Friday, February 18, 2011

Get out of the mental trap

A Traditional friend living overseas told me about the Poverty index and India. This is my reply to him.

All this economic data, all these reports - where do they come from? Just think. Are they
being propagated to purposely denigrate emerging countries, so that the bright migrants
in the developed countries read them and dont think of going back? Why does the media
keep on showing the problems in the home countries? In one phoren country, books that 
denigrate India often win literary prizes! Why? Big Question. This country is now openly 
encouraging immigration of the best and brightest from India. Big Motive.

India does not have enough toilets - is that a measure of progress? Were we using toilets 
in Iran and India for thousands of years? So, by the same standards, were our glorious 
Kings and empire very backward? Also, we had no electricity. Gosh, we must have been
in the poorest of countries when our most powerful Kings ruled Iran, like Shah Jamshed!

Of course, we know that toilets and electricity are not really a measure of a country.
But today, they are made out to be, also these poverty indexes. They mean absolutely
nothing - the person who is poor in the phoren land is rich in India, and the person who 
is middle class in India may be poor in these lands. And the poor man who is happy 
with 2 Chappatis in India could be happier than the rich man overseas who has large
meals and junk food, and becomes obese!

Some countries, like one Asian country, are very rich and their economy was in
the top ranks since years. Were they happy? The workers are overworked and not 
happy. Highest levels of pornography, prostitution and suicides (God forbid) have been 
seen in this country. Is this where material progress takes a country? Please ask
yourself this question. Please start questioning - dont just accept this data.

I was just reading a phoren article in which one lady raped another girl in a public toilet in one 
of the cities in a developed country, and the boyfriend of the girl then caught the lady as
she was going away in a cab. The lady said she was "high" on some poppers. 
What is happening in these places? Rape in public toilets? Females raping females in 
female toilets? What kind of progress is that?

Friend, get out of the mental trap you are in. It has enslaved many traditionals living overseas. 
Yes, I use the word enslaved since I think that is what it is. Dont let it enslave you. 
Traditionals used to love, encourage and support India. We call it our motherland. 
Do we denigrate our own mother? Do we point out her faults, such as her nose
is crooked, or her breath is foul, or her skin is wrinkled? Is that an Aryan thing to do?

Ultimately, any phoren lands are not your own. Only India, the place you have been born 
in, will accept you as one of them - a born Indian. The phoren lands will always see 
migrants as outsiders. Migrants will always be treated differently. Not so in India, 
where we are accepted since centuries.

Gujaratis consider us as fellow Gujaratis. Which other people on the planet accepts Parsis
in this way? Even Iranians look down on Parsis nowadays as Indianized. Only Indians
accept us as one of them - especially in Gujarat.

You have great potenial, I feel - if you use it for the good of your motherland. This is why
I am telling you all this.


Blah said...

This is a very interesting commentary. I blog about politics and have never myself looked at this type of issue in this perspective...I probably should have. Thanks!

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