Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Help our old Parsi Brethen - Appeal from Parsi Infirmary Navsari

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Date: Tue, Aug 18, 2015 at 2:28 AM
Subject: Appeal from Parsi Infirmary Navsari
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Office: ESTD: 1948 Ihstitute:
5/1649, Dasturwad, 3/663-665, Rustomwadi,
NA VSARI-396 445. NAVSARI-396445.

Tel: (02637) 241007. Tel: (02637) 257311.

On behalf of this Infirmary trust, I forward this appeal for your kind consideration. This
institute has now completed 67 years of its existence. During this long period it has looked
after a large number of our community members mostly old, bed ridden, destitute or in
desolated state from any part of our country, providing them lodging, boarding, - nursing,
medical & other facilities.

Boarding arrangement includes tea thrice a day, morning breakfast, lunch, evening
refreshment & dinner.

Qualified doctor twice a week more when needed & nurse visit daily the inmates on a
regular basis. Medico specialists — Cardiologist, Dermatologist, Ophthalmologist,
Psychiatrist are called & consulted when needed. Treatments advised by them are given to
the patients, the relevant cost is borne by the trust.

T. V. sets are provided in several rooms. News reader is employed to read loudly the daily
briefings before the inmates.

Out of 63 inmates currently two are blind, several bed-ridden, walk with a walker, few move
freely. About 18 are maintained totally free, some pay fees ranging from Rs. 100 to 900,
very few between Rs. 1,500 to 4,000. But all the inmates are treated equally in every

The Infirmary spends heavily towards employment of regular staff of supervisors, ayahs,
cooks, wardboys, gardeners and office employees. Maintenance monthly cost is
Rs.9,000/- inmate.

At the time of the demise of an inmate having no relatives, infirmary arranges and spends
for their last rites of "Dokhmenashini", with rituals of the first four days as also on selected
important days during the year.

Soaring cost of daily commodities & rise in salary bills add to our problems of maintenance
expenses. But even under such adverse circumstances, we are able to carry on all the
activities, only due to the everlasting financial support of benevolent donors and charity
I request you to give your kind consideration to this appeal for monetary help to this needy
institute. In return of your good deed, you will surely receive the Blessings of Dadar Ahura
Mazda and His Divine Associates.

Donations are accepted by cash / cheque / demand draft drawn in the name of 'Parsi
Infirmary - Navsari'. Relevant receipt will be despatched without fail by the return of post.
Any additional information, if required, will be gladly furnished.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

(Yazdi Jehangirji Kasad)
Hon. Secretary.

(18 Jam-e-Jamshed Weekly Sunday, August 9, 2015)

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