Sunday, October 2, 2011

Free Zoroastrian Match Making service by Mrs. ABAN VAZIR

This e-mail was forwarded to me by Mr.Shroff from Houston. Hope you find it useful

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Kindly forward this email to all Zarthustis around the world. Aban Vazir from Toronto, Canada is providing a wonderful FREE Service to the young youths of our community and within a short span of time:

· 30 Zarthushti couples have already got their life partners
· 45 Zarthushti couples have been engaged

She has a huge database of young (ages 17 – 59) Zarathushti boys and girls, seeking matrimony within our community.please do not hesitate to contact her directly.

Third Email:


This email has been sent on behalf of Mrs. Aban Vazir:

Please forward it to all your friends and relatives around the world.

Dear Kerman Katrak,

Just wanted to update you on the progress of the Free Matrimonial Service. Young Zarthushti girls and boys have approached me from Bombay, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, USA and from our own Canada.

With great care and respect I have been forwarding E-mails to suitable matches keeping it very confidential to honour the respected individual. Today with great pleasure and joy I would like to inform you that:· 10 couples have already got their life partners· 15 couples have been engaged.Besides this, they have found a lot of happiness and consolation in meeting new Zarthushti friends in all parts of the world.

Amazingly all of them have forwarded this match making E-mails to thousands of friends all over the world and the result is I keep getting at least 5 new E-mails per day as boys and girls are looking for their Life Partners.

I think this is the best way to approach a girl or a boy if you are shy. It becomes easier to get to know each other by E-mail. All the efforts that have been put into this, has resulted in finding their right partners in Life and many of them can be good friends forever.

The Community's strength is measured when family and friends join hands and stand together, in the common cause of our community.

I sincerely request people from all age groups to come forward and approach me or send me your Bio and I will send you E-mails of your choice.

May Ahura Mazda guide and bless our community.

With best regards,

Aban Vazir - Toronto , Canada .Tel: 416-622-6552
Second Email:


This email has been sent on behalf of Mrs. Aban Vazir:
Please forward it to all your friends and relatives around the world.

Dear Kerman Katrak,

I would like to update you on the progress of this FREE Matrimonial service: As it currently stands, I have:68 listings of boys43 listings of girlsAges varying from 17 to 59
Boys and Girls from Canada, USA, Europe, New Zealand , Australia, India & Pakistan.3 couples have been engaged.14 couples have been in serious matrimonial correspondence.

I still have a huge database of people and receive more and more eligible Zarthushtis on a regular basis.

I would ardently request you to kindly roll out this email once again and my humble request is for people to please come forward and contact me, who are looking for a match within our community.

This is absolutely a FREE Community Service, with utmost Confidentiality.

With Best Wishes,
Aban Vazir - Toronto , Canada .Tel: 416-622-6552

First Original Email:

Hi Everyone,

This email has been sent to you all on behalf of Aban Vazir: Please contact her directly.

Greetings to Everyone,

Since the past 30 to 40 years we Zarthushtis have settled in this beautiful Land worked hard and struggled to raise our kids in the best environment. We have tried to give them the best education and always wished they would settle well in their lives so after we leave this world they can stand up on their feet and be independent.

Every Zarthushti Parent's dream is that their son or daughter would marry and stay in our own community and preserve the values of our great religion which our great grandfathers have passed on to us. But how would anyone achieve this. We feel there is a strong need for a person who would help by trying to locate an appropriate friend or a partner and in turn keep the utmost confidentiality of each and every individual.

Hence I would ardently request each one of you to please come forward and contact me so that I can help you find the most suitable match and also assist you in every step of the way, by finding a life partner who will match your personality and compatibility.

I already have a list of girls and boys of all ages, who are looking out for a suitable match, within our community.

So please don't feel shy and kindly contact me as this is a free and purely community service for our friends and family and above all for our religion.

With best regards,Aban Vazir - Toronto , Canada .Tel: 416-622-6552