Saturday, February 2, 2008

ARZ's mistruths will be paraded today. Yet, we thank Vada Dasturjis for guiding us

From: TZML Admins
Date: Feb 2, 2008 3:43 PM
Subject: ARZ's mistruths will be paraded today. Yet, we thank Vada
Dasturjis for guiding us
To: TZML <>


Sarosh roj

2 Feb 2008

Dear Zarathushti humdins,
cc: Vada Dasturjis,
cc: Ervad Sahebs,
cc: The Parsee Voice,
cc: Zoroastrian Studies,
cc: Parsi Pukar,
cc: Dini-Awaz,
cc: Prominent Zoroastrians,
cc: TZML
cc: TMYZ officials

today is Saturday, the 2nd of February.

ARZ have arranged a meeting in Mumbai where they have invited a
"defrocked" priest from USA, Kersey Antia, who incurred the wrath and
censure of his superiors when he attempted to convert a white
Christian in the 80s.

That the Zoroastrian religion does not have "conversion" (or
"acceptance" as it has been called to make it more agreeable) is a
fact of Nature. The only conversion spoken of in the Gathas is the
conversion of one's evil mentality into good thoughts.

No prophet, Zarathushtra or otherwise, would exhort his followers to
convert from an established religion and start practising another
religion. All the Prophets are well versed in the master Plan of God,
which has different religions for different groups of mankind. A
person is born into a particular religion and it is his/her duty to be
loyal to it till death.

The only reason ARZ, in their finite wisdom, have pushed "conversion"
through costly adverts in the Parsee press, is that they can please
the rich intermarrieds who have non-Zoroastrian spouses. That is
accurately confirmed since ARZ openly supports the Association of
Intermarried Zoroastrians, who has Meher Amarsey and others as its

The real Vada Dasturjis, God bless them, have clearly disassociated
from the ARZ group and have clearly conveyed their displeasure at its
acts. That is why ARZ have resorted to desperate measures like getting
a forgotten priest from USA, Kersey Antia and brandish him as a "Vada

We have also heard, and perhaps those who attend today's meeting will
confirm this, that ARZ is going to pay some monetary allurements to
the mobeds who will attend today's meeting out of curiosity.

We also predict that ARZ will claim in tomorrow's papers that the
"meeting was a huge success". A large number of photos will be
published and a huge write-ups will be written. The un-wise will
congratulate the blind in an attempt to mislead the innocent members
of our community.

But, dear friends, you do not have to fall in this trap. Over the last
few days, we have been sharing many articles written by true
Zarathshti scholars and Vada Dasturjis, showing how wrong ARZ are. The
true Zarathushti publications too have protested against ARZ.

But this too shall pass.

Those who are attending today's meeting, do so, and see for yourself
how money and misguided interests can cause people to take a wrong

Do send us a report / email to show your displeasure at the
proceedings and how our Zarathushti religion's teachings of
"no-conversion", "no-intermarriage" will be distorted today.

And those who will not be attending the meeting, well done, good on
you to show your displeasure and boycotting it.

We thank all of you for your patience and for forwarding the many
emails we send to your friends and relatives so that they are not

We pray that Ahura Mazda and Sarosh Yazad protect our community.

TZML Admins.


Salgrehs on Sarosh roj, Sherevar mah, YZ 1377 - Sat, 2nd Feb, 2008

From: Tehemton B. Adenwalla
Date: Feb 2, 2008 12:08 PM
Subject: Salgrehs on Sarosh roj, Sherevar mah, YZ 1377 - Sat, 2nd Feb, 2008
To: TZML <>

Baname Khuda!

Dear Zarathushti humdins,

today is Sarosh roj of Sherevar mah in the Yezdegari year 1377.

There are Salgrehs of quite a few agiaries today (6), and here is the list:

* Seth Jeejebhoy Dadabhoy Adarian - Colaba, Mumbai

This Adarian situated at the southern tip of Mumbai at Colaba was
consecrated way back in YZ 1205 (AD 1836) and is therefore 172 years

* Seth Hormasji Dadabhoy Saher Adarian - Breach Candy, Mumbai

The Saher Adarian was consecrated in the year YZ 1215 (AD 1846) and is
therefore 162 years old.

* Ghamat Adarian - Bhatha, near Surat ((Choriasi Taluka)

This Adarian was consecrated in the year YZ 1231 and is 146 years old.

* Baug-e-Parsa Adarian - Surat

This Adarian situated at Khatki wad at Surat was consecrated in the
year YZ 1265 (AD 1896) and is 112 years old.

* Seth Faramji Cawasji Contractor Adarian - Vadodra (Baroda), Gujarat

The Contractor Adarian at Vadodra was consecrated in the year YZ 1293
(AD 1924) and is 84 years old.

* Faramji and Dorabji Hormusji Gazder Dadgah - Chikli, near Billimora
/ Gandevi, Gujarat

The Gazder Agiary (Dadgah) was consecrated in the year YZ 1243 (AD
1874) and is 134 years old.

If you would be attending the Salgreh function, then send us a report
of the proceedings.

Photos of the occasion too are welcome.

Tehemton B. Adenwalla