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Zarathushtris hurt by Arjun Rampal's desecration of a Parsi Fire Temple


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Subject: Arjun Rampal's desecration of an Agiari

Mr. Samir Jain and Ms. Meena Baghel,

Please see this link
Arjun Rampal's admission has hurt the religious feelings of thousands of Zarathushtris worldwide.
Your journalist Manoj was quick to give publicity to a priest who is 
performing religious ceremonies for the inter-married against the
prescriptions of the religion and the wishes of the BPP, elected
democratically by the majority of thousands of Zarathuhstris in Mumbai.
We now ask you and your journalist to stand up for the religious feelings of
the thousands of Zarathustris who have been offended by the admisssion
of Arjun Rampal in GQ that he has broken the religious rules of the Zoroastrians
in India, and he is boasting about it. Please see below for gauging how this
act of Arjun has wounded our religious feelings.

Arjun Rampal and the desecration of a Parsi Fire Temple

The image you see below is from a recent issue of GQ Magazine published in India. Arjun Rampal actor/model answers some candid questions and one of his answers is a boastful "I am one of the few people who have gone into the Agyari pretending to be a Parsi".

This is really pathetic and obnoxious of Arjun Rampal. A little background. Arjun Rampal is married to Meher Jesia, ex Miss India. Arjun-small

Current rules state that only Parsis are allowed entry into their holy places, the Agiyaris and the Atashbehrams. And Arjun is not a Parsi. What right does he then have to break the rules of a community, just to satiate his own personal curiosity and boast about it.

Rules in religion are not always agreed upon. But as long as they exist one needs to respect them. I wonder if Arjun Rampal would dare to go to the Kaaba at Mecca, which is out of bounds to non-Muslims. No offence to Muslims, but I wish he would try that stunt and see the consequences.

Parsi fire temples are not guarded securitized places. Over the centuries there has been a certain respect/trust within the society, which respects the wishes of the Parsi community and not venture into their fire temples.

I am not a legal maven, but I wonder if a criminal case of trespass can be filed against this Arjun Rampal. He has knowingly desecrated a consecrated place, an agiary.

It also makes me wonder what sort of a person Arjun is, what moral standards he must have to take credit in publicly admitting such an act.

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comments for "Arjun Rampal and the desecration of a Parsi Fire Temple"

  1. Extreme case of disrespect shown by Arjun Rampal. This is a person who should be a role model, instead chooses to brag about doing a wrong.
    Should count himself lucky that Parsis' are not a violent bunch to string him up.
    I am a Parsi and feel violated by this disrespectful Indian Bollywood actor.
    Shame on him.
    Needs to be taught respect for others and religion. Posted by Hushtasp Bhumgara | August 6, 2009, 7:31 pm

  2. I am deeply saddened that an educated mature man as Arjun Rampal should boast that he broke a community's religious law and entered a Parsi Fire Temple. While he has apologized his excuse of being 8 years old and was caught for merely entering a fire temple compound makes no logical sense. Anyone can enter the compound and no one is caught for doing so. Argun Rampal must have the courage to speak the truth when he is apologizing otherwise his apology is worth nothing.

    With regard to what Karan Kapoor and Zidane said about entering various places of worship they must realize that different communities have different rules and every communities rules must be respected. Would they like it if somebody desecrated a Hindu temple by carrying in meat inside. This is just not done and everyone respects and is aware of this rule.

    When you blatantly violate a community's religious rule, the community has a right to protest against this religious insensitivity.

    Posted by Kaiyan Mistree | August 7, 2009, 1:38 am
  3. I am a young Parsi priest and I am shocked and horrified of Arjun Rampal's insensitive action. Does he think that just because he is married to a Parsi he can defy our religious rules. His excuse that he was 8 years old just does not seem truthful. He is now covering up because of the bad press that he has got. Young people should not see him as a role model because he clearly has no respect for the Parsi / Irani community and has no respect for the truth. Why doesn't he confess the name of the fire temple he entered so that we as priests can re-sanctify it.

    Posted by Shahyan Dastur | August 7, 2009, 1:44 am
  4. It's ironic that he resorted to subterfuge in a place of worship

    Posted by Kalyan | August 7, 2009, 2:17 am

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