Monday, August 24, 2009

Parsi couple overseas looking for Colony flat in South/Central Mumbai

Parsi couple overseas looking for Colony flat in South/Central Mumbai.

A Parsi couple, friends of mine, who have asked not to be named at this point, 
are looking for a Colony flat in South / Central Mumbai. They are currently 
overseas and are seeking to come back in 2010 to be in Mumbai and 
start a family of their own.

If there are any Parsis who have migrated overseas and have locked up their
colony flats, and are thinking of selling them, please contact me (Sam
at ) and I will forward your details
confidentially on to this couple. Confidentiality is assured.
This will be a good deed for the sake of our religion and community.

Happy Khordad Sal Mubarak ... Birthday of Prophet Zarathushtra

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From: Tehemton B. Adenwalla
Date: Mon, Aug 24, 2009 at 1:09 PM
Subject: Happy Khordad Sal Mubarak ... Birthday of Prophet Zarathushtra
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Baname Khuda!
Dear Zarathushti humdins,
it is a pleasure to send this email today on this lovely Khordad Sal day when hundreds of years ago our revered Prophet Zarathushtra Spitaman was born.
Khordad Sal - what a day in the Zarathushti calendar!!!
It is none other than the Birthday of our beloved Vakshure Vakshuran Paigambar Asho ZARATHUSHTRA Saheb. Yet Zarathushtra Saheb was not an ordinary man, He is himself regarded as equal to an Ahmeshashpand, with all their Splendour and Majesty and Power.
Let us travel hundreds of years ago to ancient Iran in the times of King Kai Lohrashp. Everywhere there was rampant evil. And the evil in those days was of monstrous proportions. The evil men would spoil the Yasna ceremonies, pollute the earth with their evil chants and would create havoc in Nature by literarily moving mountains and rivers and other creations of Ahura Mazda to further their nefarious activities. One righteous warrior after other valiantly attempted to stem this evil tide, but the dark forces got stronger and stronger.
There were plans in Nature to user a Soul, a Paigambar, who would check these demons and give mankind a Law to fight them. The Divine Plan was also to strengthen and re-establish the Mazdayasni religion that was prevalent at that time.
Asho Zarathushtra was born on Khordad Sal day to carry out this mission. It is said that the whole of Nature was joyous at this Phenomenon. The trees and the rivers and the mighty planets in the skies all rejoiced at the birth of this Saviour of mankind.
Asho Zarathushtra Saheb brought the demonic and evil forces under control and give the Mazdayasnis the Vi-devo-dat (the Laws to bring the demons under control), also called the Vendidad, which is applicable in all ages and at all times, even today.
Paigambar Zarathushtra not only gave us the Gathas, but also other Scriptures and prayers like the Yashts. He taught us not only to live by the Holy triad of Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds, but also to have faith in all our Scriptures, our ceremonies and our tariquats and rituals.
On this day of Khordad Sal, let us walk in the Path shown by our Paigambar Saheb and be good Zarathushtis.
I share a snippet of a song in honour of Zarathushtra Saheb, entitled "Koi puche mane kya che tara Zarathosht Paigambar".  It is in MP3 (which can be copied into your cellphones or i-Pods) and play and remember Him daily.
Once again, HAPPY KHORDAD SAL MUBARAK to all of you.
With best wishes,
Tehemton B. Adenwalla