Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Third Edition of Saga of the Aryan Race published

Foreword to the Third Edition
By the Author Porus Homi Havewala

It gives me great pleasure to introduce the third edition
of my work, The Saga of the Aryan Race. The Saga was
first published in serial form in the Mumbai-based Jam-e-
Jamshed Parsi Zoroastian newspaper in the late part of the
Twentieth century. Parsi and Iranian readers in Mumbai and
other cities in India appreciated the Saga considerably, and
it became very popular among the common people who are
the backbone of our community. A well-known writer of
those times had praised the Saga as a fine example of Zoroastrian

The first edition of the Saga was then published in 1995, and
was soon sold out. In 2000, a second edition was published.
The third edition is now being issued by an international
publisher, ARKTOS. We wish the new publisher the very
best for this edition of this literary work, and success in the
overseas market.

The Saga is semi-fictional and a historical romance. It speaks
of the early days of the Aryans, and draws copiously from our
Zoroastrian Holy Scriptures. Reading the Saga is like reading
the work of a devotee who is always ready to praise God, the
religion of his fathers, and other good people. The Saga, it is
said, uplifts the soul and inspires the sincere reader to a great
and noble love for God. In this, the Saga is indeed a work of devotion,
sorely needed in this age of immorality and irreligion.

In this age of extremes, the Saga speaks of a golden mean – the
middle path of the Aryan peoples. The wondrous and inspiring
beliefs of the ancient Aryan religion of Zoroastrianism
are described, and these beliefs are the roots of all religions,
all sciences and of humanity itself in its striving to make the
world a better place, until it finally becomes a paradise at the
end of time.

Porus Homi Havewala
21 March 2011
(Jamshedi Naoroz Day)

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