Thursday, November 13, 2008

Zoroastrian Matrimonial page

Traditional Zarathushtri friends,

It is very nice to know that our youth are so full of the Traditional
love for our
religion, culture and identity, the same love that so enveloped our forefathers
who left everything behind in Iran in order to preserve and protect the sacred
Mazdayasni Zarathushtri religion of their forefathers.

We do not convert, we do not force our religion on the throat of others.
The main thing we can do to increase our numbers is to marry, Zoroastrian
to Zoroastrian only, and to raise children who too wear the Sudrehn Kusti
and in their daily pravers invoke the ancient powers of the Avestan Mathravani.

To those of you seeking to marry fellow Zarathustris, wherever you may
be on the world, please create your entry on the Zoroastrian
Matrimonial page at :

We have more than 2000 Zarathushtris from all over the world on
the page and more than 150 marriages between our people
have taken place over the years due to this site. This is the
first Zoroastrian Matrimony site, started 10 years ago as a
community service, and it is totally free even in this day
and age when other commercial services like
charge 1500Rs for every 3 months. We are free.

These other services like of course allow
other races/religions to find the entries of our people,
and then our young men and women are contacted
by these other races/religions. Not so in the Zoroastrian
Matrimonial page, which is only for our precious community.

Funded entirely by donations and our personal pockets, the page,
using a database costing 340$ Australian per year,
is not sponsored by any Parsi/Irani organization.

This shows how our community, due to their group rivalries
and petty jealousies and politics, have forgotten the core
importance of this Matrimonial activity, and the basic
"do good to others for the sake of goodness" teaching
of our religion in this day and age.

Please let your Zarathustri friends about the page.