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Given below is a letter received from Ms. R. F. Doctor, sister of our editor late Adi Doctor, on Udvada Iranshah Utsav.

This is with reference to the communication from the Udvada Samast Anjuman, not addressed to anyone in particular, and supposedly written by 'the Secretary' (unnamed) on behalf of the Udvada 'Samast' Anjuman.

In 2004, when The Parsee Voice  had criticised the FDU and the Udvada  Athornan Anjuman, a curt reply was sent that the members were fully capable of taking care of Iranshah and would not allow 'outsiders' to interfere! How one wishes they had kept their word! Far from being the custodians, protecting the sanctity and purity of Iranshah, they have actually supported the Utsav and worse still, proudly claim to have been a part of it! No wonder 'outsiders' have had to raise their voice! As expected, the letter/article targets all those who have criticised the Utsav and takes great pains to protect 'our Dasturji(!)' and all along we thought the members of the Anjuman were meant to protect Shreeji Iranshah! If Khurshed Dastoor had behaved in a responsible manner befitting the lofty position of the High Priest of Udvada, no one would have dared to point a finger at him. He invited Mr. Khambata, supported and publicly agreed with his views, and yet very surprisingly, also signed the letter to the community, along with the other High Priests, condemning the mischievous statements! Is it a case of running with the hare and hunting with the hound? What exactly is his stand? Will the real Khurshed Dastoor please stand up?

'Sleepless in Udvada' was a well written article. Sadly, the reply was in bad taste. It not only reflected a petty mind but also ended up committing the Ad Hominem fallacy-that if you cannot rebut /refute an argument or a statement, then attack the character of the person! Incidentally, some permanent residents also claim to have experienced a 'dull, inexplicable sadness', when standing in front of Iranshah soon after the Utsav.

The response from the BPP Board was weak and half hearted (though credit must be given to the Chairman for voicing his concern), stating that BPP deals with administrative matters and religious matters are best left to the High Priests. But following the letter to the community from the High Priests, the BPP could have issued a communique from their side. The BPP is the apex body of the community, and the members look up to it. Despite the good work done in the last 100 days, if the Board remains silent on important issues, the members of the community feel let down. The previous Board had fiercely fought the Renegade Priests case and taken it right up to the Supreme Court. Was it supposed to be an administrative issue?

All that the 'Traditionalists who are not fanatics' are saying is –CHANGE THE VENUE. Udvada gaam has been explored inside out; a lot of spiritual pollution would have affected the 'Paav Mahel' of Paak  Iranshah and that is sure to have its repercussion on the entire community. By changing the venue, the community would get a chance to visit a new place, the unpleasant divide between US and THEM, which is getting murkier day by day, would end, the blessings of Iranshah would be on the entire community and there would be peace and harmony once again. It would be a win-win situation. The ball is now in the court of Udvada Samast Anjuman.

The Faithful Followers of Iranshah are waiting………....

Ms R. F. Doctor

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