Friday, July 3, 2009

Dark moral age in India - the sin of homosexuality legalized

A dark moral age has dawned in India - the religious sin of homosexuality has
been legalized by the Delhi High court. All religions in India have
been outraged.

Yoga teacher Swami Ramdev minced no words. ''Do the people behind this verdict
consider homosexuality natural? Is it something they will themselves do? If
our parents had been gays, would we have been born? Freedom doesn't
mean licence. Our family system is the only ideal we can show to the
world. Sadly, this judgment will end up corrupting it. I will be part of
every protest against the judgment.''

We Zoroastrians are with all religions against this judgement. In fact, our
religion was the first in the world to clearly say in the ancient Avestan scripture
Vendidad, that homosexuality is the worst sin possible on this earth, for which
there is no repentance possible. All other sins can be absolved, but not this
worst sin which goes against the law of nature itself.