Friday, February 18, 2011

Get out of the mental trap

A Traditional friend living overseas told me about the Poverty index and India. This is my reply to him.

All this economic data, all these reports - where do they come from? Just think. Are they
being propagated to purposely denigrate emerging countries, so that the bright migrants
in the developed countries read them and dont think of going back? Why does the media
keep on showing the problems in the home countries? In one phoren country, books that 
denigrate India often win literary prizes! Why? Big Question. This country is now openly 
encouraging immigration of the best and brightest from India. Big Motive.

India does not have enough toilets - is that a measure of progress? Were we using toilets 
in Iran and India for thousands of years? So, by the same standards, were our glorious 
Kings and empire very backward? Also, we had no electricity. Gosh, we must have been
in the poorest of countries when our most powerful Kings ruled Iran, like Shah Jamshed!

Of course, we know that toilets and electricity are not really a measure of a country.
But today, they are made out to be, also these poverty indexes. They mean absolutely
nothing - the person who is poor in the phoren land is rich in India, and the person who 
is middle class in India may be poor in these lands. And the poor man who is happy 
with 2 Chappatis in India could be happier than the rich man overseas who has large
meals and junk food, and becomes obese!

Some countries, like one Asian country, are very rich and their economy was in
the top ranks since years. Were they happy? The workers are overworked and not 
happy. Highest levels of pornography, prostitution and suicides (God forbid) have been 
seen in this country. Is this where material progress takes a country? Please ask
yourself this question. Please start questioning - dont just accept this data.

I was just reading a phoren article in which one lady raped another girl in a public toilet in one 
of the cities in a developed country, and the boyfriend of the girl then caught the lady as
she was going away in a cab. The lady said she was "high" on some poppers. 
What is happening in these places? Rape in public toilets? Females raping females in 
female toilets? What kind of progress is that?

Friend, get out of the mental trap you are in. It has enslaved many traditionals living overseas. 
Yes, I use the word enslaved since I think that is what it is. Dont let it enslave you. 
Traditionals used to love, encourage and support India. We call it our motherland. 
Do we denigrate our own mother? Do we point out her faults, such as her nose
is crooked, or her breath is foul, or her skin is wrinkled? Is that an Aryan thing to do?

Ultimately, any phoren lands are not your own. Only India, the place you have been born 
in, will accept you as one of them - a born Indian. The phoren lands will always see 
migrants as outsiders. Migrants will always be treated differently. Not so in India, 
where we are accepted since centuries.

Gujaratis consider us as fellow Gujaratis. Which other people on the planet accepts Parsis
in this way? Even Iranians look down on Parsis nowadays as Indianized. Only Indians
accept us as one of them - especially in Gujarat.

You have great potenial, I feel - if you use it for the good of your motherland. This is why
I am telling you all this.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The good in India

I am not a Hindu nor am I a Muslim or a Christian, I am a Parsi
Zoroastrian and I see a lot of good in India. Our ancestors came to
India 1200 years ago for this reason, they knew their ancient religion
would be nourished in India, which always has had the highest religous
tolerance in the world. This is a fact.

There is a lot of good in India, as there is bad. The land which has
the most spirituality and goodness also has the worst bad. This may
seem contradictory at first, but is a mystery that can be understood
only by the wise and the spiritually adept.

A lot of good people are working behind the scenes in India, to make
it a better place. For example, see the work at and also

A number of you are living aboad and feel those places are better. The
reason they are better is because the forefathers of those places have
worked hard and made them better places.

Ask yourselves, what have you done for your motherland India to make
it a better place. Take action and do good work in India, at least
support the good people who are doing the good work (like the above
sites). That is the way things will improve.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Bardoli Agiyari Appeal

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From: TZML Admins <>
Date: Fri, Feb 11, 2011 at 8:04 PM
Subject: Bardoli Agiyari Appeal
To: TZML <>

Dear humdins,

enclosed is an appeal for donations towards the Bardoli Agiyarui.

TZML Admins

"Aashish", Suthar Falia, Bardoli, Dist. Surat – 394 601.
Trust Reg. No. C/164 Surat
02622 229270        e-Mail:
Date: August 25, 2010

Dear Mesdames / Sirs,

You may be aware that the Bardoli Jarthosti Anjuman (BJA) has made
in-roads in the field of charity to our fellow brethren as also to all
mankind when we have, with the blessings from Ahura Mazda, planned and
successfully executed many projects for the upliftment of the poor and
downtrodden people in Bardoli and the surrounding areas.

Our Trust is known amongst the poor for providing relief during their
time of need, be it in the field of housing, helping the poverty
stricken, the old and the aged, and providing help to those affected
by natural calamities.

We are happy to announce that our Bardoli Agiary which was consecrated
in December 1885, will be completing a glorious span of 125 years on
Roj Adar, Mah Tir Yz 1380 ie. on November 25, 2010.  This is the only
functioning Agiary in the East of the whole of Surat District having a
Mobed to look after the Holy Atash Padshah Saheb.

However, on account of our several commitments to alleviate the misery
of the poor families living in abject poverty, we have been unable to
build-up our corpus.  For your information, the corpus of BJA is
Rs.4,27,000/- only as of date.  You will agree that in the present
times, this corpus amount is ridiculously low!  At this juncture, we
are faced with the herculean task of repairing and refurbishing our
Agiary which is presently in a very dilapidated condition.  The wood
has all gone rotten due to white ants and there is heavy leakage from
the roof and the walls which could prove detrimental to the Atash
Padshah Saheb.

The Agiary building, after serving the community members for 125 years
has weathered the vagaries of nature and is now in urgent need of
structural repairs and renovations which is estimated at about
Rs.81,50,000/- (Rupees Eighty One Lakhs and Fifty Thousand only).
Therefore, on the advice of our Architect, Mr. Jehanbux T. Bilimoria
of Mumbai, we will need to initially construct the Mobed Quarters in
the Agiary compound, shift the Holy Fire there and thereafter
reconstruct the Agiary building.  As you may be aware, the expenses to
be incurred, is way beyond our means.

On behalf of Bardoli Jarthosti Anjuman, we hereby make this humble
appeal to all philanthropic individuals and Trusts to help us
financially in this project of utmost importance to our community and
our religion as, all the other Agiaries in the radius of 50 kms around
Bardoli – in Surat District, have either shifted their holy Fire
elsewhere and closed down or do not have a full time Mobed to look
after their Agiary.

The trustees of BJA has decided that any donor who donates
Rs.80,00,000/- or above will have the privilege of naming the entire
complex including the Mobed quarters building as per the donors wish
and a Marble plaque along with a photograph / bust to be placed near
the entrance of the Agiary Complex or in the Agiary Premises. Any
donor who donates Rs.15,00,000/- or above will have the privilege of
naming one wing of the Agiary as per the donors wish and a Marble
plaque along with the photograph if any, will be placed in this wing.
All donations above Rs.50,000/- will be mentioned on a marble plaque
to be placed in the Agiary premises.

As per our policy of accountability towards our donors, we hereby
guarantee that all our donors will be at liberty to examine and check
our books of accounts and a copy of the audited accounts will be
supplied to them on request.

Please send your contribution in the name of Bardoli Jarthosti
Anjuman. We assure you that all donations will immediately be
acknowledged and our official stamped receipt issued thereof.

Thanking you and looking forward to your favorable response.

Yours truly,

First ever perpetually burning Atash Dadgah in the Western World

--------- Forwarded message ----------
From: aspi colah
Date: Fri, Feb 11, 2011 at 9:01 AM
Subject: First ever perpetually burning Atash Dadgah in the Western World

Dear Friends,

Some of you might have heard about this already...but if you would indulge and kindly check out our website and give me some feed back and suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. 

Some of you might know me from the traditional zoroastrian portals...others, I am a devoted follower of your blogs and postings...this is a special request to all you stalwarts. I know we cant replicate the religious power houses we have in India...but this is a grass root effort by some of us here to do the right thing and to leave a lasting legacy for our community and our children here to emulate and follow.

I would also appreciate if one of you could forward this to KND, now ofcourse Vada Dasturji Saheb Kaikhoshrow Nawroji Dastur Meherjirana...who's religious expertise and intricate knowledge of khshnoom has so helped and inspired me to create this unique design of our beloved Farohar shaped Ahunavar Complex.

Thanking you one and all for keeping the divine light shining for us all.

Yours respectfully,

Aspi Colah.

P.S: also please forward to Gustad Forbes, Nauzer Bharucha, Karl Sahukar and others.

When Zarathustra Spoke, new book by Mary Settegast

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From: Geve Narielwalla
Date: Fri, Feb 11, 2011 at 3:30 PM
Subject: When Zarathustra Spoke, new book by Mary Settegast

Dear all,

"When Zarathustra Spoke, The Reformation of Neolithic Culture and Religion," a 2005 publication, is authored by Mary Settegast, who holds a graduate degree from the UCLA at Berkely, with a degree in archaeology from Columbia University, (published by Mazda Publishers Inc.

This bold book breaks new ground with a fresh look at recent improved calibration of archaeology remains and objects, and the almost sudden change in people's pattern of livelihood during the neolithic period (8000 to6000 B.C.), for proving our traditional dating of the prophet's era, 7000 B.C. 

Starting with the various Greek mention of the Prophet Zarathustra's dating of 7000- 6000 B.C by Pliny, Eudoxus,   
Xanthus and Plutarch, the author assembles the most recent updates on information of the sites and objects of Neolithic Near East, Middle East and Central Asia.

There is  almost sudden change in people's preference for settled life with agriculture, in place of pastoralism, nomadism, (including the raiding of the few settled peoples when pastures failed.) 

There is a disappearance  of  warlike motifs, from 6500 B.C., from the archaeology digs in this region, replaced by the profusion of copper vessels, with a huge variety of patterns that reflect a new 'ideology.' (in the words of the author.)

The author further asserts there was no pressing need  for this  change from nomadism and pastoralism (or even late hunter gathering from earlier periods), and there was no pressure of population, and that people were in fact accustomed, from several centuries, of a livelihood from hunting, wild crops gathering, and grazing of lifestock that was still in the process of domesticating more animals.

Several archaeologists and scholars are referred, to put forward the new belief they hold, that dynamic change is only brought about by a new ideology, religious ideology being the only predominant one in ancient days.

This brings the author to Zarathustra, as she seems to arrive at the conclusion,  the only reason for these sudden dynamic changes in the history of neolithic civilization, seem to point at the new message from the prophet, urging people to adopt a settled way of life with agriculture. 

The author apparently argues (my conclusion from the first reading of this book) that with the present  dating of Prophet Zarathustra at 1500 B.C.-1100 B.C. or the other dating of 600 B.C. by which times agriculture was a long established way of life, why would the new message place so much stress on agriculture and reverence for all of nature. This would be far more relevant in a more ancient dates, the traditional dating of the prophet, also mentioned by the Greeks, of around 6500 B.C. , when the peoples of the ancient regions were made aware of the benefits of a settled agricultural life, and the required care of the natural elements for the best results for agriculture.

The author brings forth the new (for me atleast) finding that the huge number of copper vessels of this period are not used for any domestic purpose (as by the latest and new scientific methods show) like cooking or storing(!!!), but for only artistic and thus ceremonial purposes(!)

As all communication between peoples of those days was oral, the huge profusion of patterns and motifs on vessels and bowls, of a very high degree of artistry, could have a hidden layer of meaning: there is, for example, one motif of the Sun in the center of a pattern, seen on many vessels - is this the Sun standing still at creation of the Universe by Ahura Mazda? Because, the author also finds, patterns that show the Sun "moving," which as per our traditions of the creation story, where after Ahriman's attack on the good creation, the sun begins to move in the heavens.

There are repeatedly a huge number of vessels with patterns of light and dark shades, would this be the struggle between good and evil, the author asks?

She clarifies further that the close similarity of the Gatha dialect with the Rigveda, could also mean  this latter literature based on words of similarity derived from the more ancient proto-Indo European group, but may be of a much later date, ie the available dialects had not changed much!

The book is interesting, explores new ground with new methods of dating for archaeology etc, that forms the basis for the ancient dating of Zarathustra, that is why I thought I should inform that reading this book is worth it. For me it is available at my local council library.

Geve Narielwalla

We have a book here that explores the traditional dating of Prophet Zarathustra within the new findings