Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The good in India

I am not a Hindu nor am I a Muslim or a Christian, I am a Parsi
Zoroastrian and I see a lot of good in India. Our ancestors came to
India 1200 years ago for this reason, they knew their ancient religion
would be nourished in India, which always has had the highest religous
tolerance in the world. This is a fact.

There is a lot of good in India, as there is bad. The land which has
the most spirituality and goodness also has the worst bad. This may
seem contradictory at first, but is a mystery that can be understood
only by the wise and the spiritually adept.

A lot of good people are working behind the scenes in India, to make
it a better place. For example, see the work at and also

A number of you are living aboad and feel those places are better. The
reason they are better is because the forefathers of those places have
worked hard and made them better places.

Ask yourselves, what have you done for your motherland India to make
it a better place. Take action and do good work in India, at least
support the good people who are doing the good work (like the above
sites). That is the way things will improve.