Monday, May 24, 2010



By Firdosh Sukhia

            The point of power is in the present moment. The thoughts
we have held and the words we have repeatedly used, have created our
life and experiences up to this point .Yet that is past thinking. We
have already done that. What we are choosing to think today, this
moment, will create the next day, the next week, the next month and
the next year. The point of power is always in the present moment.
This is where we begin to make changes. What a liberating idea!

            Both, the good and the bad in our lives are the results of
our mental thought patterns which form our experiences. We all have
many thought patterns that produce good positive experiences which we
enjoy. It is the negative thought patterns (which generally out-number
our positive thought patterns) that produce uncomfortable, unrewarding
experiences with which we are afflicted.

            We have learnt that for every aspect of our lives, there
is a constant thought pattern that precedes and maintains it. Our
consistent thought patterns create our experiences. Therefore, by
changing our thinking patterns we can change ourselves for a happy and
better life.

            If we understand the true meaning of metaphysical
causations, and how our beliefs and ideas are often the cause of our
illness, then we can be aware of the connection between the thoughts
and different parts of our body which create our physical ailments.

Replacing Old Patterns:

            For every condition in our lives, we have created a need,
a sort of bondage, for it. The symptom is only an outer effect. We
must go within to dissolve the inner cause. This is why mere will
power and discipline cannot work in isolation. They are only battling
the outer effects. It is like cutting off the weeds instead of pulling
the roots out. So, before you begin the new thought patterns, in
addition to will power, and discipline, work on the eradication of the
root cause to release the bondage of your obsessions like smoking,
alcohol, addictions or whatever vices associated with them. When the
need is gone, the outer effect must die. No plant can live if the root
is cut off!

            The mental thought patterns that cause most diseases are
criticism, anger, resentment and guilt. For instance, criticism
indulged long enough will often lead to the physical ailment of
arthritis. Anger turns into matters that burn our body. Resentment can
lead to tumors and cancer. Guilt always seeks punishment and leads to
aches and pain. It is easier to get rid of negative attitudes by
positive thinking when we are healthy than to try to dig them out when
we are in a state of ill health. When cancer or any other illness
returns, it is because the patient has made no mental changes and thus
recreates the illness.


            "Affirmations are anything we say or think. Our thoughts
create our feelings, beliefs and experiences. Too often they are
negative. We say: "I do not want this in my life", or "I hate my job."
If we want to change or manifest something in our life, we must state
what we do want. Instead of the negative thinking, we must affirm that
we are determined to see ourselves in a different perspective. We can
change our life only by first getting out of the rut and changing our
thoughts with a positive attitude.

 Mental exercise:

            Take a little time to listen to the words you say. If you
hear yourself saying something quite often, write it down. It has
become a pattern for you. At the end of a certain period, say a month
or so, look at the list you have made and you will see how your words
fit your experiences. Be willing to change your words and thoughts and
watch your life change. The way to control your life is to control the
choice of words and thoughts. You can put right thoughts in your mind
only by your persistent efforts.          Thoughts can make or break
you.  Freedom of choice is given to us and it is in our hands to
maneuver our thoughts in the right direction, or allow it to meander
into dark crevices which 'Ahriman' has cunningly dug for us. You take
your pick, and pay for it!

            The 'Patet Pashemani' prayer compiled by our last Rainidar
Adarbad Marespand has exhaustive list of sins wherein penance is
possible only if there is a change of heart. In other words, by
changing our way of thinking we can repent for the wrongs committed by
us and turn on the path of righteousness.

            If we carefully study the pattern of wrongs committed by
us, we would be surprised to find that the root cause is UNTRUTH.
Hence, truth and penance (Meher Patet) are stressed in our religion
for our spiritual progress.

            Our Manashni, Gavashni, and Kunashni can only lead us to
Humata, Hukhata and Huvarashta. .The prefix Hu suggests qualities
equivalent to those of Ahu (i.e.God). In Vendidad Pargard 22 it has
been stated that the ailments were cast upon humanity by 'Ahriman'
through the implantation of wrong thoughts in human beings. "Manthra
Baeshasz" (i.e. healing with the Manthra Spenta prayers) along with
'Ashoi' and observation of 'Tarikats' are considered the highest form
of healing.