Thursday, May 12, 2011

Response to people gloating over recent "conversions"

Traditionally, Zoroastrians have not converted anyone since coming to India 1200 years ago due to a promise given to the Indian King, and there are priestly scholars who have said there was never any conversion to our religion. See : CONVERSION UNKNOWN IN AVESTA AND IN ANCIENT IRANIAN HISTORY: Inter-Communal Marriages & Conversion of Non-Zoroastrians - Remedy More Dangerous than the Disease - - says Dasturji Dr. Hormazdiar Dastur Kayoji Mirza Some modern people (mostly inter-married spouses) are nowadays gloating about recent so-called "conversions" to our religion by some cults in the Western world. My reply to such people is: Only God-revealed religions last. No cult will last. What you see happening in the Western world today are nothing but pseudo-Zoroastrian cults, not the actual Zoroastrian religion which with all its ancient ceremonies and traditions is today preserved only in the Indian sub-continent (India and Pakistan). Regarding these same people gloating unseemingly on the Iron wall of our religion "crumbling" down, my reply is: Our religion is built on the solid rock of the Pav-Mahal ceremonies that take place in India and are blessed by the very soil of India. This is the foundation of the traditional religion. When someone tries to "crumble" the wall of the Zoroastrian religion, that someone is attacking the soil of India itself, which has preserved our relgiion through the last 1000 years. My request to these people is to understand what they are doing, and to correct their actions. IF they think about what they are doing, they will realize their thoughts, words and actions are radical and not the middle path that our religion enjoins. Please do not copy the radical cults of the West. I would also request the few inter-married Parsi women who are performing, with the misleading power of their money, the sacred Zoroastrian thread ceremony of their children of Hindu or Muslim or Christian fathers, to please not to make their children suffer in the long run, since the spiritual progress of these children will be effected if they do not follow the religion of their Hindu or Muslim or Christian fathers. You may feel you are "crumbling" the beliefs of your own Parsi grandfathers and great-grandfathers, and you may be feeling unnaturally happy about that, but in effect you are playing with the spiritual lives of your own children, please realize this for their sake. Please let them follow the religion of their Hindu or Muslim or Christian fathers, is our sincere request to you all. Peace be unto you all, and God Bless you to make the correct choices, and move away from the radicalized path you are on - and come back again on the middle path. Written by Porus.