Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Own 'Facebook' to spur Parsis to marry their own

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From: Zoroastrian Parsees
Date: Tue, Aug 11, 2009 at 2:37 PM
Subject: Own 'Facebook' to spur Parsis to marry their own

Own 'Facebook' to spur Parsis to marry their own

Mumbai: Worried about outside-the-community marriages, the Bombay
Parsi Punchayet (BPP) has come upon a proactive solution. It plans to
launch its own youth club and a social networking website to promote
interaction among the community's youth. The initiative, says the
Punchayet, will encourage youngsters to marry within the community.

BPP chairperson Dinshaw Mehta said the Punchayet will launch the
Zoroastrian Youth Association or ZYA (the name is yet to be finalised)
"with a big bash" in November, targeting 4,000-5,000 youngsters in
nearly 5,000 flats across 12 Parsi colonies in Mumbai.

Though primarily meant for the 15-30 age group, the association will
have members till the age of 40.

"We want our youth to marry within the community. By forming such a
group, they can meet often and hold events. This will encourage
interaction," said Mehta.

The portal, including a social networking platform, will bring Parsi
youngsters together and create a sense of belonging, he said.

"The website will be ready by October, and we have kept aside a budget
of Rs17.5 lakh for the association," he said.

The association will have an office at Gamadia Colony in Tardeo and a
hall to host events in the Khareghat colony, Grant Road, Mehta said.

Membership will be free and a core group of 10-15 young minds will do
the planning, Mehta said. Another group of 50 people will be formed to
organise events while staff will be hired for the administrative work,
he added.