Saturday, April 25, 2009

India is the ‘new America’-- a land of opportunity

Food for thought: There is no need for young Parsis to think of migrating abroad nowadays.
Everything will be there in India.
India is now actually being described as the 'new America'-- a land of opportunity.
Toronto, April 15:
New York-based author Mira Kamdar said in her new book 'Planet India':
India is emerging as a land of opportunity despite insurmountable challenges faced by the country and its success now depends on how it overcomes them, a new book by an India-born author said.
Describing India as the 'new America'-- a land of opportunity-- she said "The vibe is, anything is possible. In India you have a multicultural, multi-religious democracy in a developing country that is an open and free society that has embraced capitalism. It's exciting and scary to think of the possibilities of that."

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