Monday, April 28, 2008

Upcoming crises at Doongerwadi

From: The Parsee Voice
Date: Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 3:33 PM
Subject: Upcoming crises at Doongerwadi

Read all about the recent goings-on at Doongerwadi.
The Parsee Voice

Monday, April 21, 2008

High rise at Godrej Baug

From: The Parsee Voice
Date: Mon, Apr 21, 2008 at 1:09 PM
Subject: High rise at Godrej Baug

Our beloved Doongerwadi at Mumbai is once going to be in the eye of a storm.
A new 11-storeyed building is being constructed on Plot M in Godrej Baug. It is pretty obvious that people residing on the upper floors will get a clear view of the insides of Bisney Dakhma, which is currently operational. The next step will be a hue and cry about stench from the Dakhma and possible closure of the same as happened with Banaji Dakhma. This looks like one more nail being put in the Doongerwadi coffin.
All the debris from the construction site is being dumped on Doongerwadi lands near Hodiwalla Bungli, consequently destroying the trees and foliage. Pl. read attached report.
It is reported that looking at all the debris, our old 'friend' Dhunmai Baria of Dakhma photographs fame, gleefully proclaimed that the Doongerwadi ground now seemed ideal for burial purposes.
Assoc. Editor

FDU's third attempt in Udvada

From: The Parsee Voice
Date: Mon, Apr 21, 2008 at 1:40 PM
Subject: FDU's third attempt in Udvada

As if getting egg on its face twice was not enough, FDU has raised its head once again. A third attempt is being made on 24th April 2008 to inaugurate the FDU's Information Centre in Udvada. The same being Adar Roj and Adar Mahino, a huge crowd of devotees will as usual be present in Udvada to seek Iranshah's blessings. FDU will then boast that this large number of community people graced the inauguration and market the event as a grand success.
Strangely, this time around, the modus operandi has changed. Gone is the fanfare and hype and publicity associated with the earlier two failed attempts. Everything is being kept under wraps and not a mention has yet been made publically.
What is even more painful is the fact that the FDU invitation mentions that Dasturji P H Mirza, High Priest of Iranshah and Dr Mehroo Bengalee will be Guests of Honour (?) at this event. Dasturji Mirza has all along opposed the FDU's presence in Udvada and is a signatory to two letters sent by the High Priests, condemning the FDU and petitioning the Gujarat Government to stop the FDU's activities in Udvada.  One wonders what has made him do a volte face!!!!
Dr Bengalee is the founder trustee of WAPIZ, an organisation formed to counter Deen Dushmani and uphold tradition. If she has decided to align with FDU, she has no business continuing in WAPIZ. It is a breach of faith.
It is about time they made up their minds as to which side of the fence they are on and acted accordingly. You can't run with the hares and hunt with the hounds.
Assoc. Editor

Friday, April 4, 2008

Names of Ahura Mazda with meaning popping up on your screen

How to display continuously on your computer screen, one by one:
Avestan and Pahlavi names of Ahura Mazda (from Hormuzd Yasht
and 101 names) with their English meaning:
for full instructions.
If you have done things right you should see a strip appear on your
screen (just drag it to where you like) with one of the names of
Ahura Mazda, and its meaning, The strip will stay for the seconds
specified and then a new name of God will appear with its meaning,
This is an excellent way to learn the meanings of the Names of Ahura
Mazda and also to sanctify your computer with the powerful names of God.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Meher Yazad, Meher Mah, Meher Roj, Meher Yasht - a good explanation

From: TZML Admin
Date: Wed, Apr 2, 2008 at 12:55 PM
Subject: Meher Yazad, Meher Mah, Meher Roj, Meher Yasht - a good explanation
To: TZML <>

Dear Zarathushti humdins,

we have received a very informative post on significance of Meherangan
Day - Meher mah, Meher roz.

It also gives a good idea on Meher Yazad, Meher Yazad's roles and the
longest Yasht of all, Meher Yasht.

It also stresses the importance of speaking the Truth.

A reassuring paragraph says: "Meher Yazta, in unison with Khorshed
Yazata, spread the glory of Ahura Mazda all around the earth, leaving
no place dark for Ahriman to make even a temporary abode."

Please see below.

TZML Admins


On Mah Meher and Roz Meher, the Jashan of Mehergan is celebrated. This
day is connected with an historical event. It was on this day, that,
Pishdadian King Fareidun freed Persia from the tyranny of Zohak, took
him prisoner and ascended the throne of Persia. Jashne Mehergan is a
celebration to remind us of this memorable event of dispensation of
Divine Justice and Ahura Mazda's Love, Light and Law - Meher.
Meher is a very important concept in Zoroastrianism. In Zarathushti
calendar, the seventh month is named Meher and the 16th day of each
month is Meher. Meher is an adorable quality of Ahura Mazda, a Yazata.
The importance of the concept of Meher is clear in the fact that the
Meher Yasht is the longest Yasht in our scriptures. Whenever we speak
of Meher, we respectfully refer to it as Meher Yazata or as Meher
Davar. Davar is the word for judge in Pazend. In Pahlavi, Meher means
LOVE, LIGHT & LAW. Meher is one of the greatest of Yazatas, who goes
farthest to reflect the Nature, Presence and Grace of Ahura Mazda.
Meher represents Ahura Mazda's Love, His Divine Light and His Law. The
word Darb-e-Meher means House of Meher, House of God. It is the House,
where we get the Divine Light of Ahura Mazda.
In Avesta, the word Meher is referred to as Mithra. Mithra literally
means CONTRACT. Therefore, in a moral sense, Meher or Mithra
represents a Quality of Ahura Mazda that protects the Truth, the
sanctity of a contract. In Zarathushti religion, there is a paramount
importance of always speaking the Truth and abiding by our word. Truth
is our religion. TRUTH is LIGHT. Darkness is due to the absence of
Truth. Right from our childhood, we must develop the habit of speaking
the Truth.
Mithra is heavenly Light, the origin of Light and the precursor of
Sun. Meher Yazata is also seen as the Light or the rays of the sun.
Khorshed represents the sun. Meher represents the Light. Hence, the
association between Khorshed and Meher. The two divinities are invoked
together. Meher Yazata, as a celestial being, is a dynamic force that
brings the worshipper and the worshipped in the same realm. He is
Divine in origin, takes on a physical form of Light, and ushers the
devoted from the physical to the higher realms of Ahura Mazda. The sun
shines everywhere and on everyone. Its golden rays reach everywhere.
Meher Yazta, in unison with Khorshed Yazata, spread the glory of Ahura
Mazda all around the earth, leaving no place dark for Ahriman to make
even a temporary abode.
Quoting the Yashts: "Mithra is ever awake and on the watch. He has a
thousand ears and ten thousand eyes. With these he watches over all
creatures, hearing all, seeing all. None can deceive him. Hence he is
the Lord of Truth and Loyalty." It is a symbolic way of saying that
Meher hears all and sees all. Thus acting as a merciful judge, Meher
represents Ahura Mazda's Omniscience. That is He is all knowledgeable.
Meher Yazata, the sleepless, ever awake, watch keeper of the world
maintains a constant vigil between the earth and the sky. Meher is
referred to as Davar. Davar means a judge. So, Meher judges the soul
after the death of our body at the Chinvat Bridge. The truthful and
those who kept their promises earn the consequence of Heaven, a
condition of bliss. The soul of the virtuous gets more Light.
Those who are untruthful, devious or those who did not keep their
promises, bring punishment upon themselves, by experiencing Hell, a
condition of misery. Meher means Justice. But, it also means mercy.
Because God is merciful, full of Love, the punishment is not for
eternity. There is no Eternal Hell in Zoroastrianism. On Roz Meher and
Mah Meher, the Jashan of Mehergan is celebrated.
This day is connected with an historical event. It was on this day,
that, Pishdadian King Fareidun freed Persia from the tyranny of Zohak,
took him prisoner and ascended the throne of Persia. Jashne Mehergan
is a celebration to remind us of this memorable event of dispensation
of Divine Justice and
Ahura Mazda's Love, Light and Law - Meher.
When we pray Meher Yasht, we pray to Ahura Mazda for His Divine Light
for strength in body and mind, for upliftment of our soul and progress
of our existence in the physical as well as in the spiritual world:

Acha no jamyat avanghe - May God's Light Help and Protect us
Acha no jamyat ravanghe - May God's Light bring us Freedom
Acha no jamyat rafanghe - May God's Light bring us Joy and Happiness
Acha no jamyat marzdikhai - May God's Light bring us Mercy and Forgiveness
Acha no jamyat baeshazai - May God's Light bring Healing
Acha no jamyat verethraghnai - May God's Light bring Us victory in Life
Acha no jamyat havanghai - May God's Light bring us Well Being & Prosperity
Acha no jamyat ashavastai - May God's Light bring us Righteousness & Truth
Ughro, aiwithuro,yasnao,vahmayo - Strong, Powerful, Worthy of
Reverence & Praise
Anaiwi-drukhto vispemai anghuhe astavaite - Undeceivable in the entire world
Mithro yo vouru gayaoitish Mithra - (Heavenly Light) the protector of the

To sum up, Meher represents Ahura Mazda's LOVE, LIGHT and LAW ( the 3 Ls).
Jashne Mehergan is a celebration to remind us of this Divine Love,
Light and Law.


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

[Traditional Zs] Cyrus day

From: Tehemton B. Adenwalla
Date: Tue, Apr 1, 2008 at 9:36 AM
Subject: Re: [Traditional Zs] Fw: Cyrus day

Baname Khuda!

Thank you Mrs. VG for sending such a lovely photo and more important,
a very important write-up on the very First Declaration of Human
Rights, proclaimed by Cyrus the Great, some 2500 years ago.

What a splendour the Persian empire had!

What a lofty development of thoughts and embodiment of these ideas in
day to day life!

We should be all proud to be descendants of this great race, great
country and great civilisation - Persia and Persians.

Tehemton B. Adenwalla

On 4/1/08, v g wrote:
> Hello Dear Members,
> Just got back today and found this in my mail.... hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
> Really nice!!!!
> regards
> veera.
> Happy Cyrus day.
> twenty five centuries ago, when savagery was the dominant factor in human societies, a civilized and compassionate declaration was written on clay and issued to the "four corners of the world" that dealt with important issues relevant to the rights of humans, the same issues that not only in those days but even today can inspire those who believe in human dignity and rights.
> This document, known as "The Declaration of Cyrus the Great," emphasized on the removal of all racial, national discrimination and slavery, bestowing to the people, freedom to choose their places of residence, faith and religion and giving prominence to the perpetual peace amongst the nations. This Declaration could actually be considered as a present from the Iranian people, expressed through the words of Cyrus, their political leader and the founder of the first empire in the world, to the whole humanity. In 1971, the general assembly of the United Nations recognized it as the first Declaration of Human Rights, thus, registering such an honor to the name of Iran as the cradle of this first historical attempt to establish the recognition of human rights.
> The world's first declaration of human rights,
> by Cyrus on his coronation (October 29th, 538 B.C.)
> Now that by the assistance of Ahura Mazda (Supreme intellect, God), I am wearing the crown of kingdom of Persia, Babylonia and four directions, I acknowledge that:
> Till the day I am alive and Ahura Mazda supports my kingdom, I shall cherish the religious and traditions of the people whom I am their king and I shall not allow my appointed rulers and subordinates to ignore the religions and traditions of other people, or despise them or contempt them.
> I, from today that I am wearing the crown till the day that I am still alive and Ahura Mazda protects my kingdom, shall never impose my rule, or not, and if they reject it I shall not insist on ruling them and I shall not make war.
> Till the day I am the king of Persia, Babylonia and countries in four directions, I shall not allow anyone to do injustice to others and should anyone do injustice I shall do the justice, and I shall punish the offender. Till the day I am the king, I shall not allow anyone to alter the wishes or take the properties of others, except after compensation or consent of others.
> Till the day I am alive, I shall not allow anyone not to pay for one's labor and without paying one, shall not force one to work for him.
> Today, I acknowledge that everyone is free to follow any religion one selects, live at any place, but one shall not be free to take other's property by force. One is free to choose any profession and use one's assets as one wishes. Provided not to cause any loss to others.
> Till the day, by assistance of Ahura Mazda, I am the king, I shall not allow that men and women be traded as slaves. My appointed rulers and my subordinates shall prevent the trade of men and women as slaves and the traditions and the trade of slavery shall be uprooted in the world.
> I acknowledge that: Everyone shall be accountable for one's behavior and nobody shall be penalized for another's crime. Therefore, it shall be wrong to punish innocent brother of the offender. Should the member of a family or tribe commit a crime, only the felon should be punished and not the others.
> I hope that Ahura Mazda will bring me success to perform my pledges to the people of Persia, Babylonia and other lands of the four directions.
> --
> Pervin