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Tribute to late Mr. Rustom S. Tirandaz on his first month of passing away

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Date: Thu, Feb 26, 2009 at 3:58 PM
Subject: Tribute to late Mr. Rustom S. Tirandaz on his first month of
passing away
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Roj Mohor, Mah Meher, YZ 1378
(26 Feb 2009)

Dear friends,

today on Mohor roj is the first month of the passing of BPP trustee
(twice elected) Mr. Rustom Sheriyar Tirandaz.

We pay our respects in memory of Mr. Tirandaz, who was like a warm and
generous father and brother to all those who approached him for help
and guidance, be it Zarathushti or non-Zarathushti.

Mr. Tirandaz has indeed made many people happy with his caring and
warm approach.

A close friend of their family Mr Jimmy and Mrs. Pervin Mistry have
sent us a letter describing who Rustomji really was. They have covered
facts about Mr Tirandaz that were not known to many people.

We will let the letter below do the needed talking.

We also reproduce a beautiful letter by Mr Tirandaz's sons Faredoon
and Darayus, and a touching poem by Mr Tirandaz's wife Mrs. Armaity
Rustam Tirandaz.

Please share this email with your friends, and if you have the emails
of Mrs Armaity and their other family members, please forward it to
them too.

Our thanks to Mr. JImmy Mistry and Mrs. Pervin Mistry for sharing a
tribute on Mr. Tirandaz with us and thereby giving us courage and
guidance to help our fellowmen, be they Zarathushtis or

TZML Admins.
(please see below for three important letters)

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From: pervin mistry
Sent: Monday, 2 February, 2009 10:30:35
Subject: Fw: My Tribute to dad and the poem.

Tribute to our friend Rustom Sheriyar Tirandaz:

The sudden demise of Rustom Sheriyar Tirandaz (January 27th) has left
many in our community and in other communities deprived of a good
friend and a champion of the needy. Those who met him just once could
not ignore him. One either loved him for his wit and humor, in
addition to an unrelenting willingness to help others, or, one hated
him for his genuine explosion of speech. Rustom was no hypocrite.
Knowing the one and only, the inimitable Rustom Sheriyar Tirandaz, for
the past 50 years and more, my husband Jimmy and I know that being
indisputably kind hearted, he must be laughing from the high heavens
at the poor souls who ridiculed him, who stabbed him in the back in
the name of 'friendship', who suffered from narrow vision and saw
nothing other than the surface 'Rustom'. Rustom would surely laugh at
their loss because they saw the surface which typically has some
stones and weeds but did not see the precious glittering gems and
solid gold that is hidden deep down. Yes, Rustom was a man with a
heart of pure gold! We say to these poor unfortunate folks, it is your

People came in droves to pay their last respects. Within 10 minutes of
the news of Rustom's passing away, crowds began to gather at his home.
The road was crammed with people of all communities, rich, poor, tall,
short and just about everybody whose life was touched by Rustom.
Rustom deserved the farewell he got because he was one of the most
compassionate, honest, sincere and self sacrificing men who walked the
Earth. His paidust and uthamna were unmatched. Seldom or never has the
Doongerwadi seen such a crowd!

Rustom was a people's man! As a politician, he was in public services
for the past 40 years. He was a Municipal Corporator for 17 long
years. He was the savior of the Doongerwadi at the time of the DDD-AG
imbroglio; he was also committed to save the Bhikha Behram Well from
pollution when the BMC first announced that toilets were to be built
close to this sacred well; he was one among the small delegation that
went to see the CM of Gujarat, Hon'ble Narendra Modi, to stop the FDU
from turning Udvada into a Tourist Dham. Both Rustom and his gentle,
kind hearted wife Armaity, cared for the many, many countless who were
dying, the poor sick who had no one to look after them, who needed
medical relief. Rustom's home was like a dispensary where people just
walked in, any time, without previous appointment, to seek Rustom's
help in all kinds of troubles. No one was ever turned away. Rustom and
his noble family saved so many innocent Muslim lives during the
Hindu-Muslim riots. They silently rescued the old, the women and kids
to safety. Yes, Rustom truly was a people's man and he had a heart of
gold, which is irrefutable.

Besides all the golden qualities of the heart, Rustom had all the good
qualities of the 'head' too! He was very witty and brilliant. He never
prepared his speeches but always entertained his listeners. He was a
very good writer too. In college, he wrote an entire essay without a
single period (full stop)! The professor could not find a single
grammatical mistake! I had the good fortune to go once to the
municipal office with Rustom and although he was not a corporator for
the past many years, whoever saw him, from peons to officers, all got
up to salute him, all were happy to see him! He was known for his
honesty and never, never, did he take any goodwill gifts from anyone
he helped. In fact, during his recent BPP election campaign, so many
people from the audience came forward to announce and affirm that
Rustom was the most helpful, kind and honest man they ever knew. He
would never accept anything, anything in kind for the time and
services he rendered except perhaps the words 'thank you' and often
instead of the thanks, sometimes jokingly and sometimes silently and
without complaint he accepted back-stabbing and ingratitude too.

During the recent BPP elections, Rustom could not afford to host his
campaign with tempting dinners or as we said jokingly, with packets of
peanuts. Later, during the coarse of the elections, some of his
friends convinced him to host his own campaign. He complied
reluctantly and put together three campaigns, at Dadar, Navroze Baug
and Rustom Baug but he was at times late because he had to help
someone or the other who knocked at his door for urgent help just
prior to be in time to attend to his own campaign! The needy took
precedence over his own wish to become a BPP trustee. This was the
real Rustom Sheriyar Tirandaz some fortunate ones knew.

I remember the day in the early 1990's when the seed of his BPP
trusteeship was ingrained in him by some who had met at the Sethna
Agiary in order to create awareness regarding the threat to our
religion and community initiated by the Muslim heretic Ali Akbar
Jafarey together with his supporters in the U.S. Rustom gave such a
sincere, thundering, extempore speech that day at the Agiary hall that
many in the audience insisted that he becomes a BPP akabar, a leader
to navigate us through the course of troubled times. Rustom did win
the BPP election then and became a trustee for the first time, in
1995. Rustom often said he was committed to run for every BPP
elections, as long as he lived! Some of us laughed!

This time again, he won and became the Vice-Chairman of the BPP, the
only Apex Body of all Parsi-Irani Zarathushtis worldwide! He was not
promoted or supported by a single organization or alliance, be they
'traditionalists'. But God in His Wisdom knew Rustom and gave him a
farewell from this Earth the likes of which cannot be duplicated!
Those of us who knew Rustom will always feel the void. There will
never be another Rustom like Rustom Tirandaz! The poor, the lay
people, the shopkeepers at Wadala and other areas mourn losing Rustom,
their friend and ever-present helper. The non-Parsi communities at
Wadala, Dadar and Matunga put up big banners in the area to recognize
Rustom's unflinching devotion to the poor and the needy. They called
special meetings at Dadar, Wadala, Matunga to honor and celebrate a
life so well lived! They are the juddin brothers and sisters but many
in our own community too feel the loss of a great friend and helper of
the needy.

For the past many months, when Rustom was asked "how are you", the
reply was always, "on top of the world" and always and always, when
wished 'good morning' by his friends, his reply was, "and a better
morning to you"! Rustom was never ever wealthy because he never spent
the time or cared for his own needs; he never cherished the dream of
accumulating wealth for himself and his family. Nevertheless, he was
one of the richest men who had so, so much of time and energy to
freely give to all those who approached him for help! Behind every
successful man, there is always a woman and both Rustom and Armaity
made a perfect team. Both have the same qualities of the heart and
Armaity is an equal partner in serving those who need help. At the
Doongerwadi, just prior to the uthamna, Rustom's sons, Darayus and
Faredoon, posted their loving tribute to their noble father. Armaity
posted a beautiful, touching poem as a tribute and farewell to her
husband. Rustom was always very proud of his 'Kiyani tokham'! He
always maintained that he was first and foremost a traditionalist and
loved his religion, community and the Kiyani lineage.

Armaity, Faredoon, Darayus, Pearl, Lal aunty, Dinyar, Roshan and the
rest of the family are not alone in missing this mighty Pahlevan;
Jimmy and I will also miss him and will lovingly remember all the good
times shared. I add that besides us, many more will also miss Rustom's
powerful presence. Among those who will miss his presence very, very
dearly is his ever faithful and helpful friend, Ashdin. The current
Chairman of the BPP, Mr. Dinshaw Rusi Mehta, has also lost the support
and guidance from his faithful colleague Rustom at these crucial
times. Our loss is incalculable and irretrievable. May Ahura Mazda
grant Armaity, Faredoon, Darayus, Lal aunty and the entire family the
strength and courage to accept what is fated and preordained! Jimmy
and I are proud that Rustom went at the peak of his career, as a
Vice-Chairman of the BPP and did not suffer old age or illness.

Rest in Peace, Rustom, and know that your name will be remembered by
one and all whose hearts have been touched by your compassion, smile,
sincerity and service.

(Enclosed as letters below, please read the letter Faredoon and
Darayus posted as a tribute to their father and also the beautiful
peom written by Armaity, Rustom's wife.)

Mr. Jimmy and Mrs. Pervin Mistry
January 2009

A tribute to my father Rustom S. Tirandaz

            -By Darayus R. Tirandaz

Someone walked up to us today and said, "Faredoon, Darayus you have
been orphaned by your father Rustom. But you are not the only ones;
the entire Zorastrian community has lost a father and is orphaned".
Tears run down my face and all I can think of is the "Tokham Kyani",
that my father spoke about all the time. This invisible force that
binds all Zorastrians to one another is the awareness that my father
tried to create. Our community is forgetting what it means.

      He was an eternal optimist and some of his greatest visions for
the community were of Peace and Preservation. Over a period of 35
years of public service and social work, nothing has held greater
importance to him than to serve the Zorastrian community. He fought
for what was right and he stood against all odds in doing so. He
achieved those goals that most men would give up half way in trying to

      The goodwill he created is enough to last the Tirandaz family
many generations. He struggled all his life but you would always see a
smile on his face. After celebrating his victory at the BPP elections
last year he celebrated his 40th anniversary where he also expressed
his excitement of becoming a grandpa. His daughter-in-law Pearl(my
wife) sees her hero in him and considered him as her own father. In
only a matter of a few years she felt what I felt for him.

      My mother Armaity said to me, "Through all the triumphs,
sacrifices, joy, pain and time spent together he always gave me lots
of Love and a good life". She made me take a promise to live by his 5
teachings: Righteousness, Truthfulness, Patience, Sacrifice and Peace.

      These qualities are hard to come by these days and my father was
overflowing with them all. His love and friendship was felt by every
life he touched, including those who disliked him.

      I see a future when the Zorastrian community will realize and
owe a great debt of gratitude to my father for his achievements and
struggle to preserve our community.

      I would like to thank all those who have prayed for him. We have
felt your good vibrations and that helps us all overcome his loss. I
thank the lord that his demise was quick and without suffering, very
few have this privilege. I thank Ahuramazda for the 3 great souls in
my life my father Rustom, my brother Behram and my mother Armaity. Dad
we will love you always.

To all who Grieve
by Mrs. Armaity Rustom Tirandaz

When I come to the end of the road

And the sun has set on me,

I want no rites in a gloom filled room,

Why cry for a soul set free?

Miss me a little but not too long,

And not with your head bowed low.

Remember the Love that we once shared,

Miss me, but let me go.

For this is the journey we all must take,

And each must go alone,

Remember the Love that we once shared,

A step on the road to home.

And when you are lonely and sick of heart,

Go to the friends we know,

And burry your sorrows in doing Good Deeds.

Miss me but let me go.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


From: TZML Admins
Date: Sat, Feb 7, 2009 at 1:01 PM
To: TZML <>

Dear friends,

this seems to be a worthy cause forwarded to us.

Please help them to the best of your ability.

TZML Admins.

From: Ruby Dalal
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2009 11:13:46 +0530


We are once again approaching all Zoroastrian Brethren for donation
towards the 'FOOD SCHEME" which we run for old and poor Members of our

We are fortunate enough to get good donations in the past which has
helped us run the above Facility for deserving Zoroastrians for last
many years.

feed the Old and Poor Infirms of our community.

There are many old and infirms neglected by the Society, some of them
by their own children and Family and are fighting for their survival,
who need your attention. Most of them are frail, weak and bed ridden
and do not have even strength to go to the roadside food stall and
depend on their neighbours to bring some food for them to survive.

In this world, very often, the efforts of an individual are not
significant enough to make a difference. But collectively, it is
possible for a group to do much more than the sum of the individual

We all fortunate Zoroastrians have to ensure that the food scheme
continues to operate feeding these deserving members of our community.

Thanks to the munificence and largesse of benevolent individuals and
donors we are able to tend to their daily meals. But the demand is
much in excess of the Funds generated and hence this appeal. Your
generous contribution will help us in reaching out to our poor

The Food Scheme is run by the Charitable Trust known as MANCHERJI
EDALJI JOSHI MEMORIAL TRUST, which not only supervises cooking of
food, but also delivery of the same to the community Members are done
through Dabbawalas.

We are a Public Registered Trust registered with the Charity
Commissioner under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961. Amongst our
Charitable activities is the Food Scheme where the Trust undertakes to
feed the old infirm / handicapped and under privileged of our
community. This scheme was started as you are aware in January 2003.
Your generous donation will enable us to continue to feed the poor and
to reach out to a larger section of these not so fortunate within our

When we first started we were supplying meals to ten persons, two
meals a day. Today this service is extended to 135 persons in all. As
word gets around, more applicants approach us or are referred to us
and only after thorough inquiries are the same added to our list of

Donations over the years have increased due to the foresight of our
initial donors who have put the Scheme on the net and also by word of
mouth as more people get to hear about this scheme. You will however
appreciate that funds are necessary to run this scheme effectively and
hence our yearly appeal to you.

The enclosed chart will give you a detailed and latest break up for
the Food Scheme, its beneficiaries, their categories and approximate
expenditure involved in feeding them.

Our accounts are duly audited and filed with Charity Commissioner and
every donor small or big is immediately issued a receipt. Donations of
Rs. 5000/- and more are also sent the break up of Food Scheme so that
they know how exactly their donation is being utilized.

On behalf of the Trust, I once again appeal to you for your generous
support to our Food Scheme.

Your donations can be made by cheque in favour of "MANCHERJI EDALJI

Further enquiries are also welcome via e-mail to :
Food_aid@mejmt. org &

Your Donations can be sent to:
Mrs Mithoo Jesia
Jesia Building,
797 Jam E Jamshed Rd
Parsi Colony, Dadar (E),
Mumbai 400 014
Ph 2414 9571 Mrs. Tina Patel
623, Lady Jehangir Rd
Parsi Colony, Dadar (E)
Mumbai 400 014
Ph: 2415 1354 Mr H N Daruwalla
Sethna Building
2/689, Dinshaw Master Rd
Parsi Colony Dadar E
Mumbai 400 014
Ph: 2411 2330

Kindly give widest possible publicity to this note, by forwarding the
same to your family members and Zaorastrian friends to get maximum
support to this noble cause.

Hoping to receive favourable response from you,

With Kind Regards
Homi N Daruwalla

(AS AT 30.11.2008)

Old and infirm and poor Zoroastrians who have no one to turn to
Students (sons of Chasniwala's studying in Bombay Colleges) staying at
the Manekji Seth Agiary Hostel
Poor Parsi children of J.B. Vachha School of Parsi Girls (Dadar)
Khandias, Nassesalars and Bungli Staff at Doongerwadi (Breakfast only)
16 to 20 (depending on daily attendance)
Food grains and provisions (these are given to recipients who are able
to cook for their familities but are in low income group)



Friday, February 6, 2009

More Criticism Received On The Crude Alterations Done At Pak Iranshah Atashbehram, Udvada

From: TZML Admins
Date: Thu, Feb 5, 2009 at 9:24 PM
Subject: More Criticism Received On The Crude Alterations Done At Pak Iranshah Atashbehram, Udvada
To: TZML <>



5 February 2009
Dear Zarathushti humdins,

cc: Vada Dasturjis,
cc: Ervad Sahebs,
cc: The Parsee Voice,
cc: Zoroastrian Studies,
cc: Parsi Pukar,
cc: Dini-Awaz,
cc: Prominent Zoroastrians,
cc: TZML
cc: TMYZ officials
Dear Zarathushti humdins,
since our previous email to you on this subject, many Zarathushtis have expressed similar criticism and some have even expressed their outrage in the crude manner in which renovations have been made, and the manner in which 'Divine Bulls" have been placed in the Iranshah building premises.
A concerned gentleman Mr. Geve Eruch Narielwalla, currently residing in New Zealand, has even started a website blog with a voting feature where you can cast your vote of disapproval and insert some comments too.
Please visit Disapproval of Iranshah renovation and register your protest there soon. The votes and your valuable comments will be further forwarded all the way to the right authorities.
Repeating that Dasturji Mirza emphasized that to maintain the religious and spiritual sanctity of the Holy Iranshah; it becomes our duty that Udvada should not be turned into a Tourist Centre with Tourist Lodge, Tourist Walk etc. He added emphatically that the Tourist Agenda and the clauses that are not in the interest of The Holy Iranshah and Udvada should be deleted from the FDU Trust Deed. He further maintained that Udvada is a 'Holy' place and must remain a 'Holy Place' and no attempt should be made to turn it into a 'Holiday Place' as this would ruin the sanctity of Udvada as a place of Parsi/Irani Zarathushti pilgrimage.
Please see below for comments from other Parsis.
But all in all do not forget to cast your vote to remove these crude fittings and leave a note by clicking on this link Disapproval of Iranshah renovation.
If you wish to communicate with us, the email is
Thank you to all who have written to us and to those who have voiced their opinions on the website-blog.
If you wish to join TZML and be amidst other fellow minded traditional Parsi Irani Zarathushtis, send an email to
TZML Admins.
(please see below)
======================   Mr. Nauzer Bharucha, Senior Reporter in a National Daily ===================
Dear all,

Just one of the growing reactions to the appalling renovation work at the Iranshah Atashbehram. This one below is from my friend Sarosh Bana, a senior journalist based in Mumbai.

====================  Mr. Sarosh Bana, a Senior journalist in Mumbai ============================
On my recent visit to Udvada, I too was appalled to see this atrocity.

The sanctity of Iranshah certainly has been devalued and the place now looks like a cheap movie set from Film City. When one descends the steps, one is confronted right in the face with the 'manhood' of these bulls and it presents a real ugly sight. I have taken photographs also of this.

There certainly was no need for this work, but then what does one expect with the sort of "Vada Dastur" who reigns over Udvada with no one to question him?

It would be important to go into the cost of this entire renovation - including any trumped up cost - and determine why this work was at all necessary when the Iranshah was in perfect condition, having been extensively refurbished just some years ago at considerable cost and over a prolonged period. Even if this was done by private funding, it is an uncalled for drain on finances that could have been better spent on more worthwhile activities for the community.

Unless accountability is fixed with more seriousness by those concerned, these brazen elements within our community will keep on rising from strength to strength.


===================== Mr. Geve Erach Narielwalla, New Zealand ============================
Dear all,

As you will be well aware, our most revered Iranshah Atash Behram has come in for renovation and ornamental Zoroastrian symbols added to the building exterior, a new gate with a pair of guards, and two Guardian Oxen on either side of the building steps.

These are, as most of you certainly know better, in very poor imitation of Zoroastrian iconic symbols and bas reliefs surviving in Persian sites in Iran-

My thoughts in the matter are, if these are put up, in poor imitation, at some Zoroastrian centre for any of our multifarious activities-schools, dharamshalas, even at an agiary which is not a great Zoroastrian icon, etc., this can be considered lightly.

But, here we have the sad occurrence, of this "film set" additions (as some people are already calling it) on the premises of our most holy of
holies, the most sacred, and world renowned Iranshah.

Please visit my blog, especially created,  to get Zarathustris to realise what is happening, detailing the issue and providing pictures of the additions, pictures from ancient Iran (and Assyria), pictures of two agiaries where these additions are done correctly, and pictures of how other faiths take such work seriously and go to great lengths to embellish their temples to enhance their dignity and sanctity.

I have also said, in my blog, if we had limited funds for such work, we should not have gone in for these additions.........just repaired  the structure, if so required, renovated in good taste within the budget available.

Please visit my blog:

I have requested that these garish additions be dismantled, at least redone with better art, in white stone, marble, or bronze, funds permitting.

But we all need to get together in such a  situation..........a lone crusade is useless

This is our most sacred site, we cannot treat it with such poor work and then remain indifferent.

For example.......and many of you know better, the two bulls/oxen, actually Assyrian in origin, but in Zoroastrian tradition represent Guesh Urvan, the Soul of the Kine, who cried out for a Saviour in the Gathas.......and also seen to uphold the world.

That is why they are shown as "supporting" any structure, they "support" the columns of the Gate of All Nations, in Persepolis ........and are likewise depicted at the Cusrow Baug Agiary. At Iranshah these are free standing, in some wrong colour, and many other inaccurate features, inaccurate face.........the write up and pictures in my blog clarifies.

Is there any way you all can support this sad but fully reversible issue, by inclusion of my blog and your comments in your websites, journals, and refer to my blog, asking your readers to visit the blog and "vote." 

If other  course of action in this matter is underway, I would like to have details of this, so I can join and lend my support.

We should solve this issue as Zoroastrians, not as liberals, traditionalists, Kshnoomists, but as followers of the great Prophet Zarathusht.

Your response will be very greatly valued by me.


========================= Mr. K. Kerawalla, Mumbai =======================================

Requesting the Athornan Anjuman of Udvada to please see to it that the material used for the construction of the Achaemenid Bull Men(1) should be of natural origin and not synthetic plastic..... These Achaemenid Bull Men are going to be placed on the enterance of the Wadia Makaan(i.e.building) . The reason for this request is that, if they are made of any synthetic material then they can never be made Paav (i.e.concecrated) .For reference please refer the Holy Vendidad Pargarad 7.(2)

Late Eruchshah Karkaria of Navsari (disciple of Late Dr.Faramroze S Chinivala and Late Jehangirji S Chinivala) use to call plastic as " Ayokhshasta a Yozdaai"(i.e. it can never be made pure) and should never be used in Agiaries and AtashBehram Saheb Makans.


http://www.livius. org/a/iran/ persepolis/ gate/gateofallna tions.html

(2)  <<< If they be of gold, you shall wash them once with gomez, you shall rub them once with earth, you shall wash them once with water, and they shall be clean.

'If they be of silver, you shall wash them twice with gomez, you shall rub them twice with earth, you shall wash them twice with water, and they shall be clean.

[75. 'If they be of brass, you shall wash them thrice with gomez, you shall rub them thrice with earth, you shall wash them thrice with water, and they shall be clean.

'If they be of steel, you shall wash them four times with gomez, you shall rub them four times with earth, you shall wash them four times with water, and they shall be clean.

'If they be of stone, you shall wash them six times with gomez, you shall rub them six times with earth, you shall wash them six times with water, and they shall be clean72.]

'If they be of earth, of wood, or of clay, they are unclean for ever and ever73.' >>>

What will be consecrated for sure is the Whole Wadia Makan (i.e. building) as it was desecrated. Only after the consecration of the Wadia Makan will Shreeji Paak Iranshah AtashBehram Saheb be shifted from the Petit Makan. After the Padshah Saheb is shifted to the Wadia Makan no Non Parsi will be allowed to even touch the building.Do not know if the gate and the other area, which have been desecrated will also be consecrated. Late Jehangirji S Chinivala (in "Parsi Avaz") has given details on how to consecrate a building, which is going to house a spiritual Monarch (AtashBehram Padshah Saheb). In one of his "Parsi Avaz" articles he has mentioned that the compound surrounding the Padshah Sahebs Makan should have gospands, trees and flowering plants belonging to the Barjisi (Jupiter) genus.Will try to give the "Parsi Avaz" article dates for those who want to study more and repent .

=============================== Mr. Cyrus writes ====================================
When ghelabhai,& ganda bhai, takes up job of spending $$ & show it to like minded bawaji, for their fame & name. this is the outcome.just wait for few years to see it in shamble.
Aakkhhi history, simlicity, vintage beauty ni mai patter dhami nakhi. shame!!.
Remember Mogal empire falled when started spending on mega structures.
Learn from history. 
There was no need to touch it even in this fashion.
============================= Deen Parast writes ====================================
When a heritage site is being promoted as a tourist attraction, such incongruous and strange structures are bound to come up, all to attract tourists. This has happened all around the world and is now happening in our sacred site. Sad but true. We pray that the hidden TRUE custodians of the Holy Fire have taken steps to protect the Holy Fire from the many attempts being made right now by the so-called "tourists" to attack our ancient belief system, that our fires are meant for the eyes of born Zarathushtris only.

May the sordid aims of these people, who are aiming to denigrate an ancient people's belief,  be ever defeated and come to naught, by the Grace of Dadar Ahura Mazda. Destructive acts of such people are not inspired by God, since it is not God who destroys in our religion, but it is God who creates (Ardibehest Yasht Nirang). May these modern day destroyers be defeated in their evil aims, and may they learn to respect an ancient people's pride in their heritage and beleifs. Atha Jamyat Yatha Afrinami. So may it be, as we wish.When a heritage site is being promoted as a tourist attraction, such incongruous and strange structures are bound to come up, all to attract tourists. This has happened all around the world and is now happening in our sacred site. Sad but true. We pray that the hidden TRUE custodians of the Holy Fire have taken steps to protect the Holy Fire from the many attempts being made right now by the so-called "tourists" to attack our ancient belief system, that our fires are meant for the eyes of born Zarathushtris only.

May the sordid aims of these people, who are aiming to denigrate an ancient people's belief,  be ever defeated and come to naught, by the Grace of Dadar Ahura Mazda. Destructive acts of such people are not inspired by God, since it is not God who destroys in our religion, but it is God who creates (Ardibehest Yasht Nirang). May these modern day destroyers be defeated in their evil aims, and may they learn to respect an ancient people's pride in their heritage and beleifs.
Atha Jamyat Yatha Afrinami.
So may it be, as we wish.
========================= Mr. S.D.Buhariwala says ==================================

I agree it is distasteful and inappropriate.

============================ A concerned Zarathushti writes ===========================
These additions are completely ridiculous!
If people have money to throw please contribute to the Kathi Funds of various Agiaries & Atash Behrams. Even Atash Behrams such as the Anjuman Atash Behram is asking for donations towards Kathi fund as the current funds prove insufficient. There are so many agiaries in desperate need of repairs. Do something about that.

The Iranshah Atash Behram structure had its own simple style and therein lies its elegance. To have these ugly additions and funny men on the entrance gates makes it look so cheap! I remember a very beautiful photo of the Iran Shah Entrance on a cover of a book with boganvilla flowers. That was beautiful !
Honestly, are these new additions really considered artistic!?? It truely represents the nouveau-rich in India. Excess money but no class !! Sorry but the Udwada Atash Behram is not a flashy Las Vegas Hotel that you make such GARISH additions !
Please leave it alone!
=========================== A Zarathoshti from Priestly family in USA writes ============================================
Believe me or not, when I visited Udvada during my visit to India, I gave a long speech to my children when we saw these new unwanted additions being added at our Holy Atashbehram.  Upon reading your article, it seems that every word I said then is clearly reflected in your article.
There is a segment of individuals who are out to destroy our holy place & turn it into a tourist spot that it will ultimately result in non-Parsis entering the Atash-Behram.
The pristine atmosphere has been destroyed beyond repair.  At the very sight of what was taking place I had feelings of sadness run through my mind, spine & heart. 
Absolute sacrilege is taking place in the phony name of repairs.