Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Invitation to Salgreh celebration for Surat's Vakil Atashbehram - Sunday, 2007

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From: TZML Admins
Date: Oct 17, 2007 2:56 PM
Subject: Invitation to Salgreh celebration for Surat's Vakil
Atashbehram - Sunday, 2007
To: TZML <>

Baname Khuda!

Dear Zarathushti humdins,

we forward to you all an invitation from the esteemed trustees of
Surat's Vakil Atashbehram to join them in celebrating the 184th
Salgreh ceremony if this venerated Atash Behram Padshah Saheb.

The Salgreh of the Seth Pestonji Kalabhai Vakil Kadmi Atashbehram is
on Ardibehest roj, Khordad Mah, YZ 1377 (which happens to be next
Sunday, 21st October 2007)

An invitation from the esteemed trustees in very delightful and easy
to read Gujarati is enclosed. For those who cannot read Gujarati, a
translation is given below.

Dear humdins, if you are in a position to attend the Salgreh ceremony,
do so and benefit from the Blessings of the Atash Padshah. Plus it
gives you an opportunity to offer sukhad, more importantly kathi and
your prayers to the Atash Padshah. You will also be giving hearty
encouragement to the Surat Parsees and moresoever to the organisers of
the Salgreh function.

Please remember that Surat, along with Udvada and Navsari, are
regarded as our "dharam ni tekri" (Peak places of our religion). Many
a choost Dasturji and Ervad Saheb have been given to the community
from these religious and pavitra places. Let us never forget that
before we came to Mumbai, we were based for about 1000 years mainly in
Gujarat. And also lets not forget that Gujarati is our mother-tongue,
however badly it may be spoken by the youngsters.

The text of the Invitation is given below.

We do hope you will respond favourably to this community celebration.

With best wishes,
from The TZML Admins (see below)


The Seth Pestonji Kalabhai Vakil Atashbehram's Salgreh ceremony will
be held on roj Ardibehest, mah Khordad, YZ 1377 (which is Sunday, 21st
October 2007) beginning with a Jashan at 9:30 am. All Zarathushtis are
invited to the same.

All Athravan Sahebs (Dasturjis, Ervad Sahebs, Mobeds, Naavar-Martab
Sahebs, Naavar Sahebs) too are invited to this Jashan ceremony.

(Bai) Goolbai H. Vakil has organised the lunch ceremony for
Zarathushti ladies and children. From the pious funds of her late
father Ervad Minocheher Ratanshah Sorabkhan and late mother Putlibai
Minocheher Sorabkhana, all Zarathushtis men, women and children of
Surat and elsewhere are invited for lunch at the Atashbehram premises
between 10:30 am and 1:00 pm.

In the evening there will be a jashan at 5:00 pm. We request all
Zarathushtis to grace the jashans and the partaking of lunch.

Hormasji Faramroje Vakil
Burjor Nusservanji Vakil
Ratan Noshir Gyara
Hoshi Hirji Malgam

Joint Managing Trustees:

Homi Nusservanji Vakil
Burzin Noshir Chiniwalla

Seth Pestonji Kalabhai Vakil Kadmi Atashbehram