Monday, April 21, 2008

High rise at Godrej Baug

From: The Parsee Voice
Date: Mon, Apr 21, 2008 at 1:09 PM
Subject: High rise at Godrej Baug

Our beloved Doongerwadi at Mumbai is once going to be in the eye of a storm.
A new 11-storeyed building is being constructed on Plot M in Godrej Baug. It is pretty obvious that people residing on the upper floors will get a clear view of the insides of Bisney Dakhma, which is currently operational. The next step will be a hue and cry about stench from the Dakhma and possible closure of the same as happened with Banaji Dakhma. This looks like one more nail being put in the Doongerwadi coffin.
All the debris from the construction site is being dumped on Doongerwadi lands near Hodiwalla Bungli, consequently destroying the trees and foliage. Pl. read attached report.
It is reported that looking at all the debris, our old 'friend' Dhunmai Baria of Dakhma photographs fame, gleefully proclaimed that the Doongerwadi ground now seemed ideal for burial purposes.
Assoc. Editor

FDU's third attempt in Udvada

From: The Parsee Voice
Date: Mon, Apr 21, 2008 at 1:40 PM
Subject: FDU's third attempt in Udvada

As if getting egg on its face twice was not enough, FDU has raised its head once again. A third attempt is being made on 24th April 2008 to inaugurate the FDU's Information Centre in Udvada. The same being Adar Roj and Adar Mahino, a huge crowd of devotees will as usual be present in Udvada to seek Iranshah's blessings. FDU will then boast that this large number of community people graced the inauguration and market the event as a grand success.
Strangely, this time around, the modus operandi has changed. Gone is the fanfare and hype and publicity associated with the earlier two failed attempts. Everything is being kept under wraps and not a mention has yet been made publically.
What is even more painful is the fact that the FDU invitation mentions that Dasturji P H Mirza, High Priest of Iranshah and Dr Mehroo Bengalee will be Guests of Honour (?) at this event. Dasturji Mirza has all along opposed the FDU's presence in Udvada and is a signatory to two letters sent by the High Priests, condemning the FDU and petitioning the Gujarat Government to stop the FDU's activities in Udvada.  One wonders what has made him do a volte face!!!!
Dr Bengalee is the founder trustee of WAPIZ, an organisation formed to counter Deen Dushmani and uphold tradition. If she has decided to align with FDU, she has no business continuing in WAPIZ. It is a breach of faith.
It is about time they made up their minds as to which side of the fence they are on and acted accordingly. You can't run with the hares and hunt with the hounds.
Assoc. Editor