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Move to shift the over 700 years Adaran Padshah saheb of Bharuch

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There is currently a move to shift the over 700 years Adaran Padshah saheb of Bharuch to a new 'Agiary' being set up in Navi Mumbai. While the intentions are laudable, it is an
exercise in futility because the shifting of an enthroned Adaran saheb cannot be done without causing great damage to His spiritual composition.

Given below is an extract from an issue of Dini Avaz penned by late Adi Doctor.
It is most unfortunate that today's Parsees treat the "Padshah Sahebs" as so much piece of furniture and fixture. 

Why an 'Atash' of the Adaran fire is called 'Padshah', what vital role and function it performs in Nature, what connections it has with the various Fire Energies in Nature, what power and authority it wields, etc., are here delineated very briefly but cogently.

It will at once show why the Fire of an 'Atash-e-Adaran' or, for that matter, that of an 'Atash-e-Behram' is so sacrosanct and why, therefore, it should be treated, particularly by those in charge of the 'Agiaries' and Atash Behrams' and by those who come to pray before it with the utmost dignity and respect.

Disturbing the 'circuits' of such a consecrated Fire tantamounts to dethroning the 'Padshah' and the consequent disastrous effects which the entire Parsee community has to undergo!

What are the elements of the Atash Padshah?

After the elaborate and complex process of its collection, purification, consecration and coronation, and during its tenure in the consecrated 'Agiary' building; the 'Adaran' Fire acquires 'Khshathra' = Power and Authority from Nature.

'Atar-e-Adaran' means the 'Atar' or Fire pertaining to 'Adar Yazat', who is the prime Force operating on "Atar-e-Mino Karko" — the supreme Fire Energy of Nature governing the ultra-physical planes. This Fire Energy of Mino Karko' is an integral and vital component of the primeval Fire Energy called "Athro Puthra Ahura Mazda". Lord Ahura Mazda has used the Fire Energy of 'Mino Karko' as the base for the creation of the entire world of matter. Thus, our worldly 'Atar-e-Adaran' is the physical manifestation and co-worker of the 'Atar' of 'Adar Yazad', viz. 'Mino Karko'.

It is common knowledge that the fires used for the purpose of the 'Adaran' Fire belong to the four earthly professions of an 'Athornan', 'Ratheshtar', 'Vastrayosh' and 'Hutokhsh'.

When these fires, over each of which certain rituals are performed, are blended, concentrated and consecrated for enthronement, the new resultant Fire is in communion with the "Ushtan" or 'life-breaths' of the four Fire Energies of the invisible but perishable ultra-physical realms viz. "Atar-e-Mino Karko", "Atar-e-Vazisht", "Atar-e-Urvazisht" and "Atar-e- Spenisht".

The new 'Atash-e-Adaran' also establishes a direct link with the "Mithra" or 'thought-forces' and "Khoreh" or the aura and spiritual lustre of the four aforementioned natural Fire Energies of the ultra-physical world.

All these connections, collectively form a circuit, a "Ring Pass-Not" around the 'Adaran' Fire, which is being enthroned. After the coronation, the first chief natural circuit or 'Karsh' (also 'Kash') will be established in the ash surrounding the visible Fire in the container or 'Khuaan' containing it.

The moment this 'Karsh' is formed, the 'Adaran' Fire is automatically bestowed by Nature with 'Dahyupati' = Sovereignty.

It now wields the Righteous Power and Authority or "Hu-Khshatra", and is known as a "Padshah". The "Dahyupati" and "Padshahi" is owing to the 'Yazatic' currents which now constantly flow in the ash on the container in which the visible fire is kept.

Besides being a "Dahyupat" wielding "Khshathra", the Atash-e-Adaran is also a 'Rathaeshtar', i.e. a spiritual warrior, heavenly soldier instituted on Earth who has to fight ceaselessly, the constant attacks of Satan and the other Dark Forces of-Nature.

Moreover, this earthly embodiment of the natural Fire Energies of the ultra-physical realms acts as a "Zaothra" or "Alaat", i.e. a spiritual battery perpetually receiving the divine blessings and benevolent radiations and currents and transmitting them to all living beings within a certain radius. The 'Atash-e-Adaran' thus serves as a functionary agent bringing into connection and attuning with each all the Fire Energies operating in ultra-physical space.

Finally, this holy, concentrated Fire Energy on earth is a single, separate, living entity, possessing "Ahu", "Daena" and "Baod".

Because in the consecrated 'Atash Padshah', the 'Ushtan' - breath, of the Yazatas is connected, it naturally possesses the extremely high philanthropic disposition and magnanimous nature of "Ahu". It also has, by the operation of Natural Laws, "Daena" = the Right Conscience in which resides 'Sarosh Yazata' and Baodangh'  the Divine Intelligence.

This living, throbbing, pulsating Being or Entity has a "head", "conscience", "limbs", "Khoreh" and "Aipee".

The "head" of the "Padshah" is the visible outward fire in which all the currents of the Fire Energies of the invisible perishable realms flow.

The "conscience" of the "Padshah" is the "Atash Dadgaah".

The "limbs" are the 6 "Karshes" or circuits of the 'Padshah', present in the "Agiary".

The "Khoreh" or aura is the personal magnetism and the radiating glow emanating from the 'Aipee' or the atmosphere surrounding the Padshah, wherein are found the thermo electro-magnetic currents of the 'Yazats'.

The 'Atash-e-Adaran', therefore, doesn't just mean the visible outward fire alone.

The 6 circuits prevailing within the four walls of the 'Adaran' building, the sanctified atmosphere permeating the building, the 'Aipee'', the Atash Dadgaah' together constitute the full-fledged Atash-e-Adaran'. The entire Adaran building becomes a consecrated talismanic fortress wherein the holy deified fire is enthroned.

Of the 6 'Karshes' (circuits), the most important is the very first one, referred to earlier, which is formed in the top layer of the ash containing the visible fire. The strength of this Karsh depends on the 2nd circuit which gyrates around the 'Khuaan' or the 'Afargaanyu' of the Padshah, which in its turn, gets its strength from the 4 other 'Karshes' prevailing in the Agiary.

Why we should never shift the Atash Padshah

It is, therefore, of prime importance that under no circumstances should these 6 circuits, which interact with one another and constantly exchange fire and subtle energy and currents, be disturbed.

Disturb and break the flow of even one circuit and you upset the vital exchange of energy, resulting in a chain reaction which attenuates the spiritual splendour and atmosphere prevailing there, and finally culminates in bringing tremendous pressure and load on the 'Atash Padshah', thereby depriving Him of His Spiritual Power and Authority.

He then doesn't have the strength required of a Spiritual Warrior ('Rathaeshtar') and He is subjected to the incessant attacks from 'Gana-Min', the Evil Force operating in Nature. Instead of the 'Hu-Khshathra' = Benevolent Power prevailing there, the "Duz-Khshathra" or wicked Rule of Ahriman is clamped thereon.

It is for these vital reasons that in the past, our worthy ancestors considered it not only blasphemous but unthinkable to show even the slightest discourtesy, directly or indirectly, to the 'Atash Padshah'.

What happens when we shift the Atash Padshah

The moment the 'Atash Padshah' is lifted and moved out of the 'Khuaan', the most vital first circuit operating in the top ash base, snaps.

Soon, another circuit, or 'Karsh' of 'Spenta Armaiti' –  the circuit flowing round the floor on which the pedestal and the 'Khuaan' stand – also snaps.

In paragraph 1 of 'Paragard' (Chapter) 3 of the "Vendidad", in answer to a question by 'Asho' Zarathushtra, Dadar Ahura Mazda says that, "that hallowed ground is pleased and happy on which stands a consecrated "Atash Kadeh".

In the ground, on which the Padshah' is enthroned, there prevails a kind of a "Bazm", a "Rendezvous of Yazatic and other Divine Forces". When, therefore, the "Atash Padshah" is lifted from that ground, the "Bazm" gets disintegrated and the sanctified ground is displeased.

The "Padshah" that has been dethroned and shifted then loses His "Dahyupati", His Power to communicate with the other ethereal planes, His Power to fight the evil and His Power to bring back the blessings of the Divine Forces.

His "body" has been virtually cut off. He loses His separate Spiritual Entity. The visible fire then becomes a mere 'Kebla'. This fire will now be constantly exposed to the attacks of evil forces working in Nature.

Exceptional circumstances when shifting the Padshah may be unavoidable

The only highly exceptional and extreme circumstances in which the 'Padshah' may be unavoidably moved are, when say,

a non-Zoroastrian rushes into the sanctum-sanctorum or

if the priest tending the Fire suddenly has a stroke and passes away inside the 'Gumbaz' or

if the building adjoining the 'Agiary' is on fire, etc.

But, at no time should the Padshah be treated as so much piece of furniture or fixture. 

H. M. Mistry

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TheParseeVoice Petition against Utsav in Udvada

From: The Parsee Voice
Date: Thu, Jan 28, 2016 at 11:32 AM
Subject: TheParseeVoice Petition against Utsav in Udvada

Dear Readers,

Thanks for the support extended by the community in our efforts to protect the sanctity of Holy Iranshah. For those who have missed the mail earlier, kindly act immediately by voting in favour of the petition to the Prime Minister of India. 

We oppose those actions which defile and denigrate the sanctity of our Holy Iranshah. He is our biggest benefactor for the last 1300 years and it is our bounden duty to protect HIM from harm.

We support the Government's efforts to improve infrastructure in Udvada. We are also not against attempts to showcase the community's track record of progress and harmony in India in the last millennium. However, holding of this Utsav in Udvada is damaging the sanctity of Holy Iranshah! Hence the request to the Prime Minister to instruct the organisers to hold future Utsavs at a location OTHER THAN UDVADA and thus prevent further spiritual damage to our holy entity, Iranshah!

An online version of the petition can be accessed via the following link:

For t
hose interested in 
a hard copy, 
​the same is attached herewith. Please print and get as many signatures as you can. The signed sheets may please be returned/mailed to the following address:

Ervad Bahadur Sanjana
R/13, Navroz Baug
Lalbaug, Mumbai 400 012
Maharashtra, INDIA

H. M. Mistry


Petition against holding Parsee Zoroastrian Utsav in Udvada

The Prime Minister of India

Prime Minister's Office

South Block, Raisina Hill

New Delhi-110 011.

Respected Shri Narendra Modiji,

Iranshah Udvada Utsav

At the outset, we wish to thank you for the admiration and affection showered by you on the 

Parsee Zoroastrian community of India as also the support provided to the community by the 

Central and State Governments, especially in improving the infrastructure in Udvada, the 

place where Holy Iranshah Atash Behram is currently enthroned.

While we truly appreciate your sentiments in trying to showcase Udvada as a unique place 

symbolising traditions of tolerance, harmony and progress in India, we, the traditional

members of the community, are gravely concerned about the Utsav recently held 

in Udvada and the decision to hold it there every two years.

Holy Iranshah is a living, spiritually vibrant entity, thanks to the powerful consecration 

ceremonies performed at the time of His installation. Magnetic circuits surround Him to 

prevent entry of spiritual and physical pollution. He functions like a receiving and transmitting 

station for the divine blessings of the Almighty. He is a warrior of the Almighty in the fight

against evil forces which attempt to overpower all creation. This spiritual prowess has been 

nurtured and sustained over the centuries thanks to the various ceremonies which the priests 

tending to him perform every day and which require spiritual, mental and physical piety of the 

highest order. The serene and isolated location of Udvada and Iranshah, away from 

the hustle and bustle of normal city life and the pollution - physical and spiritual, 

associated with it, provides Iranshah the much needed spiritual seclusion, 

necessary for maintaining His sanctity and well-being. The priests tending to Him 

day and night are able to maintain their personal piety thanks to this seclusion and tranquillity 

that Udvada offers as a location.

The laity who seek His blessings are also required to observe strict discipline and present 

themselves before Him, reasonably free of spiritual and physical pollution. 

Unfortunately, the Utsav has severely ravaged the very foundation of Holy 

Iranshah's well-being and survival by compromising the seclusion and serenity 

of Udvada. In their hurry to pay their respects and then attend the other festivities, many 

attendees would not even have performed the minimum ablution and rituals necessary before 

presenting themselves before holy Iranshah. An influx of over 2500 persons during the 

Utsav would have naturally brought with it huge amounts of spiritual and 

physical pollution, which has been deposited at His doorstep. One shudders to 

think of the negative effect on Holy Iranshah's sanctity of this sudden and 

voluminous onslaught of pollution, the karmic obligations of which will 

definitely visit the community in general and the organisers in particular!

Thanks to huge crowds, even the priests tending to Him, who are required to observe strict 

spiritual seclusion, had a real tough time while going to and from their houses to the Fire 

Temple for performing their required daily rituals. 

To add to all this, the Utsav even boasted of two nights of DJ music, karaoke and 

a dance programme by indecently clad youngsters in close proximity to the Fire 

Temple premises! Would such a sacrilegious act be permitted, say in Mathura 

and Kashi or Mecca and Medina or Tirupati temple?? By doing this, the 

organisers have shown open disrespect and lack of consideration for Iranshah's 


To add insult to injury, Mr. Darius Khambata, ex-Attorney General of Maharashtra used the 

Utsav as a platform to promote his pet topic of Conversion, which the organisers were well 

aware of. He even went further to advocate entry into our holy Fire Temples to all those who 

had been initiated into the Zoroastrian faith with a Navjote ceremony, which is nothing but 

conversion by the back door. As the world at large is aware, Zoroastrianism 

forbids Conversion. Worse still, instead of stopping him, one of the key 

organisers of the Utsav, High Priest of Udvada, Dastur Khurshed K. Dastoor, 

felicitated Mr. Khambata and reportedly silenced those who objected to this 

speech. This clearly shows that the organisers of the Utsav were actually pushing 

an agenda of religious reforms, using the Utsav as a convenient platform. It was 

only when the community vociferously objected to this in print and on social media that Mr. 

Khambata backtracked as a face-saving exercise. 

All of this has grievously hurt the religious sentiments of a large majority of the 

traditional members of the Zoroastrian community. 

Subsequently, in an open letter to the community, the High Priests have averred 

that remarks made by Mr. Khambata "..... at the religious and spiritual hub of 

Zoroastrianism to a wide audience was both disrespectful and frankly 

inflammatory." They have also cautioned against Conversion and mixed 

marriages which would lead to diluting our Zoroastrian identity. 

Sir, we are highly appreciative of your efforts to improve infrastructure in Udvada and support 

the same. We are also not against attempts to showcase the community's track record of 

progress and harmony in India in the last millennium. However, holding of this Utsav in 

Udvada is damaging the sanctity of Holy Iranshah! This is amply clear from the 

absence of the other High Priests, including the other senior High Priest of 

Udvada, from any of the festivities and activities for all 3 days

Since you have expressed high regard for Holy Iranshah, we beseech you to 

intercede and ensure Iranshah's sanctity by instructing the organisers to hold 

future Utsavs at a location OTHER THAN UDVADA and thus prevent further 

spiritual damage to our holy entity, Iranshah!

May Holy Iranshah guide your footsteps all through life!

Yours sincerely,

Petition dated 18.1.2016 against holding Parsee Zoroastrian Utsav in Udvada

Name of Signatory                Address in brief                  Signature

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Fwd: Reformists' plan to shift Bharuch's Doongaji Agiary to Vashi, then make it a 'Universal' agiary - 2

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Date: Wed, Jan 27, 2016 at 7:48 PM
Subject: Reformists' plan to shift Bharuch's Doongaji Agiary to Vashi, then make it a 'Universal' agiary - 2
To: TZML <>

Dear Rayomand,

Shocking news.

What action can be taken ? Please guide.
Best Regards

Bahadur B. Sanjana

Mumbai 400012

Sent: Wednesday, January 27, 2016 12:33 PM

On Wednesday, 27 January 2016, 11:47, nauzerbharucha wrote:

From Rayomand Zaiwalla

A shocking news has just come out in open. The Reformist Lobby is planning to shift the 700 year old Doongaji Agiary by a car from His original place of worship at the Banks of the River Narmada at Bharuch,  to the newly built Vashi Agairy. Even more shocking is the secret plans of the Reformist Lobby to slowly make the Vashi Agiary accessible to all Non- Zorastrians . The neighboring Mosque , is trying to buy the Doongaji Agairy property unsuccessfully for the last 25 years. Now their dreams are coming true.  Apart from destroying the power of the Holy Fire enthroned at Bharuch for last 700 years, the reformist Lobby are trying to bring the Holy Atash Padshah to Vashi and converting it into a Universal Agiary for all.

In 2005,  a small miracle took place in Doongaji Agairy in Bharuch  unknown to all of us. The Lightening from the sky entering the Holy Sanctum and touched the Holy Fire. The marks of Lightning entering the Holy Sanctum Sanctorioum is even today visible to all worshipers.

The Trustees of the Bharuch Parsi Panchayet who are also the Trustees of Doongaji Agairy, are also helping the Reformist Lobby to quietly shift the Holy Fire.

Pass this message on to every Zorastrian so that everybody is aware of the Secret Plans of the Reformist Lobby to desecrate the Holy Doongaji Atash Padshah and creating a Universal Agairy at Vashi .


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Fwd: Protest by a Devout Parsi Family - Was the Udvada Utsav just an excuse to promote conversion?

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Date: Tue, Jan 26, 2016 at 12:26 AM
Subject: Protest by a Devout Parsi Family - Was the Udvada Utsav just an excuse to promote conversion?
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Protest by a Devout Parsi Family - Was the Udvada Utsav just an excuse to promote conversion?

Jame Jamshed Weekly, 24 January 2016

Was the Udvada Utsav just an excuse to promote conversion? We strongly feel that this was part of the agenda.

Why did our ancestors leave Iran to save our fire and faith? If a certain speaker is known for his radical views, he should not have been on the dais in the first place. We don't want anyone else other than Parsi Irani Zoroastrians entering our Agiaries and Atash Behrams. This kind of propaganda proposed by the reformists must be protested against. Since we are a tolerant community it doesn't mean they can talk anything and get away with it.

Zoroastrians at a senior level need to think when they speak as they are icons of the community. Nature doesn't let the wrong things go by. In the long run, everybody has to pay for their sins. We are completely against such events that go against our ancestors' beliefs and religion.

- Hoshang F. Bapuna, Katy H. Blapuna, Neville H. Bapuna, Filly H. Bapuna, Keki H. Bapuna

Fwd: Who are we to Reform?, asks Dr.Coyaji from Pune. The Vendidad mentions the various spiritual ill-effects of inter-marriages.

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Date: Mon, Jan 25, 2016 at 11:02 PM
Subject: Who are we to Reform?, asks Dr.Coyaji from Pune. The Vendidad mentions the various spiritual ill-effects of inter-marriages.
To: TZML <>


Jame Jamshed Weekly, 24 January 2016

The Vendidad mentions that the religion is against marriage of a Parsi Zoroastrian (man or woman) outside the faith and explains the various spiritual ill-effects of such a marriage.

If we pray in Jasme Avangahe Mazda that our religion is the Shresht (best), then isn't it pompous to reform this Shresht (best) religion? 

It pains me to know that at the recently concluded Udvada Utsav, the Vada Dasturji of Udvada (Khur­shed Dastoor) endorsed a speech supporting conversion and inter-marriage.

All our rites, rituals and ways of living are prescribed in the Vendidad, but does anyone want to listen?

They say all this was not written by Zarathush­tra, only the Gathas were written by Him. So, was the Bible written by Jesus Christ; was the Quran written by Prophet Mohammed  and, was the Bhagwad Gita written by Lord Ram?

My guide in religious matters was firstly and mainly, my father, who was a Navar and Maratab. His eldest brother, Darashaw Coyaji, and their father, were practicing Mobeds in Surat. My father was very well-versed in religion. He stated that according to the fundamental principles of religion, there are several great religions and each has a Prophet; a person from one Prophet's fold cannot leave and go to another.

The Vendidad has 22 chapters (Fragard). In chap­ter 18, verses 63, 64 and 65 mention that the religion is against marriage of a Parsi Zoroastrian (man or woman) outside the faith and explain the various spiritual ill-effects of such a marriage.

It is often argued that at the time of Zarathushtra, people must have been converted to the Zoroastrian religion. That is not so. From ancient times we were Mazdayasnis (our scrip­tures state: Mazdayasno Ahmi, Mazdyasno Zarathush­trish).

So, we speak of Din-e‑Mazdayasni, Dad-e-Zarathushti (i.e. of Mazadayasni religion and of the laws of Zarathushtra).

Now all these Parsis are out to 'reform' our own great Zarathushtra's religion? Even those Parsis who pray just one short Kusti prayer in the whole day must be reciting "Mazishtaacha, Vahistaacha, Sreshtaacha" in Jasme Avenghe Mazda.

Do they know the meaning? We are thanking Zara­thushtra for giving as the Shresht religion (best reli­gion). We are going to reform this Shresht (best) religion? How pompous have we become!

- Dr. Goolcheher D. Coyaji


Monday, January 25, 2016

Fwd: Vada Dasturji Cyrus Dastur and Surat Athornan condemn reformist and inter-marriage. Says it will destroy the community

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Date: Mon, Jan 25, 2016 at 3:06 AM
Subject: Vada Dasturji Cyrus Dastur and Surat Athornan condemn reformist and inter-marriage. Says it will destroy the community
To: TZML <>



Reformists should stop misleading the community  
Inter-marriage & conversion will destroy the community.

Jame Jamshed Weekly, 24 January 2016

Vada Dasturji Cyrus N. Dastur, High Priest and President of the Surat Athornan Mandal, says with anguish: "Regarding the Iranshah Udvada Utsav, it is quite disturbing to note that some of us have still not understood our religion and, directly or indirectly, are trying to reform the religion with our own personal ideas and views, proclaiming to be 'Reformists'. This, to our understanding, is not a good attitude for a true Zoroastrian."

Vada Dasturji Cyrus Dastur adds: "From the speech made by some noted persons at the Udvada Utsav, it was clear that they are trying to strongly impose reforms in our religion, without considering the original Zoroastrian laws. The Utsav was meant to bring forth positive aspects of our religion. However, such negative aspects will weaken the overall strength of our religion. Inter-marriages, conversion and not following our original Zoroastrian laws, which was reportedly promoted at the Utsav, falls in the category of negative aspects. Inter-marriages are very often recommended by the Reformists to increase our numbers, but they fail to understand that intermarriage is not the solution."

Vada Dasturji Cyrus Dastur emphatically asserts: "Genes play an important role and because of these genes a Parsi can be easily differentiated from a non-Parsi; even the culture depends on the genes and Parsis are noted for their unique culture. It is like adding water to pure milk to increase the quantity of the milk, but the quality deteriorates. 'So also for our community, the numbers (quantity) increases by inter-marriages and conversion - but what about the quality?

For the Parsi/Irani Zoroastrian comnunity, quantity is of importance -- but so is the quality. By intermarriage and conversion, the community will suffer. Our culture will lose its authenticity; our way of thinking will also change. In short "aapru Parsipanu" will vanish and so will the Zoroastrian religion and faith. What dire and drastic consequendes this will lead to is something all 'Reformists' should seriously think about and stop misleading the community".  

Vada Dasturji Cyrus Dastur concludes by stressing: "We at the Surat Athornan Mandlal protest and condemn such reforms and the Reformists too, who instigate and mislead the common, general Zoroastrian community. To convert and get converted is a shameful and sinful act for Zoroastrians. May Almighty Dadar Ahura Mazda bestow upon these 'Reformists' His blessing and show them the right path of Humata, Hukata, Hvrashta."

(end of report)

Thank you Vada Dasturji Cyrus Dastur and Surat Athornan Mandal for the good guidance given to the community. We also thank the other Vada Dasturjis for their joint statement made some days ago condemning conversion and inter-marriage. 



Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Fwd: TheParseeVoice Fwd: [ilmeKhshnoom] Petition against holding Utsav in Udvada

From: The Parsee Voice <>
Date: Tue, Jan 19, 2016 at 11:14 AM
Subject: TheParseeVoice Fwd: [ilmeKhshnoom] Petition against holding Utsav in Udvada

Dear Readers,

thank the traditional members of the community for speaking out against the recently held Iranshah Udvada Utsav, which has undoubtedly caused great spiritual damage to Holy Iranshah. To ensure that this kind of outrage never occurs again, it has been decided to petition the Prime Minister of India, with a request to instruct the organisers of the Utsav to hold it elsewhere in future.

We support the Government's efforts to improve infrastructure in Udvada. We are also not against attempts to showcase the community's track record of progress and harmony in India in the last millennium in the form of an Utsav. However, holding of this Utsav in Udvada is damaging the sanctity of Holy Iranshah! Hence the request to the Prime Minister to instruct the organisers to hold future Utsavs at a location OTHER THAN UDVADA and thus prevent further spiritual damage to our holy entity, Iranshah!

An online version of the petition can be accessed via the following link:

Those interested in
a hard copy, may intimate
ll mail the same to you.

​ M​

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Fwd: Frashogard

From: Frashogard
Date: Mon, Jan 18, 2016 at 10:05 PM
Subject: Frashogard


Sleepless in Udvada

Posted: 17 Jan 2016 07:09 AM PST

Roj Ardibehesht Mah Shehrevar 1385 Yz. So the great Udvada Utsav has ended. The statues have been lifted away, the grand shamiana dismantled, cleaning up has been done, the hordes of tourists and visitors are gone, the vendors are busy counting their earnings, the blaring sirens and wailing VIP security vans have been replaced by the howling stray dogs. While the Internet and Zoroastrian media is ablaze with all sorts of acrimonious debate, back here is Udvada, which I call ...

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TheParseeVoice: Is being Parsee different from being Zarthoshti?

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From: The Parsee Voice
Date: Sun, Jan 10, 2016 at 3:50 PM
Subject: TheParseeVoice Is being Parsee different from being Zarthoshti?

Attached for your information is an article to counter the argument that any one can be a Zarthoshti?

An abridged version of the same has been published in today's Jame Jamshed Weekly.

H. M. Mistry

Can any Tom, Dick or Harry become a Zarthushti? Obviously not!
The much hyped ‘Iranshah Udvada Utsav’ which concluded recently, has left a bitter taste in the mouth of orthodox community members thanks to the utterances of one of the speakers, Mr. Darius Khambata, who is reported to have said “Anyone can convert to Zoroastrianism. There is no bar in our religion.” He further said that religious texts like the Gathas enjoined Zoroastrians to spread the faith. Adding insult to injury, he went on to advocate opening up of fire temples to anyone who had been initiated into the Zoroastrian faith with a navjote ceremony.

Even more galling is the fact that Mr. Khambata was thereafter felicitated by a High Priest of Iranshah. The community has reacted sharply and rightly so. After all, which self-respecting community will tolerate an insult to its King and that too a spiritually exalted one like Iranshah. In earlier times, the concerned High Priest would likely have been made to step down from his post by his Anjuman. Sadly, the Nav Kutumbi Athornan Anjuman of Udvada, which prides itself as being caretakers of Iranshah and has done a marvellous job over the centuries, has yet to react. Even the Athornan Mandal of which he is the head, is looking the other way!

Religious scholar late Adi F. Doctor has written wonderful articles on the subject of who is a Zarthushti, in his newsletter - ‘The Parsee Voice’, extracts from which are reproduced hereunder. These should settle all doubts on this controversial subject.

Who is a Mazdayasni Zarthushti?

A Parsee/Irani, who is a Mazdayasni at birth, alone can practise the Zoroastrian Religion.

In our Kusti ceremony, the Jase Mey Avangahe Mazda is recited. There, right in the beginning, it is said, "Mazdayasno Ahmi, Mazdayasno Zarathushtrish" ... "I am a Mazdayasni, I am a Mazdayasni Zarthushti". Who, then, is a Mazdayasni?

Before the advent of our Prophet, the world had no established religion. The people belonged either to the white side of nature (the Mazdayasnis) or the dark side (the Daevayasnis). There were frequent battles between these two groups. It was when the dark forces gained immense strength and the White Side grew weaker, that the "Soul of the Earth" clamoured for a “Saviour" (Gatha Ahunavaiti). Hence came Prophet Zarthosht, who cleansed the Mazdayasni Deen, which had been badly infected by the Daevayasni virus! The good Mazdayasnis then came to be known as Mazdayasni Zarthushtis. Ever since, a Zarthushti is one who is born of Mazdayasni Zarthushti parents.

Yet today, thousands of years after the Prophet, we call ourselves Parsee-Zoroastrians. Two questions arise: Is the term ‘Parsee’ the same as the ancient Avesta word, ‘Mazdayasni’? If so, when and how did the term ‘Parsee' originate?

The answer to the first question is, yes! The word ‘Parsee’ is an ethno-religious term, signifying both the race and the religion. 
It is a complete misconception to even think, as is being done today, that the term "Parsee" was coined only after our ancestors came to India from Iran. Some even conjure up fanciful explanations that because the Zoroastrian visitors spoke in Farsi or Persian, they were called Parsees by the Indians. Others say that because our forefathers came from the province of Pars in south-west Iran, we came to be called Parsees in India.

The hard fact is that the term Parsee or 'Pãrsã' was used by the Achaemenian emperors Darius the Great and his son, Xerxes, in the cuneiform inscriptions at Naqsh-i-Rustam, Suez and Persepolis, nearly 2500 years ago! The very pertinent lines proudly proclaimed by Darius, which every single Parsee today must engrave in his mind till his dying day, are: "Pãrsa Pãrsahyã Pucha (Avesta: Puthra), Ariya, Ariya Chicha (Avesta: Chithra)" = "(I am Darius the Great King), a Parsee, son of a Parsee, an Aryan, having Aryan lineage".

So, the word ‘Parsee’ indicates the Aeiri Chithra Aryans, who staunchly adhered to and practised the Mazdayasni Zarthoshti Deen or religion and who followed the upright path of Ashoi, besides having an impeccable character. Today's Parsees/ Iranis, who have descended from these Mazdayasni Zarthoshtis, alone are the practitioners of the Zoroastrian religion.

Linguistic evidence clearly suggests that the word, Paarsa, Pars, occurs as Parsua in an 
Assyrian inscription of the 8th century B.C.! All this gives the lie to the belief that the term Parsee was only an ethnic term and had nothing to do with the Zoroastrian religion. Only the Parsees of Iran during the Achaemenian times and thereafter, during the Parthian and Sassanian periods practised the Zoroastrian religion.
A child born of Parsee-Zoroastrian parents is a Mazdayasni, who alone can be invested with the Sudreh and the Kusti, after which he becomes a Mazdayasni Zarthoshti. THERE JUST CANNOT BE A ZOROASTRIAN, WHO IS NOT BORN A MAZDAYASNI!

By merely donning a white garment and tying a girdle over it does not make anyone anywhere in the world, a Zoroastrian. On the contrary, he/she is making a complete mockery of the primeval religion in the world, whose natural followers recite daily in their Kusti prayers that the religion of Ahura's Zarthushtra is the greatest, the best and the most exalted!

'Parsee' in Pahlavi Books

Apart from the Achaemenians, who used the word 'Parsee' in the 5th and 6th centuries B.C., the Pahlavi writers of the Sassanian and post-Sassanian periods, used this word. In the Kãrnãmak î Artakshîr î Pãpakãn (The exploits of Ardeshir Babakan), an Indian astrologer refers to the founder of the Sassanian Empire as, Khvatãy pãrsikãn (the king 
or lord of the Parsis). So also, in the Pahlavi text, Drakht î Asurîk, the word, pãrsîk is used.

Dastur Dr. Hormazdyar Dastur Kayoji Mirza, in his "Outlines of Parsi History", says, "After the downfall of the Sassanian Empire and the Arab conquest of Iran, the term 'Parsi' was used for those residents of Iran who remained faithful to their ancestral faith, namely Zoroastrian Religion. The term was specially used for the Zoroastrians of Iran to

distinguish them from those Iranians who discarded their ancestral faith and embraced Islam."

Why, some Western and Parsee scholars of our religion in the 19th century, used the terms Zoroastrian and Parsi Religion, interchangeably. All this gives the complete lie to two statements being bandied about today: (1) that 'Parsi' is an ethnic term, denoting only the race; and (2) that the word 'Parsi' was used by the Indians when the Zoroastrians first landed in India.

Consequently, no person other than a Parsee Zarthushti can enter into our fire temples. Further proof of this comes from the fact that the founders of every fire temple in India have enshrined that clause in their respective trust deeds. Would such a clause be there if the religion permitted any and every person to become a Zoroastrian and consequently have a right to enter into our holy fire temples?

It is quite obvious that Mr. Khambata, though brilliant in his legal profession, is completely out of sync on religious matters. What is even more questionable is the conduct of High Priest Dastur Khurshed Dastur Kaikobad Dastur of Udvada, who allowed such comments to be made in his presence in what was publicised as an ‘Iranshah’ Udvada Utsav!

For over 1300 years the noble guardians of Iranshah have done their utmost to maintain His sanctity so that the community and the world at large could benefit from his benevolence and spiritual prowess. They happily sacrificed worldly pleasures in the conduct of this religious duty to ensure that our King (Padshah Saheb) remained spiritually strong and protected. Incidentally, in the past, even ordinary Zarthushtis were not allowed to enter into Iranshah’s holy presence and only certain priests could do the required rituals. And here we have misconceived ideas of permitting rank non-Parsees to enter into His holy presence, with no protest whatsoever from one who is supposed to be His High Priest!

To make matters worse, the said High Priest even gave an interview which acted like the proverbial red rag to the bull! To jog the memory of the High Priest, reproduced hereunder is an extract from the report of the public meeting of the Parsee/Irani community held under the auspices of The Parsee Voice on 21st November 2003:

Dasturji Khurshed Dastur Kaikobad Dastur proclaimed that he was proud to be a Zoroastrian and rightly so. He reminded the people of the inscription on the tomb of Emperor Darius ‘I am a Mazda Worshipper.’
On the issue of universal brotherhood, he commented that our community had been the first to follow universal brotherhood in terms of charities, hospitals, schools and colleges. But Universal Brotherhood did not mean that we had to invite all and sundry to join our religion. Conversion and intermarriages did not solve problems but created them (emphasis ours).

He wondered what steps had been taken to solve these problems at the grassroot level. He questioned whether religious classes had been organised for children, Navjotes had been performed, children had been taught to pray? He reiterated that mixed marriages could not solve our problems.

For those who were keen on increasing the numbers, Dasturji pointed out to the historical fact of the advent of the Parsees in India under the leadership of Dastur 
Neriosangh Dhaval, and to whom the then King Jadi Rana had given shelter.

The problem of conversion had been dogging our footsteps since the 19th century. He wondered why we had to do something which was against the will of the Almighty One Himself! (emphasis ours).

He averred that adoption and conversion were akin to adulteration and that was what we did not want. Quality was much more important than quantity (emphasis ours).

He pointed out that the community had prospered for over 1200 years under the benevolent influence of Pak Iranshah and there was no reason to fear now. We were but a handful even then but had still prospered and assured the community that we would prosper even in future.

One wonders what has occurred to suddenly cause the High Priest to do a volte face on an issue which strikes at the very root of the survival of the community and which he so strong espoused once!

If at all, this event was the proper occasion to recognise and honour the yeoman services of the various mobed sahebs of Udvada, some of whom have been in His service for more than 65 years and continue to be so day and night! But alas, no such thing was done. Incidentally, Udvada has two High Priests, the other one being Dastur Dr. Peshotan Dastur Hormazdiyar Mirza. Since this was supposed to be an ‘Iranshah Udvada Utsav’, would the organisers care to explain why Dasturji Dr. Mirza was nowhere in the picture in any of the events or felicitations? We are informed that he did even not attend this so-called Utsav! The same is also true of the other High Priests.

The views of Mr. Khambata on issues like rights of intermarried Parsee women and their progeny are well known. In spite of this, the fact that he was invited to Iranshah Udvada Utsav, given a platform to air his radical views and thereafter, felicitated, gives a clear indication of the intention of the organisers of this event and what they have in mind for the future of the community. Since Dastur Khurshed is the face of this event, being credited with its so-called success as compared to the other organisers, I guess he will also have to take full responsibility and answer the community for what went wrong!

- H. M. Mistry

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Monday, January 4, 2016

Fwd: Udvada Utsav - Protest against Dasturji Khurshed Dastoor

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From: TZML Admins
Date: Mon, Jan 4, 2016 at 2:40 AM
Subject: Udvada Utsav - Protest against Dasturji Khurshed Dastoor
To: TZML <>

3 January 2016

Dear humdins, Vada Dasturjis, Ervad Sahebs and the Parsi press,

There are many angry Parsis who have felt that there is a hidden reformist agenda beneath the recent Udvada Utsav.

Dasturji Khurshed Dastoor has broken many traditional rules. If Dasturji defends Darius Khambatta's speech instead of pointing out the errors in it, he is not doing his Dasturi duty. If  Khambatta had spoken similarly in the World Zoroastrian conference of 2013, why was he chosen as a speaker at the Udvada Utsav?

The position of a Vada Dasturji has certain traditional responsibilities attached to it, and defending the Zoroastrian tenets is one of them. Not allowing inter-marrieds and their children and non-Parsis into our religious institutions is one of them. Also, in explaining to the world at large that Zoroastrianism does not enjoin conversion of people from different religions. In that light, Dasturji Khurshed has clearly failed.

Many Parsis feel that he should be reprimanded by fellow nav-kutumbi mobeds of the Udvada Anjuman.

Or, he be suspended from the Dasturi position (gaadi) for a certain amount of time.

Enclosed below is a sincere letter of protest.

You may read today's Jame Jamshed Weekly for similar letters.

TZML Admins

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From: Hushang Vakil  [TMYZ] <>
Date: 3 January 2016


Udvada -Iranshah, the most Sacred and Holy place on earth for us Parsee/Irani Mazdayazni Zarathushtis.

It is a specially consecrated holy ground and is dedicated or devoted to the "undisturbed" service of Ahura Mazda.

"Service of Ahura Mazda", which does not mean to satisfy the egoistic whims and fancies of some people who by glamorizing and showcasing Udvada and Iranshah have already destroyed and are destroying further its sacredness drawing unsocial elements and thieves, as recent robberies prove.

Our wise and noble ancestors chose a remote place, far away inside a village many, many, years ago when they had a choice, they could have chosen a place close to a station or in a city. Now why would they have chosen such a secluded place even then !?
Our forefathers were much wiser and even more far sighted than the present small thinking people who are shrinking at a faster speed, not in numbers but in our thoughts and deeds. They wanted Iranshah to be protected and hidden from the limelight and rightly so, as the sanctity of it was of paramount importance to its religious and spiritual function. It's this secluded sanctity that was ruined by the Utsav.

Therefore, before some of us begin to be smug and euphoric about the whole "Utsav" thing, let us carefully question the motive and the repercussions of the whole event.

These are the questions we need answered on an urgent basis.
1) Who are the trustees of Iranshah Atashbahram?
2) Had all of them given their consent and were the necessary permissions taken?
3) Government has already sanctioned 10 Cr. Which trust, committee, or organization has collected this amount? The community has the right to know how it was spent and if the accounts are maintained in a transparent manner.
4) If the Poonawalla's had sponsored the whole event, then why were the community members charged extra?

Why is it that when Dadar Ahura Mazda grants some Parsees wealth and intelligence, they or their next generations start loosing their sense of belonging to the community? They begin going against all that their forefathers stood for and detach themselves from strengthening the customs and traditions. Instead they attach themselves to their self-appeasing motivations being totally ignorant of religious rules.
Due to their high flying lifestyle and if they are intermarried or if some of their family members are, they then try to change the religious rules to accommodate their short term desires or support the whimsical members of our community who are sailing in the same boat.

Mr. Darius Khambatta has proved himself to be deeply ignorant as far as his religious knowledge is concerned... Anyone who makes a comment such as "Zarathustra was not a Parsi" is simply showing their complete lack of understanding for our history and religion.

Khurshed Dastoor had a reputation preceding his appointment as a Vada Dastur but the community chose to ignore and forgave him. The end result being, he putting the religion at great risk. He is henceforth never to be called as Vada Dastur, as he has lost all rights and respect to that title for having shown his true colours.

A procedure must be formulated and pressure increased on the other Vada Dasturjis and Anjumans to strip him of his Gadi, which he is not entitled to because of his reformist direction and supporting the ultra-liberal Zarathushtis. Surely Khambatta's speech must have been vetted and approved by the utsav committee and Khurshed Dastoor. Though he did not make the comments himself, he is known for his ultra-liberal slant and sanctioned Khambatta from saying whatever he pleases to the community. Therefore, this cannot be played off as only Khambatta's opinion, but rather Khurshed Dastoor's as well.

Now for the rest of the laity like you and me, so much was said about the eventual defilement caused by this "utsav" prior to the event. People liked it on FB and elsewhere and the same people went in hordes and enjoyed the food, fun and games and splashed pictures with misplaced pride all over.

Why do people fail to realize that our places of worship have very strict rules about not only who can enter, but how one should enter a place of worship, especially our Iranshah? Not only does one have to be of both Zarathushti parents, but they should also be wearing their Sudreh and Kusti and perform Padyab Kusti Prayers before entering.. This was grossly violated regardless of the organizing community's efforts. If control of this cannot be maintained, then either this event should not have been allowed to occur, or Iranshah should have shuttered its doors for the time being.

As a result of this event two things must happen. Firstly, Khurshed Dastoor must step down as Vada Dastur or be forcibly removed from his post. Secondly, if another Utsav is to occur (God forbid)  it MUST take into account the sanctity of our holy fire and adhere to the rules set forth by boiwallas who are faithfully adhering to all tarikats and looking after Iranshah day and night.

PIPZ Admns.

Posted by: Hushang Vakil

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Fwd: TheParseeVoice Open Letter to BPP Chairman

From: The Parsee Voice
Date: Sun, Jan 3, 2016 at 2:00 PM
Subject: TheParseeVoice Open Letter to BPP Chairman

The Chairman

Bombay Parsi Punchayet


Dear Mr. Yazdi Desai,

Radical views expressed by Mr. Darius Khambata at the Iranshah Udvada Utsav


                At the recently concluded Iranshah Udvada Utsav, which you attended, Mr. Darius Khambata, Ex-Advocate General of Maharashtra is reported to have made a comment that "Anyone can convert to Zoroastrianism. There is no bar in our religion." He further said that religious texts like the Gathas enjoined Zoroastrians to spread the faith. To make matter worse, he also advocated opening up of fire temples to anyone who had been initiated into the Zoroastrian faith with a navjote ceremony.


                While these may be his personal views, it is downright shameful that a person of his professional stature made such anti-religious comments in the holy environs of Udvada. What is even more galling is the support extended to him by Dastur Khurshed Kaikobad Dastoor, Head Priest of Iranshah and his felicitation by the organisers. It is highly unacceptable that a High Priest of Iranshah advocates such heterodox views which, if implemented, would result in disastrous consequences for the whole community.


                Many members of the community are extremely concerned as they perceive this to be part of a sinister agenda of the heterodox members of our community to foist conversion on the community and encourage all and sundry to enter our holy Fire Temples, which is completely against the tenets of our lofty religion and also against the trust deeds of the respective Fire Temples. This is especially so since Mr. Khambata made similar statements at the last World Zoroastrian Congress held in Mumbai in December 2014, and in spite of that, the organisers thought it fit to invite him to Udvada, give him a platform and felicitate him.


                We appeal to you as leaders of the community to counter this statement by releasing an official communique to the community that the establishment does not support Mr. Khambata's views in any way. A show of solidarity by the BPP with the community at this sensitive juncture would be highly appreciated and would go a very long way in showing the heterodox members of our community that such 'personal opinions' have no locus standi in matters of long-standing tradition and religious matters.




Yours sincerely,

Hanoz M. Mistry

Ms. Rita F. Doctor

Kaizad F. Kerawalla

Ervad Behram P. Dhabhar

Ervad Bahadur B. Sanjana

Jimmy Tavadia

Yazdi P. Munsif

Khushnood Viccaji

Mehernosh Zaveri

Nauzer Sutaria

cc: The Editor

       Jame Jamshed Weekly

H. M. Mistry

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