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[ParsiIraniZoros] Return to the Roots - R2R

Article by Firdosh K Sukhia 

The need of Hour is Return to the  Roots - R2R
We as human beings are spiritual in nature and have a responsibility on our burdened shoulders. Where as animal beings have not been given sense of reasoning or ability to differentiate between right and wrong, but they have other senses like hunger, thirst, sleep and urge to procreate. The spiritual progress of animals is  dependant upon us human beings and hence we are responsible for their protection also. Hence we have to show kindness to mute animals. The other thing that sets us humans apart from animals is the ability to speak, think, reason out and write, and the prick of conscience. Basically all our actions are originated from our thoughts, so thought is very important. That is why our religion is based on Humata, Hukhata, Huvarshta that is Good thoughts, Good words and Good deeds. Even the universe came into being from thought of Ahura Mazda which is known as divine will or plan of Ahunavar. Behind every action lies the seeds of thought force. If the very thought was missing than no action is possible, words automatically follow after the orgination of thought.
Our community is passing through a tough times and The burning issues  (as raised by Meher) like that of inter marraige, divorce rate, lack of faith for Dokhmenashini, going for cremate ni bungli(without understanding its consequences), lack of priests,  too many spinsters in our community etc etc. If you observe one thing that is common that can be found behind all the above mentioned maladies is the Lack of faith.
Even the whole machinery set into motion by reformists lobby their seed of origin has been driven by original thought of lack of faith. The reformist tirade against our time tested customs have not been recently started but has been going on since way back before begining of 19th century. Our community has still survived uptil now due to timely revivival of faith set into motion by Ustad saheb Behramshah Nowroji Shroff. He was instrumental in bringing this wonderful knowledge of Illme Khshnoom to us, where as hidden Masters known as Sahebdilan from Demavand were behind him. Had he (Behramshahji)  not explained and stressed the importance and significances behind all our kriyas, cleared the doubts in our minds and explained the inner tavil of our scriptures, significance of Atash parasti, and Dokhmenashini, importance of paav Mahal, sudreh Kushti the reformists would have won the battle and snatched  the cake away from our mouth. Now one can ask a logical question that we as a community were so firmly entrenched in our religion and happy and prosperous where did this lack of faith manifest itself like a thorn. Behramshahji has explained that from the day when our Kriyas were truncated and shortened by the clergy has this Yasna Daruji set in our community. Like a cancer it has gnawed our community dry and if we dont ammend our wrongs ways than we are in for trouble.
The reformists have tried all sort of stunts by trying to promote Cremate ni Bungli, making use of Dhun Baria as a prop and taking photos of Dokhmas from inside and making CD of it and shamelessly distributing it in international news channel like BBC TV and internet and Indian press, scaremongering Parsi public into believing that Dokhmas have now become health hazard and we have to change it. These are all Deen Dushmani acts which they will have to answer on the day of judgement at Charum. Had these reformists had good faith and known two things which Khshnoom has expalined to us they would stay away from thee Deendushmani acts of theirs.
Our community  in the past have survived because of 2 things. 1) By observing Tarikats of Ashoi 2) By observing Boonak Pasbani.  So if we want to survive we have to copy them (our forfathers). Just as in business management they teach you how to get rich, simplest technique is to imitate their business tactics like Monkey see, Monkey do. In Britannia Encyclopaedia of yester years it has been observed that there was not a single member of Parsi community who went begging around and there were not a single prostitute, every body lead a chaste moral life. We cannot say thay that we have retained that standard as of our forbears, because at every drop of hat we go to BPP begging for flats even when we are well off, and promisquity has been a fashion nowadays amongst some of the misled youngsters. 
Two things that the reformists lobby are ignorant and they aught to keep that in mind before they cry wolf and try to revive community by accepting children of mixed marraige in our community, its like saying to cut off our head because we have severe migraine. We dont want numbers (half breed), we want quality. The two things that has been overlooked and on back-burner by reformists and thereby display ignorance. They are as under:-
1) The Spiritual Status of our Paigambar Saheb
2)  The Tavil of Zarvaneh  Daregoh Khadateh
For us to understand the Spiritual Status of our Paigambar Saheb let us see that he is refered to as "Vakhshureh Vakshuran Ramzgo Ahurana Shahud Asho Spitaman Zarathustra"
Vakhshureh Vakshuran = Paigambar of all Paigambars( chief leader of all Paigambars)
Ramzgo = Knower of all Secrets of nature and one who speaks only in riddles.
Ahurana = Doer of deeds that will make Ahura happy (Kshnaothra Ahura Mazda)
Shahud =Knower of Seven Kaals(Hindus have Treekaal Gyani where as our Paigambar is Saat Kaal Gyani)
Asho = Knower of Divine law of Ashoi of Ahuramazda on which whole machinery of nature is based upon.
Spitaman = Being of pure lineage of Spitaman Kuniyat right from Gayomard (Gayomarethan) the first Gospand Naar - man, having maintained Boondak Pasbani and hence showing true Khandani.
Zarathustra = Golden camel = Gold signifies higest metal of value and purity, and camel signifies knowledge.
HE having Asneveer Baodangh meaning having highest wisdom due to high order of Rae spiritual brightness and Kharenagh of his Fravashi. Paigambar saheb was born in Aivithrishva that is 1/3rd part of this world that is always free from worldly contagioun and is situated in Alburz mountain of Harbarez  peak (highest Chakra of earth). It is also called as Namane Pourusasp or house dwelling place of his father Pourusasp. His mother was Dogdo Banoo also of unsurpased spiritual status.  As per Bundehshna book in Pahalvi our Paigambar had three wives, three sons and three daughters, but our paigambar saheb was a Magav saheb of highest order and "asexual" and had no need to marry  having acheived Khetvodat but is an indicator in "Rumz" or riddle of high spiritual status of Paigambar saheb. Also in Khordad Yasht Ahura Mazda tells Zarathustra:- " We befriend him who may attune himself with thee ( through holy ceremonies) as he would attune with Ameshaspands Behman, Ardibehesht, Sherevar, Aspandad, Khordad and Amardad" Thus Zarathustra is shown on a level with Ameshaspands.  
Also in Dinkard ( Dastur Sanjana Edition Vol. XIII) Pahalvi Vol VII 1,16 it is stated:- " Then Zarathustra seemed to them the sacred beings through having a like body "Ham Karpih"as of sacred being. Since Zarathusta possesed a body like the Archangels, it means that he possesed Asne - Vir power i.e. he could remain invisible by rarefying his body like Archangels, or assume body at will when required for appearing before the people of this material world, which is never possible in the case of human beings.  ......... (1)
Now we come to avery important point one of Paigambar saheb's allegorical daughter is Paruchishti which means literally of complete wisdom. Paigambar Saheb's ace desciple Jamasmp Hakim was married off with Paruchisti has a deep hidden import behind it. One of Paigambar's saheb qualities as shown above is called as Shahud. It means knower of seven Kaals which extended right from cosmogenesis till end of this universe salvation called as Farshokereti.  Such high religious import of divine wisdom allegorically denoted by Pouruchisti) was passed on to Jamasp hakim who was later called as Jamasp Phi who wrote his prediction book. The orginal book is lost and what we have with us is just a very faint shade of the original. Jamasp Phi was also knower of seven Kaals. ......... (2)
What i would like to point out that Paigambar saheb has passed on to us Vedevodat or daat for warding off daev, and Dokhmenashini is the method of disposal of dead for a zarathusti Ruvan and no other system is valid for us. This holds good for all the times from beginning of cosmogenesis to farshokereti. Now the scaremonger deendushman cannot tell us that we should change with times since vultures are not available and this system of Dokhmensahini is not working for us. Ofcourse there are many reasons that has led to this sorry state of affairs of which we all are responsible. Just as we have problem so similarly we can have solution for it also. We can revive vulture colony if we go back to the roots and strengthen our Dokhmaneshini circuits which have been weakened by inter marraige  and yasna Daruji. Let us start from the  basics tenets of our religion like following Tarikaats of ashoi, and Meher Patet. if the sytem of Dokhmenashini has weakened let us apply our will to strengthen it and not completely remove it. You cannot ward off your headache by cutting off your head cant we ?? Such a simple logic these people are unable to understand.
The other thing which has to be understood in brief is Tavil of Zarvaneh  Daregoh Khadateh. That is time is cyclic  and is not linear. That is why it been said wisely that History repeats itself.  Very breifly it can be said that Zarvaneh  Daregoh Khadateh starts from one ice age and last till another. This cycle of time frame consist of 81,000 years  and it begins with Zoroastrian Jupiterean time frame  of 11,000 years which is over now. We are living in time frame of Mars where Islam rules the roost. So it is natural that our Zoroastrian religion will shrink itself but will never perish as said by scare mongers deendushmans who want to have their nasty way of introducing Crematorium. What do we do if we are marooned and surrounded  on an island and high water sets in ??? It is common sense that we go and sit on the highest peak of that island. Similarly when we see this materialistic view of changing with times (by becoming pragmatic and going for Crematorium and let go Dokhmenashini). This is just an attempt to hogwash and brainwash the gullible by the reformists. Those having faith will not fall for the bait dangling and wait for our saviour Behramshah Varjawand followed by good times who will renovate our religion and pick us up from this spiritual poverty.
As said by Milton "They also serve who only stand  and wait".
So friends go and vote for Armaity Rustam Tirandaz and we should not allow Manek Engineer to have his way with false promises.
Reference:-  1) Manual of Khsnoom by Phiroze N. Tavadia   Page 309
                     2) Khodai marg by Bomanji Rivetna Page Page 142
Kind regards,
Either get involved or stop criticizing the system. - By Shiv Khera

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