Friday, February 11, 2011

First ever perpetually burning Atash Dadgah in the Western World

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From: aspi colah
Date: Fri, Feb 11, 2011 at 9:01 AM
Subject: First ever perpetually burning Atash Dadgah in the Western World

Dear Friends,

Some of you might have heard about this already...but if you would indulge and kindly check out our website and give me some feed back and suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. 

Some of you might know me from the traditional zoroastrian portals...others, I am a devoted follower of your blogs and postings...this is a special request to all you stalwarts. I know we cant replicate the religious power houses we have in India...but this is a grass root effort by some of us here to do the right thing and to leave a lasting legacy for our community and our children here to emulate and follow.

I would also appreciate if one of you could forward this to KND, now ofcourse Vada Dasturji Saheb Kaikhoshrow Nawroji Dastur Meherjirana...who's religious expertise and intricate knowledge of khshnoom has so helped and inspired me to create this unique design of our beloved Farohar shaped Ahunavar Complex.

Thanking you one and all for keeping the divine light shining for us all.

Yours respectfully,

Aspi Colah.

P.S: also please forward to Gustad Forbes, Nauzer Bharucha, Karl Sahukar and others.

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serenity craver said...

Aspi colah all your old friends from colony are in matheran now and would like to speak to you send your mobile or phone number immediately to
Or call Kerman at 9820137201
Nevil, Kerman, noshir, sorab, vispi, viraf others