Friday, August 7, 2009

Manoj Nair's Article hurts religious sentiments of Zoroastrians worldwide

From: burjor bharucha
Date: Fri, Aug 7, 2009 at 12:33 PM
Subject: Re: Manoj Nair's Article hurts religious sentiments of Zoroastrians worldwide
parsi panchayat <>,,
Traditional Zoroastrianism BLOG

Mr. Samir Jain / Ms. Meenal Baghel.
This is not the first instance when Manoj Nair has hurt the feelings 
and sentiments of the peace loving Zoroastrian Community. 
Hope somehow he could be made to realize the serious repercussions 
that are caused within the community due to his irresponsible writings. 
He seems to be deriving sadistic pleasure in continuing with his 
deplorable writings knowing fully well that besides a few protest 
letters and phone calls no physical or monetary harm could befall 
him due to the pathetically small numbers that Parsis are in.
Would Mr. Nair ever dare to write any controversial articles 
relating to the MNS, or Shiv Sena or the major Minority? 
I don't think he ever will.
Times has a long standing reputation not only nationally but 
inter-nationally and it is subscribed by almost 100% of our small 
community. We do hope you realize the damage that is being 
caused by such thoughtless writings the world over.
Would appreciate a line in response confirming your 
 understanding of the problem and also assuring us 
that such harmful and irresponsible journalism
will not be allowed to be published in future.
Thanks and regards,
Burjor Bharucha.

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