Wednesday, September 10, 2008

NOSHIR - May the Prodigal Son return home


You must realize this is a ploy by the liberals to divide the Traditional vote. 
Nauzer is right, you are being used as a pawn by the liberals. Please stand
up to them and remove yourself from their company and do not let their 
plan succeed in any way.

Forget the pomp and splendour of these rich people - you will be happier
eating simple Chappatis with your DeenParast HumDeen rather than
eat in five-star hotels with rich people who are against the basic 
tenets of our religion that our forefathers had preserved for 
thousands of years. 

The rich men's five-star dishes are tasteless if the rich men are
working against the divine religion they have been born in.
What is the use of all their learning, all their riches, all their
intelligence, if they use it in this way to work against our divine
religion? They should use all this in a good way, and not to
make converts of other God-given religions. Surely you realize
that conversion is wrong and anyone who propagates it is
wrong and is surely leading the world to ruin with wars
of religious conversion. Look at the sorry state of the world
today outside the five-star hotels.

Do not associate anymore with these people. As the Prodigal 
son came back in Christ's tale, come back to the arms of your 
Traditional religion once again, and your brothers and sisters will 
surely welcome you as the Father did to the Prodigal son. 
May it be so. This will surely happen by God's Divine Grace.
Amin, Amin, Amin. May our Blessings lead you to the Right Path
once again.