Monday, March 26, 2007

Fwd: Come lets celebrate Avan mahino, Avan roj tomorrow (Tues, 27 March 2007)

From: Tehemton Adenwalla <>
Date: Mar 26, 2007 12:23 PM
Subject: Come lets celebrate Avan mahino, Avan roj tomorrow (Tues, 27 March 2007)

Dear Zarathushti humdins,
tomorrow on Tues, 27 March is Avan mahino and Avan roz, commonly called Avan nu Parab. Parab is the day in a month where the day and date represent the same Ahmeshashpand or Yazad.
The day is celebrated with great religious frevour and gusto by Parsis in India. A visit is made to the local sea, river, lake or the well; and prayers are offered to Avan Yazaz, also fondly called Avan Banu because of her feminity. Along with prayers, Parsis make small offerings of sweet, non-polluting things to Avan Banu, like the favourite Dal-ni-pori, saakar (clarified sugar), milk, coconut and a few flowers.
When they pray before the well, they also get a flower-jali done, this is a grand design of garlands wonen so that it embraces the well. A photograph of a Parsi gentleman praying at the Bhikha Behram well in Mumbai with a jali is enclosed.
One must understand that prayers of Avan Nyaish or Avan Yasht MUST BE done in the daytime only, never after the sun sets.
Tomorrow Mumbai Parsis wll go early to the sea ("Dariye jashe") at places like Charni Road (opposite the Taraporewalla Aquaruium) or Marine Lines and then they will pray and offer dal-ni-pori,etc. These items are on sale there too, and perhaps if you are keen in supporting our poor humdins who make great efforts in making these poris, you may buy it from them and do the good deed for the day! Of course, you can eat the pori too, but only after offering at least a small portion of it to Avan Banoo first.
Now that out of the way, lets see where else our Parsis go for prayer. The Bhikha Behram well at Churchgate (near the MTNL office) is another favourite place for Avan parab day. Many Parsis will travel the distance and come even from distant suburbs like Andheri and Borivali to bow and pray before this well on Avan parab day. So much is the devotion and so many the numbers in morning, that there is actually a queue formed, where each devotee patiently waits his or her turn before the others do their kusti, prayers and light a diva at the well. See the inspiring photos.
There is also a good jashan ceremony held in the evenings at the Radio Club at Appolo Bunder, Colaba; which I believe begins with a jashan by many mobed sahebs. Then some good devotional and religiously inspiring songs are sung (and 3 cheers for these sporting ladies and gentlemen who keep this traditional alive) and the Chief Guest and others give a small informative speech. That is followed by entertainment.
We enclose some lovely photos of Avan Parab celebrated at various junctures, including the serene Charni Road setting, the inspiring Bhikha Behram koova and the Radio Club where the vast sea meets you so close.
We must all participate on this day to the best we can, if not in public, then at least in private by making a quick trip to the agiary koova, or even better to the sea, and Mumbai is blessed with a long coastline.
Come on lets celebrate Avan nu parab tomorrow.
If someone is aware of the programmes scheduled tomorrow at Radio Club and elsewhere, do share it with us.
And those who actually frequent the events at Charni Road, Bhikha Behram koova or Radio Club could send us some photos and a small write-up, if possible.
Tehemton B. Adenwalla (see photos in the attachments)

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