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Fwd: Vada Dasturji Meherjirana Navsari explains why an Atash cannnot be shifted across great distances

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Vada Dasturji Meherjirana K N Dastoor of Navsari was against even shifting of the Tavdi Atash to Godreh Baug

- Parsi Pukar 

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The midnight of 20th December 1999 and early morning of the 21st Roj Hormuzd, Mah Amardaad, Gaah Ushahin (Shahenshahi), y.z. 1369! 10 percent of the Parsi Community was walking on the road from Vatcha Gandhi Agiari to Godrej Baug at Nepean Sea Road, Mumbai, in solemn and devotional fellowship at a respectable distance from the Holi Aderaan Padshah, brought from Naysari, once a prominent town of the Parsis.
I write this with profound sorrow that the procedures adopted for bringing the Padshah Saheb from Naysari and enthroning Him in Mumbai were not in consonance with the religious and traditional prescriptions and did not take into account some principles regarding the spiritual purity of an Atash Padshah. Some vital rules were infringed to avoid hardship. It was the duty of the Dastoors and Mobeds to evolve a procedure as near as possible to the religious and traditional prescriptions and principles. What was actually done was based more on convenience and show-business than the adherence to the Rules. Those who volunteered to serve and help are not at all to be blamed for this, so also those faithful Behdins who walked with the King on the last leg of His journey. In fact their intense devotion was a mitigating factor for the agonised Padshah Saheb. And we, the Behdins and non-mobeds of the community can still do something to undo the damage.
There is another Truth about Atash taught in the Din. That is: It is the Padshah's function to fight with the physical, mental and spiritual pollutions going round in His area of operation. This function causes a strain on the Padshah and His energy diminishes in discharging the function. This divine Energy is required to be replenished by imparting the "Boy" ceremony five times a day.
The marathon ceremonies for consecrating the Atash-Baheraam and Aadraan are based on these fundamental Truths. So also the ceremonial Rules for shifting a Padshah from one place to another. Any violation of any Rule of consecration or shifting results in an "Aajaab" on the Padshah. "Aajaab" means oppression tyranny, strain, burden or stress, which depletes the coefficient of divinity in the Padshah.
When in the present case, the Rules were violated, the Padshah has undergone the Aajaab.
(Parsi Pukar September-October '99 Vol. 5; No. 3-4)

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