Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Best System for the Zoroastrian Soul to leave the body behind

Dakhma-Nashini and Khurshed-Nigarishni (exposure to the Glorious Sun) is the best system for liberating the soul from the body for us Zoroastrians. The dead body has to lie open to the sky, and the sun needs to fall on it for a Zoroastrian soul to be liberated from the body. This doesn't apply to other religions, but it applies to us. Would you want your soul not to be liberated in the end time? Who would want that? Fellow Zoroastrians, work for strengthening the system, and not for destroying it.

Sun-exposure is not just a ritual, it is just the way we Zoroastrian souls were made. Our bodies were not meant for coffins or for burning. Our souls will find it easier to leave this physical world if the bodies are exposed to the glorious sun and lie under the open sky, and the soul becomes free like a bird. I have realized this, I pray that you realize it too.

Each religion presribes a way that is best suited to that particular soul born in it. For the Hindu, the path of cremation is ok, for the Christian, burial is ok, and for the Zoroastrian, the method of sun-exposure - Dakhma-Nashini - is the ancient and best way to release the soul from the physical world.

When life leaves a living body, the blood congeals and starts to putrefy, and the flesh starts to decompose as well. The soul has left the body, but is still attached to it and is not fully free until the morning of the fourth day. It then leaves this world, pushed by the force of the Holy Mathravani and the method of Sun-exposure (Dakhma-Nashini) which helps it to break all ties to this world. It is said that there are no ghosts among the Parsis of India as a result.

The liberals say the soul has left the body so it doesnt matter what happens to the body. Not really, this shows they do not know the Avestan scriptures or do not believe in the scriptures. Our scriptures say that that soul sits near the head of the body for the first three days and nights, i.e. it is still attached to it. So, if you burn the body, the Zoroastrian soul will get confused, and if you bury it, the Zoroastrian soul will be suffocated for those three days and nights, that is why we do not bury or cremate but only expose to the Sun. God Bless you and yours.

(From a Facebook Post by Porus).

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