Saturday, December 15, 2007

[TMYZ] Re: [Traditional Zs] Green agiaries - Having water purification, use of sun rays, compost treatment mini-unit, etc

From: Tehemton B. Adenwalla
Date: Dec 14, 2007 1:27 PM
Subject: Re: [TMYZ] Re: [Traditional Zs] Green agiaries - Having water
purification, use of sun rays, compost treatment mini-unit, etc
To: TZML <>

Baname Khuda!

Dear brother Kaizad,

thank you for enlightening both TZML and TMYZ members on the
availability of such fine and knowledge-laden books we as the
Zarathushti community possess.

There is so much wisdom in these books you have mentioned.

To be able to have ready-made 17 tariquats for us to put in practise
in this day and age is indeed very good.

I hope all devout Zarathushtis get a copy of these writings and try
and implement them in their daily lives.

On a related subject of "translating it in English", I am bit sad that
even Parsis who have done their education in India want English
translations. Why this step-motherly treatment of our mother-tongue,
which for most Parsis from India is Gujarati.

My hearty and sincere recommendation to fellow-Parsis is that if you
have studied even elementary Gujarati or Hindi in school, then
orienting to the Gujarati religious books is not difficult. The
language is same K, Kh, G, Gg, etc.

There is a certain pleasure in reading our religious books in original
language which the authors like Dr F S Chiniwalla who is mentioned
here. With translation, some much of the essence and spirit is lost.
It is as if the eastern Zarathushti religion is brought down a level
or two to cater for the western and limited understanding of the
Zarathushti religion. So many words and emotions cannot be effectively
translated without losing accuracy.

And most important the pronunciation of the Avesta manthras is not the
same in English as in Gujarati, which has a superior way of
representing important sounds than the current version of English can.

If fellow Zarathushtis wish to brush up their Gujarati, then we have
these very good sites:

Gujarati Lessons Zip file by Ukindia

My apologies to Ervad Meher for not yet replying to your fine email a
few days ago.

I will do so shortly.

With best wishes
Tehemton B. Adenwalla

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