Sunday, August 9, 2009

Re: Parsis seek apology from Arjun Rampal over ‘hurtful’ remark

"I must be one of the few people who has gone into the agiary pretending to be a Parsi," Rampal had said.
Hereat this culprit is actually saying he went in to an agiyari, pretending to be a Parsi!

Why is he now changing his story? - that he was only playing in the fire temple compound and was mistaken as a Parsi by the caretaker who caught hold of him and then let him go!
Is he getting out of the kitchen because he has suddenly found it too sizzling hot for his looks?  From show off to suddenly shying away from the famous Parsi ire, huh?
And what may I ask is so innocent about bragging in a public press report that he had actually broken our laws with impunity?  If he was deeply upset by our reactions he should have been more so at his own actions!
Book him and throw away the key!  This sort of utter nonsense and disgusting desecration, has to be stopped once and for all!

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Parsis seek apology from Arjun Rampal over 'hurtful' remark

Arjun Rampal should apologise to the Parsis. This is the demand from sections of the Parsi community who are scandalised with the actor for stating in a recent interview to a men's magazine that he had visited a Parsi fire-temple or agiary. "I must be one of the few people who has gone into the agiary pretending to be a Parsi," Rampal had said.
The Zoroastrian religion does not allow non-Parsis to enter the holy premises. "Everybody in Mumbai knows that non-Parsis are not allowed to enter the fire temple," said Firoza Mistree, a researcher of Zoroastrian studies. Mistree says that the actor should apologise and identify the temple so that it can be purified.
In a letter to Rampal, Mistree states, "I am surprised that your wife, Mehr Jessia (a former Miss India), whom our community respects, has allowed you to publicly brag about your wrongdoing…Nobody is going to appreciate it."
Khojeste Mistree, co-trustee of the Parsi Panchayat and religious scholar, said, "What Rampal has done is unethical. He could have been more sensitive."
Rampal said he was deeply upset that an innocent remark by him had hurt the Parsis. "Let me bring it into context. It was when I was around eight years old and playing with my friends that I wandered into the compound (garden) of a fire temple. The caretaker mistook me for a Parsi and caught hold of me, and then let me go. I would never disrespect any community. I have always thought of the Parsis as respectable and enterprising people and would not change my opinion on this. If the actions of an eight-year-old boy have hurt the sentiments of anyone, I deeply apologise for it."
Chairman of the Parsi Punchayet Dinshaw Mehta said, "Even if he says it happened when he was eight years old, why is he boasting about it now? We want an apology."

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