Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Roadmap for our religion - as per the intentions of the destructive reformists

We wish and pray that all make the right decision in the BPP elections, and
our religion will definitely be the beneficiary. Our religion is too ancient,
too precious, and all of us do not like to see our fire temples being thrown
open to all and sundry, our dakhmas being closed down, and the recently
falsely converted people from abroad control our religion in India. This is
the roadmap if WAPIZ is not supported at this critical juncture.

There is a precedent in history - the teachings of Christ were originally only for the Jews, Paul of Tarsus threw the gates open to gentiles in Greece, and after the Roman massacre of Jerusalem, the new converts from abroad became the majority of the followers of Christ, and they created a new religion, divorcing themselves from the laws of the Jews. They then went on to convert the whole world, and the adherents, diverting from the teachings of Christ,  destroyed a lot of other people and cultures in the process. Religious wars are seen even today between the people who believe in conversion.

This is what the reformists hope will become to our ancient religion.
This is why these people want our ancient race to die out (God forbid).
That is why the outsiders like ali are always happy when they see
Traditionals not marrying.

The designs of these liberals will never be allowed by the Holy Fravashis and
the Yazatas who have never blessed such destructive intents.
Only good intenetions will be blessed by the Fravashis, and
Wapiz has the best intentions for our religion. The Holy Fravashis
and the Yazatas will bless Wapiz, the preservers of our religion,
with success. Amin, Amin, Amin,

The very act of reform is bad if it is destroying our ancient
community = which intermarriage and conversion definitely will.

The Orthodox may be rough and tough in their talk and behaviour, like
uncut diamonds, but their hearts are good, they are the preservers
of our ancient religion. The Fravashis of our forefathers will always
bless them.

Reformists may be refined, posh and highly-educated, they may be rich
and hobnobbing with the most powerful in society and have fantastic
business networks, they may be driving around in
expensive cars and dining in 5-star hotels and living in bungalows or
penthouses, in short their lifestyles may be impressive and
eye-catching, BUT their intentions are destructive
so far as our ancient religion goes. So what is the use of all the
former, if there is no intention to preserve DHARMA - which
is the sacred duty of we Aryans?

Their destructive intentions will not be blessed by the Holy Fravashis
- our Yashts mention this repeatedly that destructive intentions
will not be blessed by the Yazatas and Fravashis.

Dadar Ahura Mazda is the Creator, DADARI. The evil one is the
destroyer - marochinidari.

This is from the Ardibehest Yasht Nirang.

An apple, highly polished, may not be ideal in the core. You cannot make out from the external appearance or behaviour of a person as to who or what he or she really is. Look at the "intentions" of the person - whether he or she wants to "preserve" or "destroy", and you will realize which side of the fight between good and evil the person is on.

We should use this as our "touchstone" - then we will know if we are
doing the right thing, or the wrong thing.

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