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Move to shift the over 700 years Adaran Padshah saheb of Bharuch

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There is currently a move to shift the over 700 years Adaran Padshah saheb of Bharuch to a new 'Agiary' being set up in Navi Mumbai. While the intentions are laudable, it is an
exercise in futility because the shifting of an enthroned Adaran saheb cannot be done without causing great damage to His spiritual composition.

Given below is an extract from an issue of Dini Avaz penned by late Adi Doctor.
It is most unfortunate that today's Parsees treat the "Padshah Sahebs" as so much piece of furniture and fixture. 

Why an 'Atash' of the Adaran fire is called 'Padshah', what vital role and function it performs in Nature, what connections it has with the various Fire Energies in Nature, what power and authority it wields, etc., are here delineated very briefly but cogently.

It will at once show why the Fire of an 'Atash-e-Adaran' or, for that matter, that of an 'Atash-e-Behram' is so sacrosanct and why, therefore, it should be treated, particularly by those in charge of the 'Agiaries' and Atash Behrams' and by those who come to pray before it with the utmost dignity and respect.

Disturbing the 'circuits' of such a consecrated Fire tantamounts to dethroning the 'Padshah' and the consequent disastrous effects which the entire Parsee community has to undergo!

What are the elements of the Atash Padshah?

After the elaborate and complex process of its collection, purification, consecration and coronation, and during its tenure in the consecrated 'Agiary' building; the 'Adaran' Fire acquires 'Khshathra' = Power and Authority from Nature.

'Atar-e-Adaran' means the 'Atar' or Fire pertaining to 'Adar Yazat', who is the prime Force operating on "Atar-e-Mino Karko" — the supreme Fire Energy of Nature governing the ultra-physical planes. This Fire Energy of Mino Karko' is an integral and vital component of the primeval Fire Energy called "Athro Puthra Ahura Mazda". Lord Ahura Mazda has used the Fire Energy of 'Mino Karko' as the base for the creation of the entire world of matter. Thus, our worldly 'Atar-e-Adaran' is the physical manifestation and co-worker of the 'Atar' of 'Adar Yazad', viz. 'Mino Karko'.

It is common knowledge that the fires used for the purpose of the 'Adaran' Fire belong to the four earthly professions of an 'Athornan', 'Ratheshtar', 'Vastrayosh' and 'Hutokhsh'.

When these fires, over each of which certain rituals are performed, are blended, concentrated and consecrated for enthronement, the new resultant Fire is in communion with the "Ushtan" or 'life-breaths' of the four Fire Energies of the invisible but perishable ultra-physical realms viz. "Atar-e-Mino Karko", "Atar-e-Vazisht", "Atar-e-Urvazisht" and "Atar-e- Spenisht".

The new 'Atash-e-Adaran' also establishes a direct link with the "Mithra" or 'thought-forces' and "Khoreh" or the aura and spiritual lustre of the four aforementioned natural Fire Energies of the ultra-physical world.

All these connections, collectively form a circuit, a "Ring Pass-Not" around the 'Adaran' Fire, which is being enthroned. After the coronation, the first chief natural circuit or 'Karsh' (also 'Kash') will be established in the ash surrounding the visible Fire in the container or 'Khuaan' containing it.

The moment this 'Karsh' is formed, the 'Adaran' Fire is automatically bestowed by Nature with 'Dahyupati' = Sovereignty.

It now wields the Righteous Power and Authority or "Hu-Khshatra", and is known as a "Padshah". The "Dahyupati" and "Padshahi" is owing to the 'Yazatic' currents which now constantly flow in the ash on the container in which the visible fire is kept.

Besides being a "Dahyupat" wielding "Khshathra", the Atash-e-Adaran is also a 'Rathaeshtar', i.e. a spiritual warrior, heavenly soldier instituted on Earth who has to fight ceaselessly, the constant attacks of Satan and the other Dark Forces of-Nature.

Moreover, this earthly embodiment of the natural Fire Energies of the ultra-physical realms acts as a "Zaothra" or "Alaat", i.e. a spiritual battery perpetually receiving the divine blessings and benevolent radiations and currents and transmitting them to all living beings within a certain radius. The 'Atash-e-Adaran' thus serves as a functionary agent bringing into connection and attuning with each all the Fire Energies operating in ultra-physical space.

Finally, this holy, concentrated Fire Energy on earth is a single, separate, living entity, possessing "Ahu", "Daena" and "Baod".

Because in the consecrated 'Atash Padshah', the 'Ushtan' - breath, of the Yazatas is connected, it naturally possesses the extremely high philanthropic disposition and magnanimous nature of "Ahu". It also has, by the operation of Natural Laws, "Daena" = the Right Conscience in which resides 'Sarosh Yazata' and Baodangh'  the Divine Intelligence.

This living, throbbing, pulsating Being or Entity has a "head", "conscience", "limbs", "Khoreh" and "Aipee".

The "head" of the "Padshah" is the visible outward fire in which all the currents of the Fire Energies of the invisible perishable realms flow.

The "conscience" of the "Padshah" is the "Atash Dadgaah".

The "limbs" are the 6 "Karshes" or circuits of the 'Padshah', present in the "Agiary".

The "Khoreh" or aura is the personal magnetism and the radiating glow emanating from the 'Aipee' or the atmosphere surrounding the Padshah, wherein are found the thermo electro-magnetic currents of the 'Yazats'.

The 'Atash-e-Adaran', therefore, doesn't just mean the visible outward fire alone.

The 6 circuits prevailing within the four walls of the 'Adaran' building, the sanctified atmosphere permeating the building, the 'Aipee'', the Atash Dadgaah' together constitute the full-fledged Atash-e-Adaran'. The entire Adaran building becomes a consecrated talismanic fortress wherein the holy deified fire is enthroned.

Of the 6 'Karshes' (circuits), the most important is the very first one, referred to earlier, which is formed in the top layer of the ash containing the visible fire. The strength of this Karsh depends on the 2nd circuit which gyrates around the 'Khuaan' or the 'Afargaanyu' of the Padshah, which in its turn, gets its strength from the 4 other 'Karshes' prevailing in the Agiary.

Why we should never shift the Atash Padshah

It is, therefore, of prime importance that under no circumstances should these 6 circuits, which interact with one another and constantly exchange fire and subtle energy and currents, be disturbed.

Disturb and break the flow of even one circuit and you upset the vital exchange of energy, resulting in a chain reaction which attenuates the spiritual splendour and atmosphere prevailing there, and finally culminates in bringing tremendous pressure and load on the 'Atash Padshah', thereby depriving Him of His Spiritual Power and Authority.

He then doesn't have the strength required of a Spiritual Warrior ('Rathaeshtar') and He is subjected to the incessant attacks from 'Gana-Min', the Evil Force operating in Nature. Instead of the 'Hu-Khshathra' = Benevolent Power prevailing there, the "Duz-Khshathra" or wicked Rule of Ahriman is clamped thereon.

It is for these vital reasons that in the past, our worthy ancestors considered it not only blasphemous but unthinkable to show even the slightest discourtesy, directly or indirectly, to the 'Atash Padshah'.

What happens when we shift the Atash Padshah

The moment the 'Atash Padshah' is lifted and moved out of the 'Khuaan', the most vital first circuit operating in the top ash base, snaps.

Soon, another circuit, or 'Karsh' of 'Spenta Armaiti' –  the circuit flowing round the floor on which the pedestal and the 'Khuaan' stand – also snaps.

In paragraph 1 of 'Paragard' (Chapter) 3 of the "Vendidad", in answer to a question by 'Asho' Zarathushtra, Dadar Ahura Mazda says that, "that hallowed ground is pleased and happy on which stands a consecrated "Atash Kadeh".

In the ground, on which the Padshah' is enthroned, there prevails a kind of a "Bazm", a "Rendezvous of Yazatic and other Divine Forces". When, therefore, the "Atash Padshah" is lifted from that ground, the "Bazm" gets disintegrated and the sanctified ground is displeased.

The "Padshah" that has been dethroned and shifted then loses His "Dahyupati", His Power to communicate with the other ethereal planes, His Power to fight the evil and His Power to bring back the blessings of the Divine Forces.

His "body" has been virtually cut off. He loses His separate Spiritual Entity. The visible fire then becomes a mere 'Kebla'. This fire will now be constantly exposed to the attacks of evil forces working in Nature.

Exceptional circumstances when shifting the Padshah may be unavoidable

The only highly exceptional and extreme circumstances in which the 'Padshah' may be unavoidably moved are, when say,

a non-Zoroastrian rushes into the sanctum-sanctorum or

if the priest tending the Fire suddenly has a stroke and passes away inside the 'Gumbaz' or

if the building adjoining the 'Agiary' is on fire, etc.

But, at no time should the Padshah be treated as so much piece of furniture or fixture. 

H. M. Mistry

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