

God put us here on this earth as soldiers to do good and fight evil,
as per our sciptures.
The Fravashis chose to be born on earth as per this choice. Every time we do
the Kasti ritual, we fight evil. Every time we do charity and help the
poor, we fight evil.

Charity is also taught by our scriptures and Parsis are well known for
charity. It was
said in the past "Parsi, thy name is charity". We have a great heart.
Even today the
Indians consider Parsis as the best bosses and the least corrupt, people who
take care of their servants.

A man is known by not what he had, but by what he gave away to the needy.
Their sincere blessings are your true source of wealth, which will last one
even through death and beyond. We leave wealth and all possessions
behind, but blessings (Dua) of the poor stay with us and uplift our souls.

God Bless, feel free to ask me if any other questions.


Your friend.

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let them go its worthless living on earth anyway

just joking

but I dont believe in charity

> Zoroastrian Friends,
> A few moments of your time please.
> Please feed poor school children in India at a nominal cost.
> You can donate online in Indian rupees. It costs
> Rs. 1200 per annum to feed ONE child one noonday
> meal each day for a full YEAR.
> The poor hungry kid will bless you all through the year for every morsel that he/she eats for
> the full year.
> Indian scriptures say giving food in charity
> is one of the best forms of charity.
> The Akshaya Patra Foundation currently provides
> 8,25,247 hygienic and nutritious meals to
> underprivileged school children everyday across
> fourteen locations in India.
> Regards,
> Zoroastrian Admins,
> Zoroastrian Matrimonial Page.
> Pls spread the message. Anybody willing to help poor school children.

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