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Salgrehs of Agiaries on Sarosh roj, Amardad mah, YZ 1377 ( 3 Jan 2008, Thurs)

From: Tehemton B. Adenwalla
Date: Jan 3, 2008 11:53 AM
Subject: Salgrehs of Agiaries on Sarosh roj, Amardad mah, YZ 1377 ( 3
Jan 2008, Thurs)
To: TZML <>

Baname Khuda!

Dear fellow Zarathushtis,

It is Sarosh roj today and Amardad mah of YZ 1377, an opportunity to
revere Atash Padshah's whose Salgrehs fall today. The secular date is
3 January 2008.

Please note that it is the 150th Salgreh of the Vatcha Gandhi Agiary
at Chowpatty today.

We have the Salgrehs of these wonderful Agiaries today:

1. Boyce Dhanapatel Agiary, Tardeo, Mumbai

This Adarian was consecrated in the year YZ 1203 (AD 1834) and is
hence 174 years old.

It is one of the 4 Agiaries in the Tardeo area, the other 3 being the
Sethna Agiary, Batliwalla Agiary and the Kappawalla Agiary. Lucky
residents of Tardeo!

The admirable part of this Agiary is that it does not have any
electricity connection. The trustees, management and Panthaki Sahebs
of this Agiary have to be congratulated for this correct decision,
since electricity and our ritual ceremonies do not go well with each
other. The electric and magnetic circuits cause interference with the
ritual ceremonies of our jashans and other prayers.

In day time, having no electric lights is not a problem at all, but
what about after sunset. The Agiary people have kept various bright
diva lamps at crucial places and nooks of the agiary to help devotees
find their way through.

I am not sure whether they have divas or other natural oil lamps in
the kebla room, will some one who frequents this agiary please inform

Not having electricity is the correct stance and we wish that other
agiaries too follow this practise at least in the kebla rooms and
places where jashans and liturgical ceremonies are held. They may have
electricity in the other rooms where there are lectures held.

A very good explanation on how detrimental electricity is for Agiaries
can be found in many articles in the well read Dini-Awaz and Parsi
Pukar magazines, plus the columns of Parsi Avaz which we are fortunate
to have a glimpse of now and then. One useful article explaining how
Atash and electricity are mutually opposed is found at

2. Vatcha Gandhi Agiary at Chowpatty, Mumbai

The Mody Sohrabji Vatcha Gandhi Adarian at Chowpatty, minutes away
from the lovely Arabian Sea, was consecrated in the year AD 1227 ( AD
1858) and is therefore 150 years old today.

Congratulations on the 150th Anniversary !

What are the functions planned for this day - apart from the Salgreh
jashan, who will be lecturing today in its premises.

The current Panthaki Saheb of this Agiary is Ervad Aspandiar Dadachanji.

3. A K Pankhaky Agiary at Bandra, Mumbai
The Ervad Adarji Kharshedji Panthaky Adarian at Bandra was
consecrated in the year YZ 1299 (AD 1930) and is 78 years old today.

This agiary, along with the Tata agiary, serve well the needs of the
Parsi population at Bandra.

4. Belgamwalla Daremeher at Hoobly, Karnataka State

The Seth Hormusji Navroji Belgamwalla Daremeher (Dadgah) was
consecrated in the year YZ 1304 (AD 1935) and is therefore 73 years
old today.

How many Parsis stay at Hoobly? And at Belgaum today?

Tehemton B. Adenwalla

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