Thursday, August 2, 2007

Sarosh Yazad, Sarosh Yasht Hadokht, Sarosh Yasht Vadi

From: TZML Eductn & Information Committee <>
Date: Aug 1, 2007 6:02 PM
Subject: Sarosh Yazad, Sarosh Yasht Hadokht, Sarosh Yasht Vadi
To: TZML <>

Sarosh roj

Dear Zarathushti humdins,

today is Sarosh roj.

Sarosh is a Yazad Who has a lot of significance in the Zarathoshti religion.

Sarosh is the only Yazad Who has 2 Yashts dedicated to Him:
* Sarosh Yasht Hadokht - which is on page 162 of the Englsih Khordeh Avesta
* Sarosh Yasht Vadi - which is on page 181 of the Englsih Khordeh Avesta

Sarosh Yasht Hadokht is to be prayed in the daylight gehs only, viz
Haavan, Rapithvan, Uziren.

Sarosh Yasht Vadi is to be prayed only in the Aiwishuthrem geh (after
sunset to midnight). Just like the Khorshed and Meher Nyaishes are
farazyat/obligatory prayers for the daytime, the Sarosh Yasht Vadi is
a farazyat bandagi to be prayed every night (circumstances

The Sarosh-nu-Patru is also a very important prayer/ceremony which
takes place during the 4 day funeral ceremonies of a Zarathushti. This
prayer is done by the priests on behalf of the deceased's soul in the
Aiwishuthrem geh. When you next attend a funeral prayers, please take
special interest and ask the priests about it.

Sarosh Yazad guards not only the living man but also helps his soul
progress after death. It is Sarosh Yazad who comforts the soul at the
time of death and guides it to pray some Avesta Mathravani or other so
that its progress is unhindered.

Sarosh Yazad is Who controls the evil forces at night and makes the
legendary cock crow in the morning and thereby thickens the chain with
which evil Zohak is bound in a well by King Faredoon. This happens
every morning at dawn time. Zohak sucks the chain every night and
makes it thin, and just when he is about to break lose the cock crows
during dawn time, and the chain thickens and mankind is saved everyday
from disaster of epic proportions.

There is so much written and spoken about Sarosh Yazad, and we will
bring more of it at a later day.

Today we share some audio snippets on Sarosh Yazad for your listening pleasure.

It is a very beautiful, inspiring and educational snippet, keep it in
your collection and do not forget to listen to it on every Sarosh roj.

And remember Zarathushtis - Pray your Sarosh Yasht Vadi at night.

And please provide feedback regarding the audio clip - on clarity and
loudness factors. It does help.

With best wishes,

TZML Education and Information Committee