Monday, August 24, 2015

Happy New Year 1385 YZ and Khordad Sal Mubarak

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Dear Zarathushti humdins,

the Shahenshahi year 1385 YZ has begun.

We wish you all a very Happy New Year - Sal Mubarak.

May the New Year bring good cheer, good health and prosperity.

We also wish you a very Happy Khordad Sal Mubarak. In fact, it is Happy Birthday to our dear Prophet Zarathushtra.

We pray that He strengthens the religion and gives us behdins the courage to resist the misguided elements of our community.


The Parsi Zarathushti community is facing serious challenges on some fronts:

1.   We have the perennial problem of declining numbers.

The Incorrect Solution: 
Open the doors of our community to children of inter-married both male and female Parsis.
The Correct Solution: 
Close the doors to children of intermarried children, be they of male or female inter-married Parsis.
Encourage early marriages amidst our youth.
Encourage couples to have more than one child. In that light, the Jiyo Parsi advertisements were on the dot, though the medical solution would be availed by only a few Parsis.
2.   Attempts to 'reform' the religion by questioning fundamentals like treating the Sudreh-kusti as identity symbols only

The Incorrect Solution: 
The sudreh and kusti are minor vestments and can be dispensed off.
The Correct Solution: 
The sudreh and kusti are major aalats or implements of the Zoroastrian religion and they provide spiritual protection to the Zarathushti. 
Performing the kusti properly shakes of bad vibrations from one's aipee and also provides and opportunity during the Hormuzd Khoday recitation to repent for any sin of thought, word or deed.
3.   Dokhmenashini not compulsory even where it exists , etc.

The Incorrect Inference: 
Dokhmenashini is a brutal method of decomposing a Parsi body.
Vulture population is declining or non-existent. 
The Correct Solution: 
Dokhmenashini is the method sanctioned by Prophet Zarathushta himself. The sun's rays Khurshed Nigarashni is actually adequate to destroy the nasu in a dead body, the scavenger bird vultures are only secondary agents helpful but not mandatory.
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