Thursday, August 27, 2009

We are counting on you for this challenge!

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From: The Akshaya Patra Foundation <>
Date: Wed, Aug 26, 2009 at 3:00 PM
Subject: We are counting on you for this challenge!

At Akshaya Patra, we welcome challenges. Not only do they teach us to
welcome the unknown, but they also show us a way to excel beyond what
we have imagined. And what is wonderful about every challenge we have
faced is the way our donors and supporters come together, to rise up
to the task at hand. A big thank you to you!

Today, as we enroll as a charity on the GlobalGiving website, we face
yet another test. To be considered as an eligible charity on this
site, we must raise $4000 from 50 donors, in a month's time. This is a
first for us. Difficult it may be, but with supporters such as you, we
know it's certainly not impossible!

We urge you to come forward and lend us a helping hand in this endeavor.

Please visit the GlobalGiving website and donate generously for free,
unlimited food for education. Your contribution will play a
significant role is assuring us registration and visibility on this
site, which in turn is a gateway to a worldwide supporter base.
Additionally, if your efforts ensure that we are classified as a top
fundraising project, we will stand to receive a bonus from
GlobalGiving. Each dollar of contribution secured from here can, in
turn, transform the lives of many school-going children, who will
receive a wholesome midday meal everyday.

Click here to help NOW!


Go to GlobalGiving project page
 and donate to Akshaya Patra.

Project Name: Sponsor school meals of 200,000 children in India (3304)

Make a donation by selecting one of the suggested amounts, starting at $15.
Then click "Give Now."
Use your credit card, PayPal or check to donate today.
It's that quick and easy and it's tax deductible!

And don't forget, once you've donated, you could help us spread the
word to your friends, family, and others! Forward this email to all
your contacts and request them to help us meet this challenge. Let
your Facebook and social media contacts know about your kind act and
urge them to do theirs!

Please hrurry, for our time ends on September 18, 2009, (11:59 pm
EDT). We need your support today!

GlobalGiving, founded in 1997 by World Bank executives, has been
featured in The New York Times, on CNN and on NPR. GlobalGiving is
endorsed by Charity Navigator and the over 500 pre-screened,
grassroots projects conducting online fundraising through today.

The Akshaya Patra Foundation, Hare Krishna Hill, Chord Road,
Bangalore, Karnataka 560010, INDIA