Sunday, March 25, 2007

Salgreh of the Rustam Faramna Agiary at Dadar, Mumbai on Adar roj, Avan mah, YZ 1376 (Mon, 26 Mar 2007)

From: Tehemton B. Adenwalla <>
Date: Mar 25, 2007 12:33 PM
Subject: Salgreh of the Rustam Faramna Agiary at Dadar, Mumbai on Adar roj, Avan mah, YZ 1376 (Mon, 26 Mar 2007)

 Dear fellow Zarathustis
On Adar roj, Avan mah, YZ 1376 (Mon, 26 March 2007) will be the Salgreh of the Rustam Faram Agiary at Dadar, Mumbai.
The Seth Rustomjee Nasservanji Rustamfaramna Adarian was consecrated in the year YZ 1298 (AD 1929) and will be 78 years old.
This Adarian is located in the Dadar Parsi Colony area and is frequented by the 5000+ residents with great regularity. If I am not mistaken, there are also lectures held in the agiary premises.
Speaking of lectures, will there be a special lecture or speech on the Salgreh tomorrow. What about the jashan to be held and other functions.
If you are aware of the programme for the Salgreh day, please share with us all.
Also, if you happen to go there tomorrow, then send us a small report on the celebrations - a brief idea about the speech, the speaker, the topic, and of course the jashan ceremony.
If you have photos / pictures of the Agiary, do share it with all.
I am also enclosing below a Kathi Appeal email forwarded to us by Mr. Rustom C Chothia. It is the Kathi wood and Baval which is used in our Agiaries and Atashbehrams to keep the Flames burning perpetually. Hence the kathi stock is even more important than the sandalwood offering, which we make to the Atash Padshah. Please donate generously to such important funds.
Tehemton B. Adenwalla  (see below)
encl. Kathi Appeal from Mr. Chothia
From:  Rustom chothia < >
Greetings in the name of Ahura Mazda. Once again  I  come to you to  ask you to think about our  Atash  Padshah   Sahibs.  Most of the Padshah  Sahibs in the rural areas  are starving  for  kathis. Several Padshahs  in Bombay  are   also  on   the verge  of closing down. Income from the founders corpus has halved and cost of baval kathis have  doubled in the last couple   of  years.  Hence   the    need   for us  from  all over  the   world   to chip in and  help   keep the holy fires  burning till infinity.
One to two tons of baval kathi is required for one Padshah  Sahib per month. and one ton costs around  Rs. 2500=00 to Rs. 4500=00  ($50 to $90)

Please make your cheque (in any currency) in the name of: "Perin R.C.Chothia,"

and send it to:

Perin R.C.Chothia,
757, Road No 7,
Parsi Colony,
Dadar, (E)
Mumbai 400014.

Please mention in your covering letter that the amount sent is "Donation for Fire Temple only".
Receipt will be issued for every donation.

Wishing you the blessings of the Padshah Sahibs for the amount well spent.