Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Defiance-Article in Mumbai Mirror

From: The Parsee Voice
Date: 2009/8/4
Subject: TPV Defiance-Article in Mumbai Mirror

Today's Mumbai Mirror carries on its front page an article by Manoj
Nair about the defiant stand taken by Khushru Madon saying that he
will not stop conducting rituals for mixed-marriages Parsis. Putting a
sensitive community matter on the front page of a public newspaper to
sensationalise issues is definitely not ethical journalism. There is
nothing newsworthy in this for others as it is an internal matter of
the Parsi community.

Mr Nair seems to be happily playing into the hands of the deformist
lobby led by ARZ, who are hell bent on foisting their concocted brand
of Zoroastrianism on the community in spite of opposition from a
majority of the community.

Community members are requested to send in their protests to Mumbai
Mirror requesting that this kind of jouralism is hurting the religious
feelings of the Parsi community and should not be permitted.

Community members are also requested to show solidarity with the BPP
in its attempt to ban these two renegade preists, Khushru Madon and
Framroze Mirza, from performing religious ceremonies at Doongerwadi.
Doongerwadi is held in trust by the BPP on behalf of the community.
The current BPP trustees have been elected by the community and
represent the majority community's will. Hence they have the authority
to decide who functions at Doongerwadi and who does not. The BPP is on
the right path here and deserves community support on this issue.

The Parsee Voice Team

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