Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Salgreh of Iranshah and other agiaries today on Adar mah, Adar roj - some photos & devotional song

From: Tehemton B. Adenwalla <>
Date: Apr 25, 2007 10:57 AM
Subject: Salgreh of Iranshah and other agiaries today on Adar mah,
Adar roj - some photos & devotional song

Dear fellow Zarathushtis,

Today on Adar mah, Adar roj YZ 1376, ie. Wed, 25th April 2007, is the
Salgreh of the Holy Iranshah at Udvada.

The Holy Iranshah was consecrated in Sanjan in the year YZ 90 (721
AD) and is 1286 hence years old.

Can you believe it ... 1286 years old!

Iranshah has been with us Zarathushtis for more than a millennium!

We pray that He remain with us forever and Bless and Guide the community.

There is so much one can write on Iranshah that a book will be filled up.

Today He is housed in the peaceful village of Udvada, which hopefully
will be spared from commercialisation, industrialisation and the other
evils which convert the pavitra environment of our lovely villages
into urban mess.

It is the duty of each and every Zarathushti to look after Iranshah,
Udvada, the other 7 Atashbehrams, and our numerous Adarians and

There are many ways to do so. One is to ensure that the Fires in these
places get their daily kathi supplies. Kathi is the real food of the
Fires, it is the logs of wood which the boi-priests offer the Fires.
What we devotees offer as sandalwood is consumed in just minutes, it
is the kathi wood which really keeps the Fires going. Hence, it is
imperative that the Atashbehram-Agiary has adequate supply of kathi.
We can offer help there by contributing to their kathi funds or
offering to grow kathi wood if we live in rural areas.

Mr. Rustom Chothia's Kathi Appeal is circulated periodically on TZML,
and those interested may contact Mr. Chothia on

Another way to look after our places of worship is to be trustees in
the Agiary Board. Some people can offer professional help, if they
have a construction, painting, architect background, so that the
building can be looked after. Lawyers and solicitors can help the
trustees in legal affairs.

The Fire Temples are what our ancestors left us for safekeeping and
patronage, lets keep them in good condition and Burning and Alive for
future Zarathushtis to come.

On the Salgreh day, there will be a big function at Udvada.

Those who attend may send us a report of the jashan, the guests, the
community lunch, and other ceremonies which take place at Udvada on
Adar roj (Wed, 25 April).

Photographs too are most welcome.

Salgreh of other Agiaries too on Adar mah, Adar roj

These then are the Adorable Agiaries whose salgrehs too fall on Adar
mah, Adar roj.

(in chronological order)

1. Seth Banaji Limji Daremeher, Fort, Mumbai
Consecrated in the year YZ 1078 (1709), hence it is 298 years old

It is the oldest agiary in Mumbai!

2. Seth Maneckji Navrozji Seth Agiary, Bazargate Gate Street, Fort, Mumbai
Consecrated in the year YZ 1102 (AD 1733), hence it is 274 years old.

3. Seth Dadabhai Dhanjibhai and Sohrabji Shapurji Gabba Daremeher,
Billimora, Gujarat
The book by Mr. Giara says it was consecrated in the year YZ 1289
(1899), hence it is 87? / 108? years old.

4. Seth Jivanji Jamaspji Mistry Adarian, Syedpura, Surat
Consecrated in the year YZ 1266 (1897), hence it is 110 years old

5. Seth Pirojsha Ardeshir Patel Agiary, Andheri, Mumbai
Consecrated in the year YZ 1277 (1908), hence it is 99 years old

6. Dorabji Edulji Jamsina or Mithaiwalla Agiary, Grant Road, Mumbai
Consecrated in the year YZ 1280 (1911), hence it is 96 years old

7. Seth Nanabhoy Bejanji Choski Daremeher, Panchgani
Consecrated in the year YZ 1300 (1931), hence it is 76 years old

Thank you,


Tehemton B. Adenwalla (encl. photos of Iranshah and a song on Adar -
Ahura Mazda na putra)