Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mr. Manoj Nair's Expose in the Mumbai Mirror of the religious sins of two renegade Parsi priests

On Tue, Aug 4, 2009 at 10:06 PM, Mehlli Bhagalia wrote:

 Dear Mr. Nair,

 Was this written by you to bring lime light on your self ? I doubt it. It was perhaps done from journalistic zeal.
 If done for the lime light  and you are a Hindu, you are surely aware of the Natural, inexorable and religious Law of Karma.

  If you are also a religious Hindu, then it is suggested that you perform several pujjas, to give you and your family the strength to bear the punishment that will surely be visited on you and your family, for the insult on a sister religion of India and it's religious practices, customs and traditions, for no cause or reason atall.

 If a foreign journalist ,uninformed and uneducated in Indian religions and traditions had written unwittingly and with out verifying the full facts and antecedents of the case, the religious laws and duties of a Parsi priest, perhaps the Karmic blow would be light on such a person.

 You Mr. Nair as a brother Indian, know full well the long  history of the Parsis in India, know full well their religiosity And know full well how the Religious Roots of both our two ancient  religions-Hindu and Parsi Zoroastrian, come from one Indo Aryan source perhaps over 90,000 years ago.

 How could you then insult a sister community and cause such pain to your brothers and sisters in the Parsi community? Do you think that you got the information about this matter from a saintly Parsi ? There are cowards, charlatans and irreligious persons in all religious communities. We have our share. Would it not have been prudent if you had verified this matter with the Parsi Panchayat, before "rushing to judgment" and printing this matter as "news" ?

 For your information only and so that you understand that this writer, although a Parsi Zoroastrian has learned the Hindu religion, Hindu arts and science of Yogh and Ayurvaid from saintly Hindu Yogis in India from the age of 15 years and still remember his Teachers. He is now 76 years.

  Your name indicates that you are from South India and you may be pleased to know that this writer learned several techniques of the Kerela Ayurvaid and Yogh and was introduced to the Kalaripaith Master in that state. He was presented  with the short Kalari stick for unarmed Indian combat at the Kalari center in view of his many years knowledge and practice of the Oriental Martial Arts of Combat.

 This writer and many knowledgeable Parsis have the very highest respect for the Hindu religion and practices.

 Would you please do our community a favor, by visiting the Parsi Panchayat office with a copy of this letter and request them to ive you the full information on this matter. Would you then as a matter of Journalistic fairness, print the Parsi community's  response in this matter.

 This would go a long way in bringing peace between us and lessen any Karmic effects of this matter.

 With best wishes.


 Mehlli Bhagalia

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